YouTube Dice Masters Round-Up For The Week Ending Sunday November 4, 2018

I’m back from a personal Dice Masters hiatus, and time to jump back into the YouTube Pool.  It is that time again to look back at the videos that were released on YouTube for the Dice Masters fans over the past two weeks.  If you have some content you want featured here, please email so it can be added.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

I think this one actually made the last Round-Up (under the wire), but it fits with some other videos coming up.  Happy to give this good man the extra exposure.

A double dose of the WDA… from DM Armada???  Bifrost Burn is the theme of the week.

The Honky Tonk Man of Dice Masters joins DM Armada to review the upcoming Warhammer 40K sets.


Combowombo time featuring Flip!

Combowombo 2:  The Revenge, featuring a Copper Dragon T3 Kill.

The final match of the Golden Age Two Team Takedown Tournament.

The CR Gameroom Live Stream bards all over YouTube.

A spooky episode of the CR Gameroom Live Stream.

The WDA is back with 10 cards from 10 sets.

Dice Mania

A casual Modern game of Dice Masters.

Last man standing in the Dice Masters Podcast world.  They recently joined the YouTubes to share their unique take on Dice Masters.

This was the weeks that were on YouTube.  As always, please subscribe to these guys so they can continue to put out this excellent work for you to enjoy.

See you next week with another YouTube Dice Masters Round-up!


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