WHYP: Furball Special

So you’d think with Secret Wars now out, I’d try Fantastic Four, or messing around with R Terrax, or all sorts of nastiness…and I will get around to that. But first, I wanted to try out the…

Furball Special

The Team:  Another kind of Fastball Special

Format: 2022 Modern (post-Secret Wars)

Preliminary point: full credit to Jackalopespam. It’s by talking to him that the idea came up. So to my locals: blame him if you hate the team. Not my fault this time!

In this team, the main engine is simple: have Colossus active and field tons of Beast dice, using Colossus’ Teamwatch to make my Beast dice bigger and bigger. Because Beast has Overcrush, his increasing stats should eventually allow me to charge in for the win.

This strategy requires me to buy a lot of Beast dice (heck, I’m using the Max 5!), so I need some ramp and churn. Enter Wolverine (for the global), Star-Lord, and Radicalization. Star-Lord is intended to trigger when fielding Beast by giving Star-Lord the X-men affiliation with Radicalization’s global. Every X-men I field gives me ramp and removal. It should, in theory, give me lots of dice to roll. If it works. And even if it doesn’t, I have Wolverine’s ramp at least.

With that said, I need more removal for Beast to be effective. I put in two cards: Jubilee (which doubles as damage to the opponent) and Psylocke. Plus, since both of them are X-men, they can also trigger Colossus’ Teamwatch (to give Beast more tokens). Incidentally, Wolverine can do the same, but I don’t expect to buy him.

The last three cards are global-based utility. Dark Phoenix is there to make it easier to afford Colossus, and to allow me to KO and refield X-men (especially Psylocke with her “When fielded”) for the Teamwatch triggers. Too Big To Fly gives me an attack buff and Hawkman counters Distraction.

I know this doesn’t have that many Secret Wars cards, but I just saw a cool combo and wanted to run with it.

With all of that said, on to the games!

Game 1:

Game 1 was a strategy relying on KO’ing characters to then trigger UC Deathbird’s ability. He relied on UC Gwen and UC Sinister (used alongside Dark Phoenix) for that purpose. Or at least he would have if things rolled. He would always get one piece of his combo, but not the other. Meanwhile, my Colossus was purchased early, and as soon as he hit the field, I started fielding Beasts. With my opponent missing some characters, I quickly had 3 tokens on Beast and I faced an empty board. 2 Beasts, Colossus, and some miscellaneous damage later, I had enough damage to win.


Game 2:

Next up, a Fantastic Four (or is it Fantastic Six?) team with SR Black Panther and R Molecule Man as win conditions. This one should not have gone as well as it did. I got some ramp going with my opponent’s Investigation, and Colossus and Beast were purchased. But my opponent was purchasing Thing, fielding it, and then KO’ing it with Dark Phoenix to generate more tokens on F4 characters. On one turn she drew just the right characters and almost had Thing, Molecule Man and Mr. Fantastic together, which would have been JUST enough damage to win because I didn’t save energy. She missed Molecule Man. I didn’t miss my Beasts on the following turn. I’d been building up tokens on him thanks to Colossus, and I simply had more characters (with really big stats) than my opponent could stop by that point. I won. But I arguably should have lost that one.


Game 3:

I finished off the evening against a Spider-Friends team. U Spider-Gwen, SR Molecule Man, R Dazzler, the whole shebang. I was going to run something very similar, they tried it first (I advised on some cards here). Both our teams were slow out of the gate, I bought SR Star-Lord but bad rolls prevented him from hitting the field (and my opponent bought Gwens early, so even if I bought him, there’s no way he’d stay on the field). So I bought a lot of dice, including all my Beasts, Colossus and eventually two Psylockes.

Eventually Colossus hit the field, and thanks to Iron Will he never left. Beasts and Psylockes were fielded, and tokens kept piling up on Beast as those dice kept getting KO’d and refielded (with Molecule Man active, my opponent was charging in, knowing his stuff would all come back to the Field Zone anyway). And then I’d charge in with Beast to force my opponent to empty his field blocking him. And the cycle continued. Beast ended up with 10 tokens on his card (!!!) by the end of this. After some Psylocke rerolls (which mostly went in his favor, I must say), I charged in with 2 Overcrushing Beasts with 12A each…and I won. But it was a pretty intense game.



-Oh goodness…what have I done? This combo was an absolute monstrosity, especially when used alongside Psylocke for removal. It feels like Beast was made for this. The swarm of Overcrushing characters is just near-impossible to stop after a while.

-Star-Lord could not shine tonight. He didn’t roll, yes, but his fielding costs are also nasty, and with Gwen Stacy being very popular locally, he’s just too vulnerable to find a place in my local meta right now. He still has potential to be fun, but he’s not a good fit here.

-I like that UC Wolverine. I never bought him tonight, but I honestly considered it a few times, as that ability is legitimately mean.

-Psylocke and Jubilee as a removal team is quite handy; Jubilee is great to ping off sidekicks, while Psylocke can only reroll non-sidekicks. So it’s a good complementary skillset. (I wanted Jubilee to KO sidekicks in case Wallop showed up, so I’d have some way to sneak characters through if that happened)

And that’s how things ended up. Really nice and straightforward combo. What would you try using that new Colossus with? Is there a more busted combo that you can think of?

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