Custom Playmat Gallery

Here, you will find many of the custom playmat designs from our very own jourdo.  Early designs were made using the original Dice Masters Mat Template.  Later ones made use of Glen Bodor’s design, which offers an overall nicer aesthetic.

Important!!!  All images contain a link (in the upper right of the image screen) that will get you to the high resolution version of the file, which is suitable for printing.  Do not use the ones found in this gallery as the resolution is a little too low for these purposes.

Inked Gaming

If you use Inked Gaming for your printing needs, please use this link to help out the site.  This is a popular site to get your game mats from.  Quality and customer service have been excellent.

If you are more of an Amazon shopper, you can try out this link.  This is a newer option, and we honestly do not know the quality of the prints yet (but we have heard good things).  If you are looking to save a few bucks, this might be a good option.  Let us know how they turn out if you do use them.

Thanks for supporting us and enjoy the designs!

Designs by Jourdo

Designs by Reg

Designs by SuperK


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