Roll For The North 2023

Welcome to the landing page for Roll for the North 2023!  Here you will find all the information for our Event.  We took last year off but decided we did not want to let Roll for the North die.  After our unplanned hiatus, we decided to bring it back for 2023.  If you are looking to participate in our unofficial Canadian Nationals Online, or just follow along… you have come to the right place.

What is it?

Roll for the North is the unofficial Canadian Nationals for 2023.  As this is an online event, it will be open to everyone worldwide. 

When is it? 

Roll For The North 3 will take place on Saturday April 22nd, 2023.  The Event will start at 12:00 PM Eastern Time (please double check what this translates to in your local time zone).  This will be a Swiss only event with no Top Cut.  All players will participate in every round!  Players should expect 5 rounds with one opponent per round.

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What do I need?

All you will need is a computer with internet access, along with a web camera to use with Google Hangouts/Jitsi/Discord.  All links will be provided during the Tournament.  Oh yeah… and your Dice Masters stuff.

Roll For The North 3 will be capped at 32 Players.

If you should sign up after the cap has been met, you will be put on a waiting list in case players drop before the event.

How do I sign up?

You will need to register for this Roll for the North 3 via Challonge.

You will need to be a member of the dmNorthTV Discord as we will be running the Tournament through that.

In order to submit your Team, you will need to use the Google Form below.  Your teams must include the dice counts, not just the cards.

The deadline for Team Submission is 10:00 PM Eastern Time on Thursday April 20th, 2022.  This is a hard deadline. Failure to submit teams on time will result in an automatic removal from the tournament. 

Players on the waiting list will also need to submit their teams by this time. In the event that a player is removed the next person on the waiting list will be added.

Will there be a cost to enter?

No.  In the interest of inclusiveness, we have chosen not to charge a fee to enter.  However, we will be taking on some costs related to shipping out prizing, so donations are always welcome ( but not required).

If you would like to make a donation to Roll For The North 3, please visit out Ko-fi page by clicking on the button below.

Donations are never required but are definitely appreciated.  Any amounts above and beyond what is needed for shipping purposes will remain in the dmNorth coffers for future tournament shipping support.


What is the Format?

This event will be using the 3 Wishes + Format.  This Format differs from a regular game of Dice Masters, in that you will be “wishing” in some of your characters instead of purchasing them normally.  You will need to build a “Main Team” and a “Wish Sideboard” to use throughout Roll For The North 3.  Please note that “3 Wishes +” is slightly different from the classic “3 Wishes” Format.  Read about the differences below.

How does 3 Wishes + differ?

  1. Each player will build their Main Team (with the limitations being listed below) normally (8 cards plus 2 basic actions, max 20 dice).  You will also have a 5 card Sideboard of Wish Cards (each with only 1 die).  This is your “Wish Sideboard”.
  2. At the beginning of each match, your Opponent will select one of your Wish Cards.**  You cannot use that Wish Card for this match.  You will play each match with 4 active Wish Cards.  In the next round you’ll have your entire Wish Sideboard back, until the next opponent’s choice.  Depending on selection, the 4 remaining Wish Cards may vary from match to match.
    **The winner of the roll off will choose which Wish Card to cancel first.  The loser will make their cancellation choice second. (Added 20 Apr 2022)
  3. Each player will start the game with 7 Sidekicks and 1 Limited Wish die.  On each of their first turns, players will place the Limited Wish die (from the Battle for Faerun Set) out of play and draw 3 Sidekicks.  Play will happen normally after this first turn.  The Limited Wish die is only way you will be “buying” your Wish Cards.
  4. Limited Wish is considered a special action die and will NOT be considered an action die for this event.  It cannot be copied, redirected, etc (eg. Wonder Woman Global).  Limited Wish will not trigger abilites that result from using an Action Die (eg. Attune), nor can it be rerolled by effects that reroll action dice.  Basically, you cannot stop this die from rolling and you cannot gain extra rerolls with it.  You also gain no other bonuses from rolling this die beyond the ability to wish for new characters.
  5. When you roll your Limited Wish die on it’s action face, you can try and bring your Wish Cards into the game.  You will select two of your Wish Cards and roll their dice.  If you roll both on their character face, you will choose one to place in your Used Pile and the other will return to its card.  If you only roll one of the dice on its character face, you must accept the result and place it in your Used Pile.  Any wish character dice that do not roll a character will be returned to their cards. You will do this each time you roll your Limited Wish die on its action face.  However, you only get 3 wishes with this die.  After your third successful wish, you can no longer wish for your last character.  The action face of your Limited Wish die essentially becomes useless after its third successful use, though you can still spend energy from the energy side.
  6. Let’s go over the rules for the Wish Cards.  For game purposes, these cards do not exist until they have been wished into existence.  Wished characters cannot be returned to their cards under any circumstances.  Wished characters (and their cards) cannot be copied.  Global Abilites on your Wish Cards CANNOT be used ever.

How do I build my Team for this?

The Main Team will be made up of 8 cards and 2 Basic Action Cards.  The cards (excluding BAC’s) must have a purchase cost of 5 or less.  The normal 20 die maximum remains in effect.  Otherwise, you are limited to cards found in the “old” Modern (everything from the Campaign Boxes forward).  For those that prefer detail, these sets include the following:

  • Avengers Infinity Campaign Box
  • Kree Invasion Team Pack
  • Justice Like Lightning Team Pack
  • X-men Forever Campaign Box
  • X-Force Team Pack
  • Dark X-men Team Pack
  • Infinity Gauntlet
  • Dark Phoenix Saga
  • Harley Quinn Team Pack
  • Justice Campaign Box
  • Doom Patrol Team Pack
  • Mystics Team Pack
  • Superman Kryptonie Crisis
  • Trouble In Waterdeep Campaign Box
  • Adventure In Waterdeep Team Pack
  • Zhentarim Team Pack
  •  Battle for Ultramar Campaign Box
  • Orks Waagh Team Pack
  • Space Wolves Team Pack
  • WWE Campaign Box
  • Bitter Rivals Team Pack
  • Tag Teams Team Pack

The following promo/organized play cards are eligible to be used in this Format:

  • Grombrindal’s Fury: Basic Action Card
  • Wallop: Basic Action Card
  • War Machine: Improv Armor
  • Iron Man: Armor Supply
  • Vision: Behold…
  • Kate Bishop: Straight Shooter
  • Black Cat: Theif
  • Spider-man: Sneaky Pete
  • Captain America: Trained Operative
  • Black Widow: Agent
  • Slingers: Basic Action Card
  • Spider-man: Wall-Crawler or Forest Hills
  • Typhoid Mary: Violent Tendencies
  • Power Bolt: Basic Action Card
  • Mutant Armor: Basic Action Card
  • Hellfire Gala: Basic Action Card
  • Focus: Basic Action Card
  • Explosion: Basic Action Card

Your Wish Sideboard Cards can be chosen from all cards in the Golden card pool (with the exception of bans, see below).  The limitation is that all of these cards must all have a purchase cost of 6 or more and must be a character.  You will be including 5 cards in this Wish Sideboard.  You can only have 1 die per wish card.  Your wish cards follow the normal rules of Dice Masters in that they cannot share a name with another card on your Team (including cards on the Main Team).


With the release of Secret Wars coming early and it also hitting stores across the pond, we have had some internal discussion about our original ban on allowing this set into Roll For The North 3.  We did not anticipate it would happen so early, and that it would be distributed to other countries as fast as it has.  After talking to players from Europe, to get some feedback on how they would feel if Secret Wars were to be allowed and they did not have issues if we were to retract from our previous stance.

Given that, and the fact that there are new shiney toys for us to play with… Roll For The North 3 WILL allow Secret Wars cards to be used.  The normal rules for the tournament are still in place, but there are now legal.  You will not be able to easily proxy these dice as the stats have changed on many of them.  Owning the original product is highly encouraged.

Q:  But what if I do not have access to Secret Wars?

A:  You are still able to build your Team under the previous rules.  However, we do want to compensate those that either cannot, or choose not to, use Secret Wars cards.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY SECRET WARS CARDS ON YOUR TEAM (INCLUDING YOUR WISH CHARACTERS), YOU WILL BE AWARDED 3 BONUS RAFFLE TICKETS.

We wanted to get this information out as fast as possible.  If you have any rules questions regarding these cards, that have not been officially answered, you are encouraged to submit them ASAP.

How long is each Round?

We will be running a Swiss only Event with no Top Cuts. The number of Rounds will be capped at 5 for this Tournament.  

Each Round will be a single game, with a 40 minute time limit on the Round.  At the end of time, the active player will complete their turn and the inactive player will have a single turn in response (if necessary).  The player with the most life at the end of the game will be declared the winner.

How do I report the winner of a Round?

When your games are over, the loser of the match will report the results in the match-reporting channel of the Discord.You should use the format “@winnername over @losername”.

Do you allow Proxies?

Short answer is YES.  As there are many newer players in the Community without access to some of these products, we will allow the older cards to be proxied.  Newer products should be official products whenever possible.

The Limited Wish die may be freely proxied if you do not own it.  Just use a Basic Action die in a colour not being used in the game.

Character dice proxies should have the same symbols, stats, and energy type as the original die whenever possible. For example, AVX Black Widow could be used in place of AI Black Widow as they are identical dice. You can use to help find proxy dice. In the event you do not have access to the matching die, use a non-basic action die of the same energy type as the character you are using. The energy symbols will match and the actions faces (no burst, single burst, double burst) will correspond to the character levels (level 1, level 2, level 3). Use the card as a reference for the stats of each character face. If you need to proxy an action die, use any other action die of the same energy type.  If energy types do not match, you cannot use that die as a proxy.

If you are choosing to use proxy cards, they must be clearly marked so your opponent is aware of what you are using.

Pre-Tournament Rulings & Ban List

Any rules questions that come up before the Tournament will be posted here.  Feel free to contact us via email, Facebook, or Discord if you have any specific rules questions.  If using the Discord, tag “@Tournament Rule Lawyers” in the rules-questions channel to get our attention.

Ban List

The following cards are straight up banned for Roll For The North 3:

  • Beholder: Master Aberration
  • Stompa: Big Mek’s
  • Thanos: Gauntlet Wielder
  • Hope Summers: Pluripotent Echopraxia

Pre-Tournament Rulings

Below you will find rules questions that have been asked in advance of the Tournament.  If you have any questions about card interactions you are looking at, please contact us to clear things up.  The last thing anyone wants is a surprise that your Team may not work how you think.  When in doubt, please ask.

Q: Can a wish card’s text be ignored by Typhoid Mary once it has been wished into existence?

A:  Yes. They are fair game once they are wished into existence.  You just cannot blank the cards before that time.


Yes… there will be prizing.  It will show up here as it becomes available.  Prizing will be distributed using the popular Raffle system.  You will earn raffle tickets throughout the day based on your performance and team building skills.

Gameplay Raffle Tickets

  • +1 Ticket for each game you play.
  • +1 Ticket for each win.
  • -10 Tickets per game played for having Becky Lynch (Maiden Ireland, Straight Fire) on your Team.
  • -10 Tickets per game played for having God Catcher (Famous Walking Statue) on your Team.
  • -10 Tickets per game played for having Under Surveillance (Basic Action Card) on your Team
  • -10 Tickets per game played for having Thor (Jormungand’s Fear) on your Team.
  • -10 Tickets per game played for having Master Mold (Endless Sentinels) on your Team
  • -10 Tickets per game played for having Barry Allen (Master of the Speed Force) on your Team
  • -10 Tickets per game played for having Mister Sinister (Dark Experimentation) on your Team
  • -10 Tickets per game played for having Jerry Lawler, Ringside Announcer (Basic Action Card) on your Team
  • -10 Tickets per game played for having Booker T, Ringside Announcer (Basic Action Card) on your Team
  • -10 Tickets per game played for having Green Lantern (Human) on your Team
  • -10 Tickets per game played for having Iceman (Right On Schedule) on your Team
  • -10 Tickets per game played for having Dani Moonstar (Empathic Illusion Casting) on your Team

Wait… what?  Negative tickets?  Yes.  We are not going to outright ban some of these cards, but we are going to encourage you to play with something different.  Most of these cards have had their time to shine and we would rather you focus more on your Wish Cards as your win conditions.  You are free to play these cards, but you will not be rewarded with raffle tickets for doing so.

Team Building Raffle Tickets

  • +3 for not including ANY Secret Wars cards on your Main and Wish Teams.
  • +1 for each wish character from the Defenders team pack
  • +2 for each uniquely named character (name of character, not subtitle) in your list of wish characters.  This means that nobody else is using these characters as their wish characters.
  • +1 if all of your wish characters are from the same set.
  • +1 if all wish characters share an affiliation
  • +1 if all wish characters are the same cost
  • +1 if all of your non-wish character cards come from Modern-legal sets
  • +1 if all of your wish character cards are of uncommon rarity
  • +1 if all of your wish characters are of common rarity (Starters, Campaign Boxes, and Team Packs do not count)
  • +2 if your team has 4 (or more) non-basic actions
  • +2 if all of your non-wish characters cost 4 or 5 energy
  • +2 if your team contains 1 of the following pairs, +3 (total) if it contains 2 or more of the following pairs.
    • The Reynolds: Deadpool and Green Lantern
    • The Couple: Gambit and Rogue
    • The Captains: Captain America and Captain Marvel
    • The Innkeeper: Durnin and Yawning Portal
    • The Imperium: Grey Hunter and Primaris Intercessor
    • The Johnson: Black Adam and The Rock
    • The Multiverse: Power Girl and Supergirl
    • The Routh: The Atom and Superman
    • The Pfeiffer: Catwoman and Wasp

Prizing Details

Of course we will have a playmat in the raffle.  We’ve decided to dip into the Marvel Snap pool and design something based on the art of popular artist Dan Hipp.  This may also be the first playmat with A.I. designed components in it.

In addition to the playmat raffle tickets can also win bundles of cards. The number of bundles awarded will increase with participation. 

  • 1 – 3 participants = 1 bundles of cards
  • 4 – 7 participants = 2 bundles of cards
  • 8 – 11 participants = 3 bundles of cards
  • 12 – 15 participants = 4 bundles of cards
  • 16 – 19 participants = 5 bundles of cards
  • 20 – 23 participants = 6 bundles of cards
  • 24 – 27 participants = 7 bundles of cards
  • 28 – 31 participants = 8 bundles of cards
  • 32 participants (maximum) = 9

What’s in each bundle of cards, you ask? First, each bundle of cards will come with a selection of cards from the Dark Phoenix Saga Release Organized Play Kit or Jourdo’s Secret Wars Unboxing Video.  Thank you to Wizkids for donating the Dark Phoenix Saga Release Organized Play Kits for this Tournament and the Secret Wars cards from the preview product they allowed us to open.

But wait, there’s more!

Each bundle of cards will also come with a procured selection of Organized Play or Modern Age cards, each one hand selected by dmNorth’s finest. The cards included in these bundles will improve with each level of participation. Scroll down to see all of the possible bundles and how many players are required to add them to the WHEEL OF PRIZES!!!  Check back with the Prize-O-Meter to see where the current level of participation is at.

In all 16 bundles of cards could be added to the WHEEL OF PRIZES!!! However, those of you good with math (or just JackalopeSpam) will be quick to point out that only 9 bundles of cards will be awarded through the raffle. So, just because a bundle is added to the WHEEL OF PRIZES!!! that does not guarantee it will be given out as a prize… this time.  Any left over bundles will be used in future dmNorth tournaments. 

Disclaimer: Prizing will be limited to one prize per person. Once a participant wins a prize all of their remaining raffle tickets will be removed.  Because sharing is caring.

Level 1 – Start of the Tournament (UNLOCKED)

Level 2 – 8+ Participants (UNLOCKED)

Level 3 – 16+ Participants (UNLOCKED)

Level 4 – 24+ Participants (LOCKED)

Level 5 – 32 Participants (LOCKED)

Team Lists

Click on the button below to see the Team Lists for the current Tournament.

Keep your eyes opened in the Discord to see when people are playing/broadcasting their matches.  We will try to keep this area up to date with any uploads to YouTube when they become available.

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