WHYP: Super-Jimmy

After an unexpected interruption, we’re back to our legacy league this week. In my last article, Reg commented: “What’s good with your format is new stuff can blend with old stuff and be even grosser…” Oh how right he was. Time to bring back…


The Team:  It’s a bird…It’s a plane…It’s Jimmy Olsen!

If you played Dice Masters in 2017, you should know that version of Jimmy Olsen. He makes it so Superman and Supergirl get cheaper to purchase and free to field. In the past it meant that these two could be affordable…but what happens when they’re already cheap? Enter Supergirl (1-cost for an 8/8? Really?) and Superman (can make any other character into a big bruiser on top of having great stats himself). With Jimmy, I can buy multiple copies of each of them. This should allow me to steamroll my opponents with huge stats (including giving Jimmy 6A with Superman!).

With this being a Legacy League though, I’m going to need some way to make it a bit faster. I put two cards for that purpose: The Bifrost (using the action so I can maybe purchase my characters and field them the same turn) and the Chalkboard (to Prep characters I purchase when I don’t use the Bifrost). Bifrost has the added advantage that its global allows me to turn sidekicks into shields, which I need for almost everything in this team so far.

I have the ramp figured out, but I wanted some additional ways to increase this team’s consistentcy. First of all, I put in Thor for his global. His discount makes Bifrost much easier to afford and set up. Then, I added Sinister, also for his global. I figured that if the game walls up, I can just give one of my characters Overcrush after blockers are declared.

The last three pieces are utility. Typhoid is there for blanking (no intent to use her, honestly, I just want her banned), Too Big To Fly is there for its global (in case I’m missing a couple of points of damage), and Bolter Drill is there for removal, which is otherwise lacking on this team.

And with all of that said, on to the games!

Game 1:

I started off against an SR Ultraman team. To put it bluntly, it was a race between her Ultraman and my Super-Rush. She did manage to get everything she needed…and Ultraman didn’t roll (otherwise she would’ve dealt me at least 12 damage that one turn). That was the opening I needed.  I bought a Superman and most of my Supergirls, used Bifrost to field some of them, and charged into her lean field. There was simply more damage than she could stop (even without using Sinister’s global). I won.


Game 2:

My next match was against an Infiltrate team using Black Bolt + Deadly as mass removal. He focused primarily on using Black Bolt + Grey Hunter (with Deadly) to keep KO’ing my stuff, but since Supergirl and Superman were free to field (thanks Jimmy!), that strategy didn’t work out too well for him. One turn, he triggered that removal and ended up with an empty board. I rolled Bifrost, Jimmy, Superman and 4 energy. I bought a Supergirl full price, activated Bifrost, fielded a lvl 1 Jimmy to field a Supergirl with Bifrost. I then bought another Supergirl for 1 energy, fielded a lvl 3 Superman, and Bifrost triggered to field a lvl 3 Supergirl. After starting my turn with an empty board, I attacked for 26 damage. I won.


Game 3:

My last match was against the Warriors Three team from last time (without Clayface of course, using Bifrost instead). My team’s speed defined the game. By T3, I had Jimmy, Superman and Bifrost purchased. On T5, I had 1 Superman active and rolled a second Superman alongside Bifrost. So I bought a third Superman, fielded the one I’d just rolled to trigger Bifrost, and all of a sudden I had 3 Superman dice and 3 sidekicks (all ready to buff with Superman of course). My opponent had only 2 blockers, so over 20 damage would go through regardless of blocks. Needless to say, I won.



-I knew this team would hit hard. I didn’t realize it would hit quite THIS hard. But yeah, those Superman and Supergirl dice were never meant to be purchased for 1 or 2 energy.

-Superman in particular was key. Paying 2 for a character that provides a damage output of 10 to 13 (when used alongside a sidekick) per die is, well…let’s just say the math is very much in your favour.

-Bifrost was definitely a key piece for this whole strategy to gel. By fielding Supes straight from the Used Pile, it allowed everything to hit a turn or two quicker than it should have.

-Sinister was superfluous tonight. Having multiple Superman dice simply allowed me to get lethal damage by going wide, so I never needed Overcrush.

-Sorry to my locals for getting Chalkboard banned. And Bifrost. And Typhoid Mary. That hurts the local meta a bit.

So, 4 weeks in, and the ban list will start getting tricky soon. But there are still plenty of shenanigans to work with. And for this next team…hammer-time. What do you think I’m referring to? Can you guess my next team?

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