YouTube Dice Masters Round-Up For The Year Ending Monday December 31, 2018

The final YouTube Round Up of the year.  Before I start with the videos, I want to shout out and thank all of the Content Creators out there.  You are all a great contributors to the Dice Masters Community, and we all appreciate what you do.

With that being said, let’s see what these people have made for our consumption.  As always, sit back… relax… and enjoy the show.

Do you know what every Christmas needs?  A Dice Masters Yule Log.

DM Armada reviews his review of the Top 10 Ramp & Churn cards.

… and the BAC’s.

More of Dice Masters with Zack and Ben.  This time putting Range up against the Staff.

Dice Masters with James and Glue.

Zack and Ben see if Tabaxi/War burn is better than Team-Up.

The controversial (?) Orbital Strike vs Knowhere shenanigans.

More of Trubie’s “Who are these guys?” videos.  As a player with exactly zero knowledge of WH40K, I really appreciate the background on this IP.

A Dice Masters Year in Review from Trubie.

The CR Gameroom boys take a look at the recent Spoilers for next year’s Dice Masters sets.

CR Gameroom Gameday.

The final Live Stream of the year from CR Gameroom.

They’re back!  Warhammer in the Great White North.

Catch up on a few of the past weeks WDA.

The Champions Guild

A good old fashioned monochrome game of Dice Masters.

More YouTube episodes of the MOD Podcast.  The best… and only… Dice Masters Related Podcast.

This was the final weeks that were on YouTube for 2018.  As always, please subscribe to these guys so they can continue to put out this excellent work for you to enjoy.

See you next year with another YouTube Dice Masters Round-up!

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