YouTube Dice Masters Round-Up For The Week Ending Sunday August 5, 2018

These Summer long weekend’s are getting in the way of this whole Round-Up thing.  At least it is still on the right day, even though it is late in said day.  My tardiness did allow a few extra videos to make this week’s cut.  It is that time again to look back at the videos that were released on YouTube for the Dice Masters fans over the past two weeks.  If you have some content you want featured here, please email so it can be added.  This was a busy week in YouTube land.  Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

A round table discussion from some of the online community about the most anticipated cards from the latest releases.

The Next Class in the Official/Unofficial Dice Masters Hall of Fame.

More Rainbow Drafting… err… Playing.  Zack vs DM Armada.

Week 3 of Zack’s Trivia Challenge.  Get ready to maths!

The Online Rainbow Draft continues with Zack vs Troy.

Yakkety yakking about the newest Marvel releases and the forgotten cousin from DC.

The Alter-Nats continue with Cube-Powered Jubilee and Hulk Teams.  As a total aside, these have been some of my favorite videos that showcase the variety of Teams that “could have been”.

Trubie unboxes the Avengers Infinity Campaign Box.

Release Day is finally here in North America!  Join Chris and Rob as they open all those super rare cards.

The Bat vs Earth’s Mightiest Mortals.

This was the weeks that were on YouTube.  As always, please subscribe to these guys so they can continue to put out this excellent work for you to enjoy.

See you next week with another YouTube Dice Masters Round-up!


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