What If Missing Affiliations Series – Sinister Six

Since we all are patiently waiting for the Spider-man Campaign Box, I think its about time I showed off my next Missing Affiliations series in a villain team that I bet if you tested would be fun to play.  I am talking about the Sinister Six.  This affiliation currently has only 18 cards and I do not believe I have ever played a single one of the cards.

I wanted to make this Affiliation very synergetic.  Previous Cards for the Sinister Six were too expensive, and way too high of fielding costs.  So, I wanted to change that with discounters, swappable pieces, and just some old fun keywords to bring into this team.  A character like Rhino, why wouldn’t he have the new keyword Quake?  (Quake is my marvel version of Breath Weapon, and there are tons of characters that can use this ability going forward)  I bring back stuff like Mimic Ramp, a Character than is similar to Rare Knowhere, and I even have the nerve to bring a character named Swarm to use the Swarm keyword….

For my custom Sinister Six Team Pack, I included 41 cards, 37 Characters and 4 Basic Action cards, and even created a couple new Keywords: Quake and Explosion.

So who did you bring to the Team?

While the Team Affiliation is the Sinister Six, I have included the original six members, but I also know they have had up to twelve members over the comic book series.  I wanted to show off some of the existing characters not currently in Dice Masters, and I am sure people would get excited to see a couple of these in the game.   While some of the existing characters are hand cuffed by previous abilities (Kraven, Vulture, Mysterio) this would be a fun group to build with, and I certainly hope you will print them and play.  (Remember if you see an ability that would be better for one of the cards, just let me know as I can always update this article…)

The Sinister Six are a group of super villains appearing in Spider-Man comic books published by Marvel Comics. They were a group from Spider-Man’s list of enemies. The original incarnation of the group was organized by Doctor Octopus and consisted of Vulture, Electro, Mysterio, Sandman and Kraven the Hunter.  These were the 6 characters that made the Dice Masters Spider-man Gravity Fees a few years ago.


 With the Chameleon copying character,  I made three cards and the card abilities shows that he be a valuable member of an build as they add benefits for the other dice on the team in three different ways.  A reprint of Doppleganger, and Mimic are always welcome back.

Dice Proxy from – (GOTG) The Spot
Card Ability Inspired By – Mimic, Doppleganger


With Doctor Octopus, he actually had okay cards that were previously printed (8 Dangers and Mad Scientist that introduced Overcrush).  As I usually do with completing affiliations, I leave characters that already have had abilities made for them if they were okay.   I did add the middle card and Its basically the same as the Mad Scientist card, but gives both teams the Resurrection Global.  Ramp definitely helps any Sinister Six team.

Dice Proxy from – Doctor Octopus
Card Ability Inspired By – Doctor Octopus, Resurrection


The three versions of Electro are each different, and unique.  Explosion is a keyword exactly like Breath Weapon but in a Electricity form that can be used.  My favorite version is the Sacrifice for Evil card that is similar to Knowhere.  Since most of the high Sinister Six cards are 6 costs… its just a cheaper way to get them and sacrificing from the game is just a cool ability

Dice Proxy from – (SM) Electro
Card Ability Inspired By – Knowhere, Dragonborn Sourceror, Breath Weapon


Kraven in previous cards never seemed to get any love.  Seeing the 5 attack stat across the board was amazing to see when I first saw a Kraven card, but then i noticed he’s not very useful unless specifically against Spiderman on the other side.  The Animal Influence card is a Fandral ability, but always up for suggestions to replace one of the other two cards.

Dice Proxy from – Kraven
Card Ability Inspired By – Fandral


Lizard was similar to Kraven that all his cards were not very good.  In fact the only one I reprinted was the blank version and still he should have been a 2 cost for his fielding costs…
Giving him Regenerate makes sense, to hopefully save you on fielding costs.

Dice Proxy from – Lizard
Card Ability Inspired By – Drax, Lizard


With Mysterio, I always loved the global on the Ludwig Rinehart version.  High cost, and  Fielding costs, was the shackle on Mysterio getting some love competitively.
The Smoke and Mirrors card is a copy of Brianiac, and just would be fun to play (Especially with all the attack stats on the Sinister Six dice…)

Dice Proxy from – Mysterio
Card Ability Inspired By – Brainiac, Mysterio


I wanted to make a really fun card with Norman Osborn, and he always has had some great abilities in Dice Masters.   So, Why not give him a FLIP Version!
Two Versions of this character, one decreases Costs, and the other Fielding Costs.  Its exactly what the Sinister Six cards need and very thematic with him as the leader.  Once you use him for your purchase powers, flip him to his Green Goblin side and you have a win con as well..

Dice Proxy from – Green Goblin
Card Ability Inspired By – Norman Osborn / Green Goblin


A simple reprint with Rhino, that only will be effective if Spider-man is your opponent, but the other card definitely can be a solid win con to clear the field zone of your opponent.

Dice Proxy from – Rhino
Card Ability Inspired By – Breath Weapon


This is like the 4th Sinister Six character I feel bad for… The Spiderman feed could have been so good, but they made the villains so horrible!!!!  Even in the reboot of Sandman in Infinity Gauntlet Mr. Baker got no love again….  So I want to make him something here.  Shifting Sands is a Joppa like defensive piece.  The 4 cost is a Blob reprint.  Sandman in the comics never wins, so lets just make him a solid defensive piece in my team pack.

Dice Proxy from – Sandman
Card Ability Inspired By – Joppa, Blob


Shocker is one of the cards I had fun with.  All three versions can be solid pieces to build with. From bringing back STUN keyword, to INTIMIDATE, to a BREATH WEAPON.  you have many options to support a team with.   I like all three versions of these cards.

Dice Proxy from – Storm
Card Ability Inspired By – Mr. Freeze, Dragons


Of course, why wouldn’t a character named Swarm have the swarm ability.  Its the other two cards that might make Swarm a fun character as it uses the Tokens and in one version they grow while in the field, and the other version they will help you discount for other purchases.

Dice Proxy from – Yellowjacket
Card Ability Inspired By – Swarm



This card was one of the first I made when designing the Sinister Six cards last year.  I had the Venom Pizza image set and glad it made it to the Infinity Gauntlet Actions.  Venom always have had good abilities in Dice Masters, and I just changed the Energy on Venom to be a Mask so they needed a rename of the cards.

Dice Proxy from – Venom
Card Ability Inspired By – Venom


Vulture will be a fun card to play.  Using Energy Drain will help put your opponents dice down a level, and the other two versions get Vulture up to a higher level pretty quickly.

Dice Proxy from – Vulture
Card Ability Inspired By – Hawkgirl, M.Pryor

Four Basic Actions:

Heist – A Group of Villains need the action of Heist to steal an opponents card.

Misdirection – With the huge fielding costs for Sinister Six characters, Misdirection can swap in a key piece early for a huge advantage.

Power Almighty – This basic action while expensive to purchase, it can ramp you tons and spin up characters you need to be on their higher levels.  Definitely worth the 4 cost in the right build.

Villainous Pact – A Win-con on its own, but most use it for the global for ramp.


I was really sad to see the previous group of Sinister Six cards.  They had so much potential but just never worked due to the high costs and fielding prices.  I hope you can print these versions and have better luck!!   Let me know if there was something I was missing, or of course if there are any other versions/abilities you would like to see.

Thanks for reading…



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