WHYP: This Team’s The (Bat) Bomb

After a couple of weeks off, we’re back to our old-school format, and this time, I wanted to have some weird, crazy fun. And I did. Trust me…

This Team’s The (Bat) Bomb

The Team:  What madness did I just Fabricate here?

Reminder on the format:

  • Only cards from 2015 and 2016 sets are legal (YGO to DP)
  • All cards from those sets are legal other than the Bard – you know which one – and the cards that are banned in Golden Age.
    **I initially said cards banned in Global Escalation were banned in this format in my previous article – this was in error (if you couldn’t tell from one of my opponents running Lantern Ring). Sorry about that.**

This team has a lot of shenanigans, so let’s start with the main combo. Dick Grayson (aka “Bat-Bomb”) is obviously the win condition here. Stuff gets KO’d, he gets huge, he attacks for way too much damage. Alfred is the main guy I want to KO, in part because his ability makes him a near-immortal cockroach if a sidekick is in the Used Pile. You’d think I would go for the Blue-Eyes White Dragon global, but I didn’t like the energy cost per KO. Instead, I used Fabricate. I put Flesh Golem so that I can KO 2 Alfred’s in one go. Each time I do that, Dick Grayson gets +4/+4 (since 2 Bat-Family dice are KO’d). If my Alfreds come back, I can do it again, and again…and Dick Grayson’s damage can then be ludicrous. It should typically take me two attacks to deal 20 damage, but I can probably deal the bulk of the damage in one big charge. It might be a bit slow, but should be effective.

I don’t want to rely on just one crazy strategy to win, so let’s talk about my backups. First, Batman and Luke Cage. That’s an underrated combo. Have Batman active, and use Luke Cage’s global. Both players take damage, Batman is KO’d and immediately returns…which buffs Dick Grayson. So for one energy, my opponent takes 1 damage and Dick will deal an extra 2 damage. 3 damage swing per fist energy. Not a bad deal! But let’s make it better. Aquaman. He’s there strictly for his Retaliation. I can use Dick Grayson’s global to make him Bat-Family, and for every KO I do, whether for Fabricate, or Batman’s ability, or anything else…my opponent takes damage.  So that’s a 2-for-1 damage with a fist when using Luke Cage. That’s primarily a backup plan if Dick Grayson gets neutralized, but still a good way to win, maybe even just to deal a finishing blow.

Now, I need some ramp, some control, and some removal. For ramp, enter Superhero Registration Act (which I will call “SRA” for the rest of the article). Reliable, effective, and if my opponent uses it, I can KO my stuff to give me extra dice to roll. To make it more affordable, I put in Red Dragon for its global. I don’t expect I’ll go for a 7-cost, but it’s not the worst third-backup plan in the world. For control, enter Dwarf Wizard. It’s a classic, it works, it’s a blanker. Not much to add. And then, there’s Vigilante Justice. With the KO shenanigans I’m going for, it’s a logical fit. Being able to KO an opposing die per KO on my end could even allow Batman and others to go through and deal damage if need be, but it’s mostly there to neutralize control.

And there you have it. A team that might be a bit slow and could be clunky, but should be a lot of fun. On to the games!

Game 1:

My first match was against a Retaliation team. I did go for SRA’s, knowing it would probably hurt me a bit, but there was almost no ramp, and I needed to get Dick Grayson ASAP. And so I did, alongside some Alfreds. I did one Fabricate with 2 Alfreds, Dick Grayson dealt 10 damage. My opponent didn’t block, so I had to wait for Dick to cycle through the bag. My opponent was hurting me a bit, primarily with Retaliation damage from me using SRA, but he had bad rolls and couldn’t purchase his main win conditions (such as Two-Face). I was using Luke Cage’s global to chip away since I had the life advantage due to my previous attack. And while that may sound boring, that’s actually how I eventually won. Just roll fists, Luke Cage global, and press my advantage, and I won.


Game 2:

My next match was up against a Jocasta team. The plan here was simple: buy my ramp, buy and field Dwarf Wizard to blank Jocasta, and build my offence from there. It worked like a charm, and with Jocasta blanked, my opponent was limited in what she could do. Plus, she brought me the Blue-Eyes global, so I could use that for extra KO’s. In the end, I got Vigilante Justice, did some KO’s, wiped her board, did some chip damage (Luke Cage with Batman and Dick Grayson active), charged into an empty board, and had more than enough damage for the win.


Game 3:

My next opponent was running Lantern Ring. That can be a bad matchup, but he brought me Blue-Eyes, Chalkboard and Merlyn globals, so I was set for ramp and KO shenanigans. And I needed all of them! He got the Ring very early, whereas I focused on my SRA’s, allowing me to quickly buy Dick Grayson. He needed time to get bolt characters bought and active, which gave me the time to buy my pieces and begin the madness. He was also using C Firestorm (that deals damage per fielded bolt characters), which I targeted ASAP with my Dwarf Wizard to slow down his damage. Thanks to Red Dragon and Luke Cage’s global, he was down to 17 life, and after my Alfred + Fabricate and Batman + Luke Cage (AND using Dick’s own global to make a character Bat-Family to do another Fabricate that buffed Dick Grayson), Dick Grayson was at exactly…17A. My opponent was 1 turn away from finally having a great turn for Lantern Ring, but my shenanigans won it. Barely.


Game 4: 

My last game of the night was against Teen Titans…a team that wins slow, but because of Wonder Girl, all of my removal and control is completely useless. So instead, I got my ramp and all the shenanigans. Due to weird rolls, before I got any damage other than the globals, I had Alfred (x3), Aquaman (x2), Batman, and…Dick Grayson, at level 1. By that point he’d been chipping away with non-combat damage, I was at 13 or so. But oh the tables turned quickly. After I finished fielding this merry group, I used Dick’s global on Aquaman, and it began. 2 Alfreds KO’d to Fabricate. +4A to Dick, 2 Retaliation damage. My other Aquaman and my other Alfred KO’d. 2 Retaliation damage, +2A to Dick. 1 Luke Cage trigger. 2 damage (1 from Luke, 1 from Retaliation), +2A to Dick. Fabricate Batman and a sidekick, 1 Retaliation damage, +2A to Dick. Between the damage and the buffs, that’s a swing of 17 damage…to which you add the 3A from my lvl 1 Dick Grayson, and that’s 20 damage. One turn. All game, my rolls were wonky as anything…all it took was one turn for an instant win.



-I underestimated this team’s efficiency because I thought I had to go for a giant swing for the win. However, my chip damage (Red Dragon, Luke Cage, even Retaliation in that last game!) allowed me to win one or two turns before I should’ve been able to, which was key.

-Alfred was a bit hard to keep on the field when I’d do KO shenanigans. I got to use him well in Game 3 because I had a turn that was well set up, but a lot of times, because I used SRA for ramp, I would refill my bag at the start of my turn, and I had no way to send a sidekick to my Used Pile for Alfred’s “When KO’d” effect. I could’ve chosen a better ramp engine, or at least I could’ve put Polymorph as a BAC (to swap a sidekick from my field, thus sending it directly to Used without going Out of Play). (Remember I can’t use Create Food and Water or Huge Smash in the current format)

-Luke Cage + Batman was surprisingly helpful, but it was mitigated by the fact that I couldn’t roll enough fists (had to rely on sidekicks). If I had focused on that combo rather than giving myself the Alfred + Flesh Golem combo, it could’ve been a solid concept. As it was, Alfred + Fabricate was simply easier to pull off, and I could Fabricate out a Batman to give me the remaining points of damage if need be.

-A note on Flesh Golem: why didn’t I go for, say, Clay Golem since it had fists? Because Flesh Golem can Fabricate with a total purchase cost of 3, allowing me to KO Aquaman or Dwarf Wizard with a sidekick to trigger Fabricate…and so long as I make them Bat-Family first with Dick Grayson’s global, that can contribute to my overall damage. I just wanted that flexibility in triggering Fabricate, which I found preferable to getting fists with Clay Golem. But I could see someone deciding to try it the other way.

-Aquaman only hit the field in Game 4, but he was absolutely clutch in that game. Made me wish I’d used him all evening to be honest.

-I am very, very, VERY lucky no one was running the Mera global tonight, or that could’ve gone horribly wrong.

And there you have it, the Bat-Bomb did some Bat-Ravages in my local group. See you all next time, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel, for more shenanigans. What would you try next in our format?

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