WHYP: Shenanigans Golorr!

It’s been a few weeks, I know, but we skipped a couple of weeks. There is one week of our Legacy League I didn’t get around to writing about, but the team itself was rather predictable. At least including the link for reference. This week’s team, though, had nothing predictable about it. In fact, this team has…

Shenanigans Golorr!

The Team:  Using this team requires Supreme Intelligence.

Ok, so this one sounds simple, but it’s the road to get there that’s complicated. I want to use Stone of Golorr to draw an expensive die and deal my opponent a ton of damage. But I need an expensive die to draw, and what’s better than the only 12-cost in the game? Yep, I’m going there. Hello Supreme Intelligence! But how do I set up that 12-cost in my bag? The answer, of course, is Paige. She puts any die directly in my bag, just where I want it to be when I use my Stone of Golorr. However, I also give my opponent a die of their choice, so I better make it count!


But one Stone of Golorr only gives me 12 damage – I would need two in order to win. And two Supreme Intelligence dice. This is where Lady Deadpool comes in. With her ability, I can use an action die’s effect twice, and I can do it multiple times in a turn. So ideally, I want an empty bag, Lady Deadpool active, and both Paige and Stone of Golorr. I put two Supreme Intelligence dice in my bag with Paige, and then I use Stone of Golorr’s effect twice for 24 damage and the win (if everything goes perfectly).

So now I know my goal: buy actions, have an empty bag, trigger multiple actions. Let’s start with the bag control. S.T.A.R. Labs allows me to thin out my sidekick dice and should be a key tool. I also put in Pepper Potts to give me an extra die each turn and churn through the bag faster. And finally, Create Food and Water allows me a bit of extra churn, especially for those turns where I have just one die left.

Ok, so that’s the bag figured out, but how do I buy multiple 5-cost actions? The answer is simple: Thousand Dragon. It’s the only repeatable action discount global in the game, and can turn those 5-costs into 3-costs in practice (2 triggers of the global + 1 energy to purchase). Now, I’m going to need a lot of bolts, so I put in Mjolnir for the sidekick fixing global. Mjolnir also serves as removal, which this team is rather lacking in.

This leaves me with one slot, and I knew exactly what I wanted. I know I need to roll multiple actions on the same turn, so I put in Acererak’s global to help me get there. I know I could’ve put in Parallax, but I don’t want to risk getting that one banned just yet – I have plans for it.

And with all of that said, on to the games!

Game 1:

I started off against Ultraman. The two action-based teams duking it out! My only advantage here was the bag control, as I didn’t need to take too long to set up…and my opponent didn’t roll much of anything (week after week, she has the hardest time rolling the energy to buy Ultraman). S.T.A.R. Labs was key to thinning my bag. So I had the time to get Lady Deadpool, my actions, and do the double-double (of Paige and Golorr). However, I didn’t have a fully empty bag, so only one Supreme Intelligence came out, but that was still 12 damage. While I gave my opponent a die, her bag was so messy it didn’t help her much. Afterwards, my opponent missed out on dealing me 15 damage in one turn with Ultraman shenanigans (he didn’t roll). That was the opening I needed – since I had a good handle on my bag and a ton of active sidekicks (on top of other characters), I charged in for the remaining damage shortly after. I won.


Game 2:

Next up, I went up against some cheap Deadly rush. Because of S.T.A.R. Labs giving me sidekicks, this was a bit of a mismatch for him. He was relying on me having a thin board, which was not happening – my sidekicks effectively fended off his assault. So I got Lady Deadpool active, purchased my actions, and thinned my bag to the point where I had both actions and an empty bag, along with 2 bolts. Perfect setup; I doubled Paige and triggered the Stone of Golorr twice, for a total of 24 damage in one turn. I won and it was absolutely gross!


Game 3:

For the third and final match up…Jocasta was back, this time without Ultron Drone (I got it banned last week), but with both a force attack and force block global instead (interesting!). So she set up and I set up. I repeatedly rolled full ramp by using Pepper + S.T.A.R. Labs. She had her pieces, but I got to use Golorr + Paige (but without Lady Deadpool this time) for 12 damage. She used her force block global to try to get me to block Jocasta…but I forced her SP//DR to attack with her own force attack global and let Jocasta through. On the following turn, I charged in and won with combat damage. If she didn’t have a force attack, I might have been in serious trouble though…



-This team does almost nothing all game, but when it gets firing, the game ends very quickly. Winning in one turn on Game 2 was especially satisfying.

-This team is better suited for experienced players; you need to be very comfortable with counting your dice and bag control to make it work reliably. Smart use of the Create Food and Water global can make all the difference.

-I needed an empty bag for this strategy to work, and the Labs + Pepper definitely did the trick, but they maybe weren’t the best option. Could, say, SR Darkseid have better guaranteed an empty bag for Golorr? Probably. But that’s a difference between “effective” and “extremely effective” at this point.

-Using Lady Deadpool to double up on the actions was awesome, and I never lacked in bolts for her ability or Thousand Dragon, that part of the team worked very smoothly.

And there you have it. Could this have been better to use the 10-cost Thanos (especially the OP version) since he’s very effective in his own right? Maybe, but AOU Thanos was already banned in our Legacy League, so he wasn’t an option. What would you use with Stone of Golorr?

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