Custom Playmat Gallery

Here, you will find many of the custom playmat designs created by the dmNorth Crew.  Early designs were made using the original Dice Masters Mat Template.  Later ones made use of Glen Bodor’s design, which offers an overall nicer aesthetic.

Important!!!  Do not use the images found in this gallery as the resolution is a too low for printing a playmat. It is only so you can see what the playmats look like. The full resolution images can be found through the link below.

We have moved our playmat designs over to our Ko-fi page. They are still available for free, but if you want to help support the site this is a way you can do that. Nothing is expected, but anything is appreciated. Click on the button below to jump to our Ko-fi page.

Inked Gaming

If you use Inked Gaming for your printing needs, please use this link to help out the site.  This is a popular site to get your game mats from.  Quality and customer service have been excellent.

Thanks for supporting us and enjoy the designs!