WHYP: MoDPDM Tournament Report

This past weekend (March 27th, 2021), our besties at The Ministry of Dice ran their Spring MoDPDM Online Dice Masters Tournament.  The turn out for this tournament was amazing at 34 players from all around the world. It was nice to see so many new names and meet some new people.

The team building format was Modern “10 in 10” which means, all the cards on your team must be from 10 different Modern sets. You can find all the details of the event here and the Team list of all the players here.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  One Odd Family

My team that I had practiced On Tuesday WDA was the same team I had brought to the tournament. You can read my thought process of the team from the WHYP: Modern 10/10 Format article.

Here is a quick recap of the team:

Main and Second Win Condition

The main win condition was the Corvus + Poxwalker combo. Buy Pox, put it back to the card when Corvus is fielded, deal 2 damage to opponent or character. Then I would attack with Corvus hoping the opponent would KO Corvus or let the damage through. 

Second win condition was to use Under Surveillance to make Mystique unblockable. I would need Asuka for the discount, Nefarious Broadcast BAC to stop any push back globals and lots of characters in the field.


Asuka was the mask discounter on the team and would need to buy her fairly early if the path was to turn to Mystique.
Big E was there to help with overcrush and unblockable damage.
Poison Ivy was similar to Big E but mostly for overcrush and blocking any characters that would be pesky (non-villains of course).
Black Widow (always a staple on my tournament teams), was there to eliminate the paper cut damage or slowdown abilities that dealt two damage.
Nefarious Broadcast to stop globals if they would cause me grief.


This was the only prep card I could have put on the team. Also, helps to field a sidekick if I ever did go the Mystique path.

I will keep each game summary short and sweet as all games were recorded for your viewing pleasure 🙂

How did it go?

Round 1

Round 1: vs Nefarious Broadcaster

It’s always a pleasure to play Nefarious Broadcaster. He had an Aurinax/Seething Corruption team. Aurinax is the only breath weapon keyword card in modern and a cheap one at that. Black Widow was a definite buy to lower his breath weapon to 1 but if Seething Corruption came out the time Aurinax was in the field, my field would be cleared. He had some bad luck in rolling Aurinax which gave me an opportunity to do some major damage to his life. Also, I had to deal with Black Widow which I have never had to before! lol which shifted me to purchasing Mystique at full cost and Under Surveillance. This was a very close game, but with the two unblockable going through, was able to pull off the win. I really had to do math there 😛


Round 2 to 6

Round 2: vs BenSaidScott

Ben had an Iceman team with also Dani force block with Booker T team. Black Widow was a purchase to reduce Iceman damage and Dani damage by 1. I started the Corvus/Pox combo and once Ben had his Iceman in the field, attacking with Corvus made it a bit difficult as he just needed to block with Iceman and I would take 1 damage. Maybe I should have done that, but instead bought Asuka and shifted to Mystique/Under Surveillance. This was another close game and I was upset at myself as I completely forgot about Black Widow second part of her ability “Your opponent can’t target Black Widow with Global Abilities.”. Ben was using Booker T force block global on Widow against Dani. I think if didn’t forgot about Widow’s ability, I may have had a chance at the win.


The action starts at 00:31:00

Round 3: alsodanlowe

Dan also bought an Iceman team and used Turk and Thrown Brick to do his damage on Iceman. Another quick buy was Widow once again and two in fact. This game was a bit of a mess and apologize if it was painful to watch. We had to do a reset on a turn due to damage with Black Widow. I think I was so confused after that, I didn’t know what I was doing or what happened in that game lol


The action starts at 01:34:00

Round 4:  vs Chali

This was my first time playing and meeting Chali from the Czech Republic. His team had the Batman, “Batman gets +1A and +1D for each Sidekick character die in the Field Zone (both players’). If your opponent has an active villain character die, Batman gains Overcrush“. Yikes, I knew I needed a big butt to defend this damage and he had instant war to field sidekicks. And another Widow on his end to make my Corvus damage to 1. I needed Asuka to discount Mystique, Ivy and Big E as he Typhoid my Corvus. I avoided a 17A Batman as there was no villain’s and he didnt have the energy to make my character a villain from Ebony global, “Pay ‘fist and shield’. Target character gains the villain affiliation until the end of the turn.” Once I had Big E in the field, he attacked on his turn with Batman (12A) and I let it through and won on my turn. He missed seeing the Big E in the field.


The action starts at 02:24:35

Round 5:  vs tjboz

My target buddy, TJ. !target @fridaynightclix (inside joke lol)
TJ had a mask team and I know he was going to try and get that double damage overcrushing Thanos out. Poison Ivy wouldn’t help as Thanos is a villain and she dealt with non-villains. I was getting him down life fast with Corvus/Pox combo. I thought he may be trying the Grey Hunter/Seething Corruption combo, so I bought Widow. If Thanos was going to happen, I bought Big E full cost. TJ did struggle to field characters. He did purchase Thanos but he never made it out. His empty field helped in the win.


The action starts at 03:22:20

Round 6: vs  Whipp3t_G00D

Arg, another Iceman team! Whipp3t would use Wand BAC global and Thrown Brick to deal his Iceman damage. I made him work it as I bought two Widows and went to Corvus/Pox combo. Once he got Bricks and energy, he did a big damage turn and again, I didnt want to attack with Corvus as he would use Iceman to block and I get damaged. I bought Nefarious to deal with his push back global (Kate). He had a miracle pull and roll to take out both my Widows and he won.


The action starts at 04:19:20


My goal was to come out on the top half and succeeded. The family can go to rest now lol I had a fantastic time playing Dice Masters all day!

A few thoughts:

  • Auska was useless
  • Should have utilized Nefarious Broadcast BAC more.
  • I Needed a few more cards to help (wish it was a 12 card team):
    • Nihiloor global “Pay ‘mask’. Once per turn, you may KO a character die you control.” to help KO Corvus if stuck in field.
    • Intellect Devourer global “Pay ‘zero energy’. Once during your turn you may spin one of your active NPC character dice to an energy face (move it to your Reserve Pool).” could have helped.
    • Supreme Intelligence global “Pay ‘two generic energy’. Once per turn, move a die with purchase cost 2 or less from your Used Pile to your Prep Area (Sidekick dice are considered to have a purchase cost of 0).” to bring over Nafarious Broadcast.
    • Becky (yes, I know) for the global (only, I swear) “Pay ‘shield’. The first die you purchase this turn is added to your Prep Area instead of your Used Pile.”. Since the team was fairly cheap, could have helped to bring over those characters.

Thanks to MoD for putting on this tournament and to all the participants!

For all the other game play from the MoDPDM, check out all these great folks:

Keep it Rollin’

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