Will You Be My Val-Attune?

Format: Casual Golden Age (Modern recommended)

Yes, we actually played for Valentine’s Day. Our last three events had been cancelled for all sorts of reasons, but this timing allowed me to ask…

Will You Be My Val-Attune?

The Team:  Time to spread some love…or rather a team they’ll love to hate.

The one card I really wanted to base this around is R Fenthaza. With the new OP Black Widow now out (though our local store hasn’t received the OP kit yet), Attune is going to need a different win condition to survive. Using Fenthaza to make my characters stronger, and then attacking with an unblockable Yuan-ti, is the core win condition. Especially thanks to Thrown Brick, which I should be able to use reliably just about every turn.

For this to work, though, I wanted a ramp engine that could give me good churn. I decided to give The Spot + Bloat Drone another look; if I get to draw and roll four extra dice per turn, it should allow me to churn through my back quickly.

I also wanted to use the Thor global for the longest time, and this seemed like the right build to do it in. So I needed some actions that could benefit (meaning that they must be 3+ cost). I chose three: Mjolnir (which doubles as a sidekick fixer), Green Devil Mask (I figured I might as well), and…I Want You! In addition to the name being oddly thematic for Valentine’s Day,  I wanted to see if this could be a reliable way to get threats off the field.

And finally, of course, there’s SR Mimic. The intent was to copy Fenthaza’s effect and thus give my Yuan-ti dice +2A per Thrown Brick (or other action). That adds up really darn quick.  And worst case…I can copy my opponent’s, say, Dreadnaught and have a good laugh.

Note that putting Mimic there DOES mean that I have the controversial Spot + Mimic combo in here (in the past, there were arguments as to whether it would lead to an infinite combo), but I purposefully made sure not to use this combo all evening.

With that said, on to the games!

Game 1:

I started off against an Orks team. Neither of us had good bag control, so for the most part, things were pretty wonky. He was just fielding tons of cheap characters and charged in. I got Spot ramp on the board, got Fenthaza + Mimic purchased, but I was having a hard time keeping things on the board, as I had to block his attackers; couldn’t keep taking 3-4 damage per turn. Eventually, he attacked a bit too much and kept a lean field. I used Fenthaza + Mimic with Yuan-ti, with a couple of Thrown Bricks. I used their Attune to clear my opponent’s board (not hard with 3 Attune triggers per Brick!), and the +4A on all of my characters meant that I had more than enough attack to deal lethal. I won.


Game 2:

For this match, I went up against a pretty nasty Infiltrate team. Not having Shriek really hurt me here. My opponent fielded SR Angela and Black Widow (the rare from GOTG), and just started hitting me for 4 damage per turn (note: she did forget to attack me one turn, but it didn’t change the result). I also got GDM on the board so she couldn’t obliterate me with Kree Soldiers. By that point, Mimic was out of the question. It was Fenthaza, Yuan-ti, CHAAAAAAAAAARGE! This game is when the Spot + Bloat Drone ramp started getting annoying. Not rolling sidekicks ruined my ramp and churn on more than one occasion. Nevertheless, I managed to barely outpace my opponent by poking with Attune and constantly attacking with Yuan-tis. I’m surprised at how potent Infiltrate still is; the damage output gets crazy if you don’t have a way to stop it.


Game 3:

And now…Ultraman. Yep,our old/returning player brought his Golden Age team again. Sweet, PXG! No need for annoying Spot ramp anymore. This was a weird one; on the one hand, the game didn’t last that many turns. On the other, those turns took forever because we both had a hard time figuring out how to outpace each other. I dealt him a lot of damage with Yuan-tis, but he got Hellblazer out and would try to name her. With Fenthaza on the field, I wanted more Attune (I was wearing my opponent down pretty effectively), so with Yuan-ti being Hellblazer’s favorite target, I bought…Thor. Yes, really. Eventually, my opponent ended up making a huge misplay (he could’ve won if he used his BACs in a different order). On the following turn, he was at 6 life, and named Yuan-ti with Hellblazer. Thor rolled, I fielded a bunch of sidekicks, I used actions, softened up my opponent with Attune, and charged in with a ton of characters. I won, but just barely.


Game 4: 

For my last game of the evening, time to face off against Thanos + Hulk. In this game, my opponent could not roll fists to save his life. This made it very hard to use the Kree Captain global to get his Hulk. I, on the other hand, had all of the shenanigans going. Spot + Bloat-Drone ramp worked, I’d buy dice and set things up perfectly…it was hard to keep up with it all. So with him having horrible rolls and me rolling everything perfect, he had no chance to set up until Fenthaza + Yuan-ti just ran him over (no time to get Mimic). Even his Dreadnaught couldn’t save him. I won.



-Let’s start with what I didn’t like: the ramp. Spot + Bloat-Drone is terrible if you have to rely on rolling sidekicks. It was very inconsistent all evening. On that topic, my horrible luck rolling sidekicks made my sidekick fixer all but useless all evening. Bad choice for ramp all around.

-Thrown Brick was an excellent choice with Fenthaza, however. It allowed for a fairly consistent buff, on top of being a good ramp engine. Doubling Fenthaza’s effect with Mimic was hilarious too. If only my ramp engine had allowed me to do it more often…

-I Want You! … Ugh, that action was not the right fit here. Since GDM was everywhere, it was hard to get many characters on the board. It didn’t help that my characters weren’t that beefy, so good luck getting rid of any character with decent toughness. Maybe it’ll be worth it post-rotation, but so long as GDM exists in Modern, that BAC is useless.

Overall, good concept…horribly choppy execution. I would love to revisit Fenthaza + Mimic sometime.

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  1. I once tried R Fenthaza with Thrown Brick on our local Lockout League and I only lost to Breath Weaponers – this team seems to be a lot of fun!

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