Hulk Draft!

My only chance at a Thor draft so far. We didn’t have draft packs available, so we did it as an old-school gravity feed draft. Now, I actually rare-drafted when possible (got 3 rares I was missing out of it!), but I still ended up with a pretty good team.

Hulk was my first pick. In a gravity feed draft of Thor, with Magic Missile, she’s an insane win condition. Just ping whatever else you have, spin Hulk to max, and after that, each bolt spent on Magic Missile’s global deals 2 damage to your opponent. Heck, just attack with your characters, and each character that gets blocked deals your opponent 2 damage. It’s disgustingly strong, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it has genuine potential in competitive play.

Heimdall (for the global) and Resurrection serve for ramp to get to Hulk quickly. Samantha Wilson also serves for some ramp and churn (Sam’s global doesn’t bother me; my damage from Hulk is quick enough that if my opponent pays 1 shield per damage, they lose out in the long run).

Kate Bishop for some extra damage and for an interesting defensive global (since my strategy involves dealing non-combat damage anyway). Malekith serves to allow my sidekicks to survive being pinged through Magic Missile.

Beta Ray Bill and Thorbuster serve as other big bruisers (and Thorbuster’s global is a good counter to Immortal characters) and Jarnbjorn was a lousy idea seeing as I had Kate Bishop’s global, but it never hurt me.

Game 1:

I was up against a build based around the Warriors three (Fandrall, Hogun, Volstagg). She tried setting up, but I bought Hulk turn 3 (I essentially bought nothing turn 2 to set up). Hulk was such a deterrent that by the time she could’ve attacked with Overcrushing characters, Hulk was too painful and I had too big a field. So I then hung back, pinged my stuff and dealt tons of damage for the win.


Game 2:

This time, I was against an Immortal team. Similar setup on my end, except this time, I fielded Kate Bishop and I was more aggressive with Kate (after all, block and take 2, or let her through for 3?). Important side-note: I used Samantha Wilson that game, and drawing and rolling a die when fielding sidekicks is wonderful. It saved me from a bad roll and bad fielding costs. Long story short, I again got Hulk on the field, dealt tons of damage, and won.


Game 3:

My third game was against another team using common Hulk. Difference was, he had a 2-cost, namely C Nick Fury. But his rolls were bad. Plus, I was aggressive early with Kate Bishop and sidekicks. Even before Hulk was out, I’d already brought my opponent down to 14 life. In the end, I dealt too much damage too quickly. Even so, he had one opportunity to get me down to 1 life at some point, but he would’ve just lost immediately after (he was at 3), so he hung back and hoped for me to get a bad roll (I had Hulk, but no other characters). Thankfully for me, I rolled characters and bolts, and won. Close game for sure.




  • If you’re doing a gravity feed draft of Thor, C Hulk is a great first pick.
  • Samantha Wilson is interesting. This kind of immediate ramp is generally limited to actions, and I’ll definitely be testing around with her. The global’s underpowered though, in a meta filled with Cosmic Cube.
  • Kate Bishop is a great combo; terrific character ability and global.
  • I really wished I had a 2-cost all night. C Nick Fury would’ve helped.
  • That Hulk is going in another team I’m brewing. Could you imagine her in a Babs team? Or with C Static? The potential in Modern is crazy.

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