WHYP: Team…Ascend!

The gameplay from The Weekly Dice Arena hosted by Ross every Tuesday at 9pm EST on Twitch. Here we go! 

Format – Ascension Modern
Additional info:
Each player must build a team with purchase costs of 1-8 for their 8 cards. Also, you must buy your dice in ascending order. This means you cannot buy a 5 cost until you have purchased AT LEAST one 1, 2,3, and 4 cost die. BACs are unrestricted but follow the same purchasing rules as stated above. This is a MODERN AGE event!

What Did You Play?

The Team: Team…Ascend!

In this weeks WDA, the first card that popped in my head after reading the format was, Mystique: O Bitter Victory. I love playing this card and its been a while, she had to come out and play!

One cost and two cost were quite easy to pick. You want characters in the field for Mystique to get her buff and Poxwalker is perfect for a one cost. Avengers ID Card would help with the buff but first need to make her an Avenger affiliation with the global. To make Mystique cheaper in cost, Asuka helps to discount mask characters by 2. My main four cards are in place and all I need is a sidekick maker. Again, you want as many characters in the field zone and bonus if your opponent has a lot of characters as well. My five, six and seven cost cards were mainly for the global. The Collector five cost which allows you to field a sidekick from your used pile each turn. For ramp, Professor X, to prep up to two sidekick die from used pile and Supreme Intelligence to move 2 or less cost die to prep which would be Avengers ID, Poxwalker or Sidekick, depends on the situation. The eight cost card didn’t have a roll as there was no intention to buy. Mystique was ready with hopefully a high A but how do I get her through for damage? My initial thought was to use an overcrush BAC but knowing that my opponent may buy big characters with high defence, I decided to use Under Surveillance BAC which will make Mystique unblockable. The good thing with Mystique is she is 1A/1D on all faces, you’re not losing stats. And lastly, my final BAC was Invulnerability for the global to buff Mystique with bolts.

How did it go?

Game 1: vs FirebreakStrikeTeam

Firebreak brought a Black Order affiliated, discount, spin out/roll out and overcrushing team. My first thought was, My Mystique are in trouble if he uses his Ebony Maw, “When fielded, reroll target opposing character die” and Loki “When fielded, spin up to two target opposing character dice to energy faces (of your opponent’s choice).” The Loki wouldn’t be to bad as I get to choose. Hopefully I would have lots of characters out in the field. To make it worse, he had Supergiant that “When fielded, you may use a copy of target character die’s When Fielded ability.”. I needed Mystique out and hit for big damage fast.

The first purchase is an easy one, buy Poxwalker and Avengers ID card on your turn, if it rolls. Then Asuka and if she comes out, I can get the discount for Mystique or would have to buy Mystique for full cost (who pays full cost?). Well, I had too for this game. Once she was purchased, it was about getting Under Surveillance purchased and field sidekicks and characters. Bag management was great in this game as I can cycle Under Surveillance and Mystique, as I had most of my sidekicks fielded. I missed my Mystique first roll but since Asuka was out, I bought another at 2 cost. If I don’t get my Under Surveillance rolled the turn Mystique was in the field, I would still push with Mystique as she would be high A and get some characters KO’ed on Firebreaks field. He was able to get my Mystique out of the field with Ebony and did it again when he fielded Supergiant, this time Poxwalker. Good thing I bought two Mystiques! and he got Thanos and Loki purchased. The overcrush Thanos I wasn’t to worried about as my Mystique should be beefy enough to handle the overcrush as long as she was in the field. Once I rolled an Under Surveillance with Mystique in the field, I was able to do 10 unblockable damage. Just needed to do that again next turn!  which I got Mystique and Under Surveillance but I missed Under Surveillance roll, doh! His Thanos came out but I was able to stop the overcrush as Mystique was a 10A/10D. I didnt pull Under Surveillance on my last turn as time was called, just tried to roll for characters and won on life.

You can catch the gameplay (start at 00:26:00) of this game here. 


Game 2: vs alsodanlowe

Dan brought an Ork Nob team that gets +1A/+2D each turn if a character is KO’ed on either side. He paired this with Under Surveillance. He also bought a card that will shut down my win condition, Mystique. It was the Typhoid Mary that blanks text ability and global ability on a card. I knew that I needed to get Mystique and Under Surveillance fast, do big damage before Mary comes hits the field. I knew Dan would buy her which then I would need to use Under Surveillance with Asuka if possible. Asuka was my other top attack value character without reaching for the 6+ cost characters.

Same setup applied for this game, buy Poxwalker, Avengers ID card, Asuka, Mystique and then Under Surveillance, which is fairly easy to do in this format. The good thing was, Dan, was keeping a nice big field for me to help buff Mystique. He did buy his Typhoid Mary but I was able to do 14 unblockable damage before she hit the field. Then it become a slow process to get that final 6 life down to 0. He definitely made me work for it! Bag Management was once again good as I think I had six sidekicks out in the field. When Under Surveillance made it around again, Asuka was able to go unblockable for 4 damage, 2A on level one + two bolts for buff from Invulnerability. Asuka was on level 3 and could have won the game but with Under Surveillance, the character is considered to be level 1, downfall to Under Surveillance. Dan wasn’t able to get me down on life fast enough. I believe I bought The Collector cause I could and why not? (though his ability absolutely did nothing to help me) and another Under Surveillance. Under Surveillance hit for an unblockable sidekick (I believe I missed Asuka roll) and then came around again to deal the last life to Dan.
For the Ork Nobs to work, Dan needed a KO mechanism that would clear my board to get his Orks big and then deal the X unblockable damage.


Game 3: vs comicsmike

Mike had also bought a mask team with Asuka to help discount. I believe he was aiming to get The overcrushing Rock out which again, is OK with me as long as my Mystique is there to block. He also had Ebony Maw that could potentially roll out my characters, in this case, probably my Mystique.

Same buying order in this game as the others. Mike knew that Mystique would get beefy with characters in the field, he would attack with characters and that also doesn’t help me either to build my field as my characters would get KO’ed as they are not high defence. He had bought Ebony which I tried my best to keep in his field field. Bag management again, great. I had bought two Mystiques and both in field when I rolled Under Surveillance for 11 unblockable damage. I had bought another Under Surveillance. Mike missed his Rock on his turn and I pulled another Under Surveillance on my turn to end the game.

I will give him credit as he bought every single of his characters!

You can catch the gameplay (start at 01:55:41) of this game here. 



Another strong card this week which to me is an underdog. She doesn’t get much play. 

I don’t think there was anything I would change on the team. I think it worked well with the format. Asuka didn’t really help to discount my Mystique on first purchase. Typhoid Mary was the only card that shut her down which made me shift to making unblockable on other characters. And if you miss your Mystique roll, that will put you back.

I have played her in tournaments/events and she did good but can easily be shut down, just need a secondary win con that would pair well with Under Surveillance. I think we need to bring her out again, did someone say MoDPDM?

What are your thoughts on Mystique: O Bitter Victory? What cards would you pair her with? When Matt beat me up with Mystique (and that’s when I knew I had to play her) back in the day, he had paired her with Citizen V: New World Order which gives villains +1A and overcrush.

I had fun as always playing with Mystique, hope to see you at the next WDA! 

Keep on Rollin’



2 Replies to “WHYP: Team…Ascend!

  1. The mystique card is great option. The asuka is the broken piece I feel. Try the ork nob (mask) asuka, and a poison ivy as the 5 cost… lol masks and would have been crazy damage when poison ivy hit the field. I don’t think you even need under survallience… Congrats on going undefeated with the build!!

    1. Thanks, Reg! 🙂 I didn’t expect Mystique to do well.
      Asuka was definitely broken in that format. Ork and poison Ivy, you might not need Mystique lol
      Ork nob might get more of a buff then Mystique if you KO your opponents field. I should try out that Ivy again.

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