Welcome to Dice Masters North

Thanks for finding your way to our little corner of the internet.  We are glad you made it.

Who are we?

We are just a couple of guys who love the game Dice Masters and happen to reside in the Great White North.  I am from the Western part of our nation, while ccm00007 hides out in the east.

Why Dice Masters North?

I started the “What Have You Played? 2017 Edition” thread on The Reserve Pool (TRP) Forums.  It was a great source to share Team builds with the community.  The thread ran the entire year and had great participation.  Ccm00007 was a big time contributor to that thread as well and we’ve spent much time talking Team construction.

Unfortunately, TRP (now Gaming with Sidekicks) shut down the forums this year and there was no home for the 2018 edition.  Facebook was not a great option, even with the awesome Dice Master Unlimited Facebook Group, as things get lost easily as more posts go up.  Paul K., who runs the Dice Masters Subreddit, was kind enough to offer a home to the 2018 edition of the thread.  However, I am not a huge fan of Reddit’s formatting.  It drives me nuts.  I needed to find another solution.

I have toyed with the idea of a Blog for a long time, and now seemed like as good of a time as any to launch one.  This gives the flexibility to show the Team builds in ways that could not be done before.  The only downside right now is outside participation, but I hope to figure that one out going forward.

What are our goals?

The main goal is to continue with the “What Have You Played” theme and expand upon it.  Share the good, the bad, and the crazy Teams that come up.  See how they run and how to improve them.

Ccm00007 will also post and update a list of cards that are regularly used in various levels of competitive play (originally posted on Facebook); it will be known as the Essentials List.

This also seems like as good of a home as any to share some of the different ways we play the game.  Maybe Metric Dice Masters will become a thing?  I’ve got some articles planned on how to customize the game (playmats, cards, accessories, etc).  The Dirt Golem Tutorial will probably be the first out of the gate (soon-ish).

I don’t want this to become a news site, as there are lots of those out there.  Having said that, I am sure we will end up posting on the happenings of the Dice Masters world.  We want to share as much of the excellent information out there as possible.  DMArmada and James & Zack have allowed us to share their excellent stuff here.  If you have not already done so, you need to subscribe to these guys on YouTube!

Where do we go from here?

Check us out on a regular basis.  We promise to keep the content going as long as you are willing to read it.  Please feel free to comment on the content and give us feedback on what we post.  

I’ve even got some ideas to try and create some reader participation going forward.  On that topic, and as a reward to those still reading at this point in the article, I want to reward you.  Somewhere on this site, I have hidden three Surprise Grodds like the one below (no, this one does not count).  The first reader to email the title of the articles to mailbag@dm-north.com, will win some Dice Masters Promos.  The Grodds have been found!  Congrats to the winner.  We will be contacting you shortly.

I love this character so much.  Thank you James and Zack for that video glitch!

Thanks for reading!  We cannot wait to start sharing this adventure with you.  Keep rolling those dice!

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