WHYP: Let’s Go Bananas

After a week off, back to the Legacy League I go, this time bringing back an old favourite. A card that’s always been fun but, in its heyday, didn’t have enough support to win reliably…except now we have the perfect card for him to work. So…

Let’s Go Bananas

The Team:  The rise of Hit-Jerry.

So my win condition here is Hit-Monkey, who deals damage directly to my opponent (instead of blockers – this bypasses SR Jocasta, who I know is used by one of my locals). So direct damage on a 4-cost – nice! However, Hit-Monkey only deals 2 to 4 damage with his die’s stats, so I need to get that number up. To do so, I went with Cone of Cold’s global, and I put in Wasp for a force block global (all of which should be familiar if you’ve read me long enough). However, I used a card that didn’t exist back in the day, which makes so much sense it should be illegal: Jerry Lawler. Doubling direct damage? That I can pump with Cone of Cold? Yes please!

For this to work, however, I need fists. Tons and tons and tons of fists. So I put in Poxwalker for his Swarm, and used Rip Hunter to be able to filter out everything except my Swarm dice, allowing me to plow through my bag lightning quick and get to the good stuff. And just to give me a bit more consistency (and an extra fist in a pinch), I put in Black Dwarf for that Fist sidekick fixer.

For my last three cards, first up, Starfire gives me ramp and early-game bag fixing. Next up, Songbird is my removal (and she also gives me a 3-cost, something this team was missing). And last but not least, Reg’s favorite, Logan Grimnar (whom you may also know as Andre the Giant) is here to serve as my secondary win condition, as he works just as well with Wasp + Cone + Jerry (but he’s more expensive).

So my plan here would be to start the game by setting up a Poxwalker and Rip Hunter. Once both are active, stock up on Poxwalker dice and get the Monkey purchased. It shouldn’t take me more than one turn to churn through my bad (thanks Rip Hunter!) and have the Monkey active, with my Poxwalker dice hopefully giving me enough fists to hit my opponent hard.

And with all of that said, on to the games!

Game 1:

I started off against a bolt burn + Merlyn team. This team had Shriek for control, and he blanked my Monkey ASAP. So after my ramp was ready, of course, I got Grimnar (that’s why he’s there!). My opponent had some damage set up, but his bag wasn’t too clean and he’d focused on control early game. Grimnar hit the board before he could hit me too hard, and after one Jerry-fueled Grimnar hit, his Shriek (predictably) blanked Grimnar. Fine, I’ll buy the Monkey! My opponent was playing “Whack a win-con” but couldn’t stop both. He eventually blanked the Monkey again, and Grimnar charged in to deal the remaining damage. I won.


Game 2:

Next up, against Tsarina + Teamwatch Avengers. My opponent saw my team was slow and was extremely aggressive out of the gate, dealing me 6 damage before I could set anything up (even skipping purchases to do so). He wanted to give me no flexibility by the time I could build a board (so I couldn’t avoid blocking with my Poxwalker and thus ruin my ramp), and it almost worked. I went for my Poxwalker + Rip Hunter set up, it was slow-ish, and my opponent had me down at 11 before I knew it. However, I got Hit-Monkey active and dealt him a ton of damage too (12 damage, but he gained some life back with R Ultimate Spider-Man). He took a gamble and charged in with most of his board, which was enough to deal me 10 damage (bringing me to 1 if unblocked), and if I blocked with the Monkey or Rip, I would lose my ramp + churn. I took the gamble and let all that damage through. On the next turn, the Monkey came back, with enough energy for me to use my shenanigans and barely win. But it was a close one.


Game 3:

Remember the Jocasta team I alluded to? Yep, that was my last match-up of the night. Needless to say, Grimnar had a break this game, it was all Swarm and Hit-Monkey. Rip Hunter would’ve helped but he never rolled. But Poxwalker did his job and gave me the energy I needed. Jocasta was there on my opponent’s side, then Hit-Monkey rolled, alongside several fists and even a couple of bolts (my opponent had a +1A bolt global). I dealt 18 damage in one turn! My opponent used my Jerry global against me on the next turn (forced my Monkey to block, I forgot Jerry’s global says “blocked or blocking”) and dealt me 8 damage (ouch!). However, I was still standing and on the next turn, I had a fist to trigger the Monkey’s ability and get the last points of damage through. I won.



-Hit-Monkey + Cone of Cold + Jerry = disgusting. That strategy requires a lot of fists, but when you get them, it is ludicrously effective. 5 fists (1 for Hit-Monkey’s ability, 3 for Cone of Cold, 1 for Jerry) + 1 mask (Wasp’s force block) = 20 damage with a level 3 Hit-Monkey. It’s far better than it has any right to be.

-I hadn’t used Rip Hunter in so long, and using him with Swarm just felt so cool. However, using him really slowed me down in the early game – in Game 2 in particular, that could’ve backfired horribly, but I made it (barely).

-I am so incredibly glad Jerry is banned now. If that Jocasta team had that card built-in, it would’ve been absolutely nasty! (as my opponent quickly realized when she used it on me)

-Poxwalker’s unblockable would’ve been much better if I had a +1A global, but it was hard to decide what to take out for it. Things still worked out in the end though.

So there you have it. Glad I found a way to make Hit-Monkey a viable win condition, and I got an utterly busted card (Jerry) banned…without having to a team that is too despicable. This makes me wonder how busted Jerry would be with Bat-Bomb (R Dick Grayson) or Two-Face…but since Jerry is banned, I guess we won’t find out anytime soon. What old favourite would you try to use Jerry’s global with?

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2 Replies to “WHYP: Let’s Go Bananas

  1. Jerry would be gross with any of the AvX Cyclops’s, albeit you would need PaxG level ramp for the 7 cost (or Hope)

    1. You, sir, are delightfully evil. Using the C Cyclops alongside Doom Lance and Jerry Lawler (and some Overcrush-giving mechanic like Psylocke or SR Sinister) would be hilarious and horrifying at the same time. Can’t do it in this Legacy League, but would love for someone (maybe you?) to try that out.

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