WHYP: Modern 10/10 Format

The gameplay from The Weekly Dice Arena hosted by Ross every Tuesday at 9pm EST on Twitch. Here we go! 

This week we practiced our teams for the upcoming MoDPDM on March 27th. You can find all the details here.

The team building format will be Modern “10 in 10” which means, all the cards on your team must be from 10 different Modern sets.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  *Insert cool name here*

After I had played with Corvus the first time and realized how well he did, I thought I would give him a go using the 1 cost poxwalker as my purchase and put back to the card character.
This particular team build is my 3rd build as I cant decide what other cards to put on the team that can possibly hinder my opponent. Its tough to build a team when restricted to one set (except for this event you are allowed two Infinity Gauntlet cards). Black Widow: Agent, “While Black Widow is active, reduce damage from opposing character’s abilities by 1. Your opponent can’t target Black Widow with Global Abilities.” and Poison Ivy: Red, “When Poison Ivy blocks or is blocked by a non-villain character die, she gains Deadly (until the end of turn). Prevent all damage dealt to Poison Ivy by non-villain character dice.” had been on the team build from the beginning. Widow would help to eliminate the paper cut damage and Ivy to help with overcrush characters, if non-villain. I originally had a Eddie tag out card, Atlas prep card, Wong reroll target character card and Intellect Devourer for the global to spin my character to any energy face. The basic action cards wasn’t important. After play testing and Corvus getting shut down when Typhoid Mary: Red Rubber Boots (the blanker) hit the field, I was in trouble as I had no second win condition.
On to plan B, adding Mystique: O Bitter Victory to the team. You can read my article from my past WDA on Mystique here. I dropped Eddie and Atlas to add Mystique and Istrid to stop a global from being used. If my Mystique was purchased and had a high attack value, I didn’t want her being pushed back to field from eg Static Field. I paired her with Under Surveillance unblockable basic action card and added Walk with Elias basic action card for prep. Played tested this version and Mystique just couldn’t get big enough for huge damage as my opponent kept a small field and I hardly had characters, especially sidekicks in the field. Which now brings us to this build, a Corvus mask team.
Corvus is still my main win con and if he gets shutdown we go to Mystique. Added Asuka to lower my mask character costs, Atlantis to prep and field a sidekick and Big E to reduce combat damage to my life, just in case my opponent purchases Under Surveillance. The other basic action card is Nefarious Broadcast to turn off globals eg Static Field. Widow and Ivy still on the team and Wong dropped. His card sounds great but just tough to roll on level 2 and 3 to get his ability to trigger.

How did it go?

Game 1: vs jourdo

Jourdo bought a similar character to Corvus, Jubilee: Wondra “When fielded, deal 2 damage to target character die or opponent.” It was a race in this game. I had jourdo down to 10 life. I had bought Widow but I think I should have bought her earlier. I had good bag management but my field was slowly going down and I missed a Black Widow roll when I blocked with her and she was KO’ed. That was a huge miss and jourdo was able to attack with several sidekicks and three Jubilee’s, I could only block 1 and he won. I had him down to 2 life to 11. Oh ya, and Nefarious Broadcast worked against me! It came out at the right times for jourdo and I couldn’t field sidekicks.


You can catch the gameplay (start at 00:23:20) of this game here. 

Game 2: vs Pink Frankenstein

Pink bought an infiltrate team but using the Angela that gives all his characters infiltrate when she is active. There wasn’t any cards on his team that would hinder Corvus, so I went for him and Pox combo. We were both missing rolls to start but once I started rolling and getting the hits, it was fairly fast from there. Pink was taking most of Corvus damage which I think caught up to him. I missed rolling fists when Corvus came up which I didn’t really think about could happen, I would have to reach for my two cost cards.


Game 3: vs Firebreak

Firebreak had an interesting team. I wasn’t sure what his win condition was, so I went with Corvus/Poxwalker. He had Drax on the team “When fielded, choose an opposing card, cancelling all previous choices. Your opponent may not purchase or field that character until Drax leaves the Field Zone.” and I knew, get many hits with Corvus before he comes. I was able to get his life down to 9 and it stalled there as Corvus got Drax’ed which then I had bought Ivy, Mystique and Under Surveillance … wait, no cause Kim put Raised Shields instead and had to do overcrush, whoops (but it will be Under Surveillance on the team). I believe Firebreak bought every character on his team! He was using She-Hulk, “While She-Hulk is active, at the start of your turn (before your Clear and Draw Step), you may field a non-Sidekick character die from your Used Pile at level 1.” to field his characters from the used. He was using Songbird, when fielded, KO sidekick, Deadly Gamora and overcrush Spider-Man. He had me down to 11 life and on his last turn he attacked with 6 characters and I had 6 characters to block (Mystique, 4 sidekicks and Ivy) BUT I didn’t see the one card that gave him his first Dice Masters win, Emma Frost “While Emma Frost is active, when an opponent declares a character die as an attacker or blocker, they may not attack or block with any other copies of that die this turn (including Sidekick dice).”. I couldn’t block with all my sidekicks.
That Emma, what a hidden gem! Congrats Firebreak on your win!



Corvus is really good. With his 1 defense on all levels, I was attacking with him which he either would got KO’ed (which is great) or the opponent is taking 2 or 3 damage to life. If I am going to go the Corvus route, I would need to buy at least 3 but making sure I had a few characters in the field before attacking with him. If I rolled no fists to buy Poxwalker, then it becomes tough as I would need to buy Atlantis or Nefarious Broadcast at two cost.

Since no proxies are allowed and was using some proxy dice (Ivy and Mystique), I think I would put an extra die on Atlantis, Asuka and Poxwalker.

I will write an article on my MoDPDM experience and I am hoping for a top 10!

Have any suggestions? feel free to comment

Keep on Rollin’

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