WHYP: 13 is a Crowd

I have had an itch to write and told myself, I would start writing my gameplay from The Weekly Dice Arena hosted by Ross every Tuesday at 9pm EST on Twitch. So, here we go! 

Format: A Defensive Struggle
Additional info: This week is a Golden Age, YELLOW level event. Bring a team that was built with a plan and an intentional game plan. However, do your best to play something off the beaten “tried and true” path to victory! Build a golden legal team consisting of only characters that have a printed defense of 4 or less on ALL faces of their dice. Any actions and BAC are legal.
Bans: ANY ability that deals damage to all opposing character dice. Ex: Breath weapon. Also banned Jean Grey Professor’s Protege. ALSO BANNED Zombie Magneto” 

What Did You Play?

The Team:  13 is a Crowd

When it comes to golden events, there are so many combos out there that can fit the ‘yellow’ level/light. I had a few ideas but this was my opportunity to play one of my all time favourite card, Team Up basic action card (Orbital Strike still holds a place in my heart). My goal was to have no control pieces. I wanted the most affiliations on characters with purchase cost three or less. I found seven cards that had duel affiliations and only repeat was villain which brought the total to 13 unique affiliations. 

The ability on the cards didn’t matter as it was about getting the characters out in the field, at least 3-4 and then purchase Team Up and go for the kill…did I say that out loud? Only prep on the team was Resurrection basic action card. I have always liked the Rip Hunter™’s Chalkboard card for global, “Pay ‘shield’. The first die you purchase this turn is added to your Prep Area instead of your Used Pile.” If my bag management was out of control, I would hope to bring over Team Up when purchased with the Rip global. 

How did it go? 

Game 1: vs FirebreakStrikeTeam

Firebreak is a fairly new player and only owns the Infinity Gauntlet set. He brought a Rush (“Rush: If you draw this die during your Clear and Draw step, draw and roll an extra die for each die of the indicated type drawn during that step.”) team.  His goal was to Rush with Rocket Racoon with shield, using energize character, The Spot that “Target character die can’t block this turn” and Black Dwarf which “When fielded, target non-Black Dwarf character die gets +2A and gains Overcrush”.  

I was building up my board with characters, about 5 were in the field and was lucky to roll sidekicks. Firebreak was keeping his field with his Rocket Racoons waiting for his Black Dwarf to roll. When I pulled my Team Up die the first time, I missed my roll! and I had 10 characters in the field. Firebreak was able to sneak in some overcrush damage and I had taken 5 damage to my life. 

I had good bag management and was able to pull Team Up again next turn and it rolled. I had five sidekicks and five characters with 9 unique affiliations minus 1 with Team Up text. All my characters were +8A/+8D. Firebreak was able to block 5 characters, allowing 5 of my characters to go through for about 45 damage.  


Game 2: vs EPICat

EPICat had a cool team build. His goal was to buy Wolervine, “When Wolverine attacks alone, he gains +4A and +4D.”. Spin up Wolverine with Zatanna global and pair it with buffs such as Bat-Signal which provides a non-villain character +1A and Ric Flair global, “Pay ‘shield’. Target Superstar die gets +4A.”. How does he get all that damage through? using basic action card, Dimension Door, “One target character you control cannot be blocked this turn.”. 

I knew I needed to get characters out fast and push or else I would be taking a lot of damage or dead. EPICat was able to build a field by rolling sidekicks. I had purchased 4 characters and then purchased Team Up. I got really lucky again rolling sidekicks and my first swing with Team Up was +5A/+5D on 8 characters in the field. EPICat was able to block 6 of those but he lost his whole field and had taken 12 damage. EPICat was rolling a lot of dice on his turn including Dimension Door which he missed the roll, that could have been about 17 unblockable damage if I added that correctly. Since he only had one character in the field, down to 6 life, I was able to push for win as I had rolled Team Up again and had 7 characters in field on my turn.  

You can catch the gameplay (start at 01:15:00) of this game here. 


Game 3: BYE

I was suppose to play Reg whom also had a Team Up team but he had to leave, bye for me. 



Team up is so strong, even without control which I think made it a yellow team. I really hope they reprint the card, did someone say FATBAC!?  

Couple cards that I missed on the team was a ‘field sidekick’ global (e.g. The Collector, Professor X or White Tiger) and either Parallax or Acererak for the global to help re-roll dice.

I had fun as always playing with Team Up, hope to see you at the next WDA! 

Keep on Rollin’

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