Wild Magic Shockwave

This was supposed to be the week where people who aren’t Jourdo got their hands on their own copies of the Waterdeep Campaign Box and Team Packs.  So I built with that in mind (details to follow in the next section.)

It actually only used one of the new cards – the Wild Magic BAC.  But that card was essential to the team’s operation.  So, to be on the safe side, I called the store during the day to check whether the new stuff had come in.  Which it had not.  🙁

So I put in an immediate request to Jourdo to borrow his copy.  Which he was kind enough to grant.

I really hope the new stuff gets here by next week, cause given what I did with that card, Jourdo may not be inclined to keep being so generous about such requests from me.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Boom Boom’s Wild Magic Shockwave.

Here is the Wild Magic BAC.

It is a 4-cost which potentially allows a player to use the effects of two other Basic Action Cards.  As long as the other two BACs in question have printed single burst effects (by analogy with and given the ruling on Uncommon Morph).

There is no point in running Wild Magic if your other BAC doesn’t have a single burst effect, but there’s never a guarantee that your opponent will be running any BACs with single burst effects.

So, how to make use of a basic action that allows you to use other basic actions?

How about Common Boom Boom?  (An answer so obvious, I’m embarrassed about how along it took to occur to me).

For game purposes, using the effect of a (non-continuous) action die is considered the same as using the action die.  So when I use Wild Magic with Boom Boom active, I am considered to be using 2 or even 3 Basic Action Dice.  That means I will deal a total of 4-6 damage every time I use a Wild Magic die, not just 2.

Maybe I can improve on that with my other BAC?

Hello, Shockwave.

A burst effect that deals 3 damage to target opponent.

That ups the damage from each use of Wild Magic to a minimum of 7.

But why stop there?  Boom Boom is an X-Man, meaning we can use the favorite and/or most broken Dice Masters card of 2019 to duplicate her effect.

With Boom Boom and Hope (as Boom Boom) active the Wild Magic Shockwave combo deals a minimum of 11 damage.

I think this is the point where I decided I wanted Rare Bishop on the team.  If I could think of this, maybe one of my opponents could too.  He can be targeted by Boom Boom’s ability, but his 6D on Level 2 and Level 3 means he slows this team down significantly.  And he’s about the only thing that does.  The wording on Boom Boom, which says the damage is dealt by the action dice (not Boom Boom herself) means the promo Black Widow doesn’t actually help against her.

That left 5 character slots remaining.  The first went to Common Yuan-ti Pureblood.  2-cost with Attune, which will trigger multiple times when I use Wild Magic, and she herself becomes unblockable when I use an action die.

With Hope, Boom and Yuan-ti active using a Wild Magic die will deal a total of 13 burn damage, with another 2-4 combat damage from the now unblockable Yuan-ti to come.  If the opponent has a single burst BAC that’s 18 burn damage right there.

Yeesh.  I knew it was a lot, but I didn’t realize it was that much until I was typing it us for this article.

Next character on the team:  Uncommon Acererak for the global.  I need Wild Magic on the action face for this to work.  The Acererak global can potentially offset poor rolling in the Roll and Re-roll Step, or the presence of that killjoy Scarlet Witch.








Above are the cards I used for the last three slots.  I included Doppelganger so I could triple Boom Boom’s effect (after using Hope Summers to double it.)  In retrospect, Hope and Boom Boom do enough damage by themselves, and this was a poor choice for the slot.

I put Buy-Me-First Flash on the team when I thought my opponents would be building from the Waterdeep cards this week.  I noticed it is now possible to field 2 separate 2-cost Attune characters.  Flash was supposed to be a counter if anyone tried to make use of that.

The Ant-Man was a contingency plan/back-up win condition in case Boom Boom was Shrieked or Blobbed.  I glossed over Shockwave’s baseline ability, which is to KO all Level 1 characters.

If Boom Boom is neutralized, I buy Yuan-tis and Ant-men.  I can still use Wild Magic dice to trigger Shockwave.  When I do, my opponent can’t block my Yuan-tis or Ant-men (the latter because he should not have any surviving Level 1 characters).  Given enough energy I can protect my own Level 1 characters from Shockwave’s effects with its own global, but I don’t have to give my opponent that same option before I use the action die.

So how did the team work out?

Game 1:

Against Jourdo’s Warriors Three with Portal (and Grell!) team

I got Boom Boom, Hope and Yuan-Ti out.  The first time I pulled Wild Magic, I couldn’t land it in the Roll and Re-roll step, and the Acererak global didn’t work either.

I did land it on the second pull, allowing me to deal 13 damage – 2 each from Boom Boom*  and Hope (as an ersatz Boom Boom) for each BAC used, three from Shockwave’s ability, and one more each from Yuan-ti Pureblood for each BAC due to Attune.  Yuan-ti was on her 3-1 face and Jourdo used a  bolt to ping her out with the Magic Missile global before the Attack Step.

While I waited for the Wild Magic die to cycle Jourdo built up something of a wall.  On what turned out to be his final turn, I had three character dice in the field – one each of Hope, Boom Boom and Yuan-Ti.  He fielded two Hoguns, allowing him to Intimidate out Boom Boom and Yuan-ti.  He also had three Sidekicks and two Grells.

I had five saved energy, all of it either bolts or wild.  That wound up saving my bacon, as it allowed me to use his Magic Missile global to ping off all three of his Sidekicks and one of his Grells (both of which were 2D).  I was able to block the other Grell with Hope, resulting in a mutual KO.  His pair of Hoguns and his Volstagg went through for a total of 18 damage, leaving me at 2.  It also left him with an empty field.

I messed up and rolled my Intimidated characters on my next turn (I’d put them adjacent to my Prep Area, which ended up confusing myself).  Still, whether I did it ‘correctly’ or not, it would have take a truly awful roll not to get the 7 damage I needed (given his empty field) between the characters and the Wild Magic die I drew.  And I rolled fairly decently.

*As mentioned in the previous section, the damage is dealt by the action dice, not Boom Boom herself, but the end result is the same.


Game 2:

A familiar looking Green Lantern: Fearless team.  With Bat-Signals and Xavier’s Schools and Kryptonite.  And is that SR Constantine?

He also had SR Malekith, which helped me buy my Wild Magic dice.

Bought a Boom Boom, a Hope Summers and a Yuan-ti before my first bag refill then started buying Wild Magic dice.  I got a Boom Boom and a Yuan-ti out and used a Wild Magic to hit him for 9.   He bought a Green Lantern die, but couldn’t land the character face on his initial pull.

He bought one of his Constantine dice, but he wasn’t able to get it out fast enough to do him any good.  In fact, it was in his Prep Area when I pulled and landed both the Wild Magic dice I’d bought on the same turn.  Game Over.


Game 3:

Hey, that’s Hope Summers and (common) Yuan-ti Pureblood.  Not really a mirror match, as his was a bolt-centric team including the Cyclops from UXM that increases damage dealt by bolt characters.

He was also running a BAC with a single burst effect (Misdirection), the only one of my three opponents on the night who did so.

Hope Summers was the only character I was able to get out early, but even with only her in my field I was still able to do 9 damage with the first Wild Magic die I pulled.

My opponent took his next turn, was not very happy with his rolls, and (I think in large part becuse he knew I had already purchased a second Wild Magic die) conceded.



Jourdo referred to this team (more than once) as a monstrosity, and I can’t really dispute that.  I don’t think my other two opponents on the night would either.

Even if I only have one of Boom Boom or Hope out, it’s easy to deal 7 damage with a single Wild Magic die.  Do that three times and I win.

I think I can safely say this is a competitive-tier level team.  Especially since there is substantial room for improvement.

I don’t intend or expect to play this team again any time soon.  Not because it isn’t good, but because it’s too good – i.e. on the scale of cut-throat to casual it’s probably a little too close to the former for our group’s preferred level of how competitive we want to be.

(Memo to my local play group:  My self-imposed prohibition on using this team will go out the window if I’m ever matched up against two God Catcher teams on the same night.)

If I were, however, I’d seriously consider the following tweaks:

Remove The Flash, Ant-Man and Doppelganger

Add Thor: Every Problem is a Nail.  The global should allow me to buy Wild Magic dice for 1 less.

Then add this combo:


Nihiloor is only there for the global.  I use it on my opponent’s turn to KO Beast, allowing me to Prep a Wild Magic die.

(Credit where credit is due:  I didn’t see the possibilities in the Nihiloor global until I saw Jourdo using it.)

So the plan would go something like this:  Buy Boom Boom, Hope and possibly a Yuan-ti on my first 2 turns.  On the next bag cycle, field Hope, naming Beast.  Buy a Wild Magic, and KO Hope to Prep it.  Field Boom Boom on or before the turn where I’m first rolling Wild Magic.

Re-field Hope (keeping her as Beast).  Use Wild Magic to deal opponent 7 damage.

On opponent’s turn, use Nihiloor global to KO Hope to Prep Wild Magic again.

On my next turn, re-field Hope (now naming Boom Boom) and use Wild Magic again for 11 damage.

Granted, I’m assuming entirely favorable rolls there, but I’m doing a lot of damage in a very short time frame.

I mean it the players at the next table over are just a little bit slow setting up, I can potentially have my opponent down to 2 life before they’ve even started their game.

What support pieces would you use with Wild Magic, Shockwave, and Boom Boom to make this team even more dangerous?  Let us know in the comments.

And, especially, if you run this team or something close to it, please let us know how it turns out.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Rolling!

Son of L

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