WHYP: Leadership Qualities

Hey all, long time no see! Apologies for the radio silence, so as an intro to this one, quick general update: our local events haven’t been happening as consistently recently due to all sorts of circumstances. I can’t promise I’ll always have an article every week, but I’ll do my best to get one done those weeks that I do play. Thanks for understanding.

Now on to this week. We started a legacy league again (banning the die rather than the card – similar to what we did early last year), and this is the third week (I wasn’t there week 2, and week 1 had life get in the way of the article). Seeing as we’re fairly laid back, I figured I’d use an old-school card that just…never worked for me before. But to be fair, he does certainly have…

Leadership Qualities

The Team:  Cyclops and his gang of Mosquitos

For this team, I wanted to build around Cyclops. The idea of adding one damage per instance of damage by my bolt characters was enticing – I loved the idea of doubling up on bolt damage. I decided to use him with two obvious recurring sources of damage: Jubilee and Human Torch. With Jubilee, Torch and Cyclops active, fielding a sidekick turns into 4 damage for my opponent (ouch!) and 2 to a character. That can get out of control in a hurry.

However, while Human Torch provides some removal, he’s not enough – enter Turk Barrett. Also recurring damage (this time to characters), also a bolt character who now deals 2 damage per trigger with Cyclops. I’m starting to see a pattern. I also put in Blue Dragon to double up on his Breath Weapon as extra removal and give me stats in case I need to rely on combat damage to win.

Now, with what I have so far, I need sidekicks, and I need to spend masks on globals. Enter Collector to field sidekicks using masks, Clayface to turn said sidekicks into more masks, Joker to use a mask to ramp and do MORE removal (or KO my sidekicks if I want more ramp)…and Blink-Transmutation as a way to push opposing characters back and do more removal at the same time. So I have ramp, defense, sidekicks, consistency…pretty much everything I need, and all of it helps me get Turk triggers and with it, removal.

With all of this, I had one more BAC slot, and I put in Locked in Combat – essentially as a backup plan in case I ran into Jane Foster so I could get her off the board long enough to do some damage. Far from ideal, but better than nothing.

Game 1:

To start off, I went up against Ultraman with R Magik (interesting choice to replace the usual Dwarf Wizard) and the usual Boom Boom shenanigans. That one went pretty rough for her – she kept getting 5 energy, and then 5 energy again, and again…she could never go for Ultraman. She did go for Merlyn as a backup plan, but her board was empty from constantly going for Ultraman. Meanwhile, I was chilling and setting up my win condition and one turn, I simply had enough damage to swing in for the win after KO’ing her sole character. I won.


Game 2:

For my second game, I went up against an Avengers-based team using Tsarina for damage and Ultimate Spider-man for life gain. That one started rough for me – my opponent fielded two Tsarinas early and I hadn’t established much board presence yet, so I took 7 damage in one turn. But from there, I stabilized and methodically purchased the pieces of my combo, and all of a sudden, Cyclops hit the board with Jubilee, Torch and Turk active…it turned into a bloodbath in a hurry, especially since I rolled 3 sidekicks alongside Cyclops. In one turn, I emptied my opponent’s board, and just with the ability damage, I had already won. I didn’t even need to attack with my characters, it was ridiculous.


Game 3:

My third game was against a Bolt Rush team relying on C Firestorm and R Merlyn for damage. He never got going though. He did swing with Merlyn early, and he tried to use Shriek to slow my damage down, but the second Jubilee, Turk and Cyclops were active together, Shriek was just stuck – whatever she blanked, something else was KO’ing her shortly after. Add Torch and Blue Dragon to the mix after, and I emptied his field, then charged in for the win.


Game 4: 

My last match was against SR Jocasta. Not a good matchup for her when my team pings characters repeatedly. While my opponent was setting up Jocasta + SP//DR, I got her Superhero Registration Act’s and got my combo purchased really quickly. Sure, she had a Jocasta active, but when Cyclops and the others were out, Jocasta got KO’d extremely quickly. Between Torch and Jubilee’s damage, Jocasta was KO’d and I had enough attack stats to win outright. My opponent was shocked, and so was I, because that game was extremely fast. But I won.



-What worked? Everything. What didn’t work? Nothing.

-Ok, fine, I can give you more than that. I always wanted to make that Cyclops work somewhere, but he was always a “win more” or “not enough”…but here, he was seriously worth it – he was the haymaker that just finished each game. Turning Jubilee into “Thor” damage and Human Torch into “Mega Thor” was just…stupid good.

-Turk is the one who surprised me a bit – don’t forget he triggers off spending masks on fielding costs too! Comes in handy for removal, especially if you pay to field Jubilee or Torch. Oh, and don’t forget that he has Infiltrate when he’s on his burst face…and that his Infiltrate damage is also increased by Cyclops. I did get to use his Infiltrate one time (on game 2), not typically essential, but good to remember having.

-If anyone was disappointing, maybe Blue Dragon? I never used his Breath Weapon, because the others were all recurring damage sources and they were all just more important to go for.

-I was greatly helped by some of my opponents bringing Merlyn. Having two sidekick fixers helped me get sidekicks off the board and afford my characters.

-I was also greatly helped by none of my opponents having tools to negate ability damage. If I was up against SR Jane Foster I would’ve been in deep doo-doo. But as it is, it worked out.

And there you have it. I finally found a good use for that Cyclops, after all those years. And it was a blast. So with this team banned, now I need to ask myself: what’s next? Since we’ve been pretty relaxed so far, we have a ton more fantastic options left. Here is our ban list so far (keeping in mind that we ban all versions of a character for a given set – again, we ban the die, not the card):

Decisions, decisions…What would you go for next?

Let us know in the comments below, on our Socials (@dmNorthTV), or join the conversation on our Discord.

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