WHYP: The Fast and the Asgardians

This week’s team is brought to you by Reg, who, in the last article, challenged me to do a quick Warriors Three team, or to show how fast Fixit can come out. I didn’t want to subject my locals to a Turn 2 Fixit team, so instead, let’s bring out…

The Fast and the Asgardians

The Team:  The Warriors Three – “Gotta Go Fast” edition.

If you haven’t heard of the Warriors Three, it’s simple: Hogun, Volstagg and Fandral all make each other stronger (+4A/+4D to all with all three active) and give each other some powerful keywords. Hogun gives Intimidate, making for fantastic removal, Volstagg gives Overcrush, which makes everyone’s buffed stats near-unstoppable, and Fandral gives Deadly, which is…pretty useless when you have 7 to 10 Attack per character. But he buffs their stats, so he’s still worth it.


One thing that should jump out is that they all cost 5, which is pretty expensive. How can I afford three different 5-costs and win quickly? This is where I went a tiny bit crazy. For ramp, I put in Walk with Elias and Atlas, both for their globals. I also put Yawning Portal for the crazy discount (not the first time the Portal is used with the Warriors Three, I know) and Instant War to field sidekicks (I’ll explain why in a moment).


So here’s the strategy: on T1, buy Instant War. T2, buy Yawning Portal, use the globals for Elias and Atlas. The objective is to roll 7 dice on T3 (including the two actions), and have 3 sidekicks left in my bag. I want to use Yawning Portal, then use Instant War to field 3 sidekicks, then field a fourth sidekick (which I have to roll naturally among the 5 sidekick dice I’m rolling). Then, because of Yawning Portal, my 5-costs would cost 1 energy each and go straight to my bag (which is empty by that point – remember I emptied it by using Instant War). Hopefully I have the right energy types to buy one of each and, if I’m REALLY lucky, a second Yawning Portal.

In that ideal scenario, I roll the Warriors Three and Yawning Portal. Yawning Portal makes the Warriors free to field, I field them all, intimidate out my opponent’s biggest pieces, and charge in for the win on Turn 4.

But that’s the ideal – I can’t expect that to work all the time, so I need some contingency plans. Kree Captain’s the most obvious, serving to discount my big guns if I can’t get the Portal to roll (e.g. if Scarlet Witch is active on my opponent’s field). Scott Hall is there for his global, giving me some removal in case my opponent goes heavy on control (and the Crosspulse is not a bad trick to have up my sleeve). Finally, Magik gives me a chance to field sidekicks for bolts (which I’m more likely to have with Yawning Portal) and have some light extra removal if necessary.

And with that said, on to the games!

Game 1:

My first game was against Ultraman. This one was very quick. T1 Instant War, T2 Portal and Prep. T3, buy the three amigos, T4 roll them and the Portal. My opponent did field a Shriek and blanked Volstagg, but Hogun got her out of the way. I then charged in with massively buffed Warriors Three and won. My opponent was dumbfounded that T4 Warriors Three was even possible, and I was dumbfounded that it actually worked!


Game 2:

Next up, Jocasta. This one was scary. I did get the Warriors purchased T3, but I whiffed on T4 and rolled just Hogun (had to happen sometime!). I stalled out for a turn or two and took a lot of damage from Jocasta force blocks, but then Hogun and Volstagg charged in for 13 damage. I was trying to force attack Jocasta off with Scott Hall, but my opponent kept enough fists to force me to block so I forced sidekicks to attack instead – I didn’t want my opponent to keep a board presence. On the final turn, my opponent had only Jocasta active, while I had Fandral and Volstagg, so I charged in, used my opponent’s Enrage global to pump up my unblocked Volstagg and barely won.


Game 3:

Next up, bolt team. This is one where I couldn’t do the full combo early. My opponent had Shriek and Scarlet Witch. I was trying to outrun the Witch and use my actions, but I couldn’t get the Portal and Instant War to roll together. So I used Kree Captain’s global and set up a bit slower. My opponent’s damage was slow-ish, so I had the time to rely on that backup plan. I also used Magik to keep his board lean – he had several characters with low defense. And I used Scott Hall to keep his control pieces off the board (especially Shriek – my opponent knew to target Hogun with her). With a more methodical pace, I started to set things up, and eventually the Warriors hit the field, allowing me to charge in for enough damage and win.


Game 4: 

My final round was against an Avengers team. This one was tougher than it should’ve been. I couldn’t get the combo going, I kept missing Portal or Instant War, and I could only purchase one of the Warriors here and there – I had to buy Magik to help control his board a bit (his Tsarinas had some bite!). This team had slightly quicker damage than my previous opponent. On one turn my opponent almost wiped my board with the Teamwatch Spider-Woman – he would’ve had possibly enough damage to win. However, he missed Spider-Woman (he rolled everything else he needed). So I had to bide my time and hope to have a turn where everything clicked. Eventually, after a number of missed rolls, I somehow had a perfect turn that allowed me to purchase all of the Warriors Three and the Portal, with an empty bag. My opponent didn’t roll enough characters to defend himself, so the next turn, I rolled enough characters to win. But that was a really close one!



-First off, the obvious: do not expect to win Turn 4 with this every time. It’s a theoretical Turn 4 when everything goes right (which happened exactly once). It’s still really aggressive and definitely the fastest iteration of the Warriors Three that I ever ran, but it’s not a reliable bulldozer.

-Could I have made this faster with PXG? Probably not. The key to get this to work is the discount, and for that, I need to get Yawning Portal active and 4 characters fielded Turn 3. The easiest way to do that is Instant War with dice in my bag (I know I could do Namor, but Instant War is cheaper – that 1 more in cost makes a BIG difference when setting up for T3).

-Scott Hall’s global did a LOT of work most of the evening. My locals really like their control these days, so I need ways to counteract it, and force attack globals fit the bill nicely.

-Kree Captain is the classic way to afford the Warriors, and he was a solid backup plan here. I didn’t have a good way to generate fists efficiently though.

-Some opponents brought me a sidekick fixer, and I was really missing it when it wasn’t there. Definitely something I should’ve put in the team, maybe instead of Magik – she was useful, but Intellect Devourer’s global would’ve seriously helped the team’s reliability, and the character would’ve been ok too.

-PSA: If you’re up against the Warriors Three and you can blank a character, always blank Hogun first. Always. That Intimidate effect can snowball quickly.

And there you have it! After this one, my locals asked me not to take a reader request for the next team – sorry. But I’m curious – have you ever tried a Warriors Three team? Did you find a different way to make the team as fast (or faster)?

Let us know in the comments below, on our Socials (@dmNorthTV), or join the conversation on our Discord.

One Reply to “WHYP: The Fast and the Asgardians”

  1. Please apologize to uoir locals… but remeber they were running ultramarn and jocosta teams and you barely won some of the games. Usually warriors three was know as a long game Win con relying on control forst but with all the ramping they are faster now and with yawning portal even faster now. (Excellent team)

    Warriors three are always fun to play or even get beat by as any team with synergies with other cards is how I feel dice masters should have been played. (Not one card – godcatcher, Becky or master mold)

    As usual excellent team building idea for your event. Too bad they did t want to take readers ideas as my next idea for you was speeding up blank pip the troll….

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