YouTube Dice Masters Round-Up For The Week Ending Sunday November 25, 2018

A nice stomach bug kept me out of commision last week, so I am SUPER late to the party for this edition of the Round-up.  The Warhammer release came and went… without a release.  Maybe this week.  I am looking forward to checking out all of the videos I have had to skip to avoid spoilers.  It was getting difficult.  Anyways… back to the show.  If you have some content you want featured here, please email so it can be added.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

“Live” building of a Team for the recent WDA Limited Wish Format.

WH40K Card Reviews.

Not Dice Masters related, but this is worth checking out.

More from the Dynamic Duo taking a look at Global Escalation Combos.  This one features the most powerful of the White Lanterns!  Well, at least the one with the biggest butt.

Some Canadian content in the Global Escalation Combo this time.  Can Wolverine deal an unnecessary amount of damage?

Trubie takes a look at the different Factions from the Warhammer 40K sets.

They finally hit 100!  Celebrate with the CR Gameroom guys and maybe win something as well.

Life Stream from November 7, 2018.

Happy Release Day Everybody!  Join the Live Stream to talk about it.

The boys have an announcement…

I believe this was from the Halloween edition of the WDA.

WDA takes a stab at the Limited Wish Format.

The Champions Guild

Global Escalation gameplay action.  Dragons vs The Collector.

This was the weeks that were on YouTube.  As always, please subscribe to these guys so they can continue to put out this excellent work for you to enjoy.

See you next time with another YouTube Dice Masters Round-up!


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