YouTube Dice Masters Round Up For The Week Ending February 9, 2018

Pivot time kids!  The original plan was to showcase the YouTube Creators as they uploaded their videos.  However, they are pumping out the content a lot faster than I can keep up with it.  I have decided to make this a weekly article showcasing the YouTube Dice Masters content for the previous week.  If you have some content you want featured here, please email so your stuff can be added.

Now that the introduction is over, let’s see what the YouTubes had to offer the Dice Masters fans over the last week:

DMArmada tests The Warriors Three against Super Rare Machine Man.  Will Machine Man actually prove to be a useful super-rare?

Part II:  The Warriors Three vs Machine Man.

The Dice Masters Community rates the Guardians of the Galaxy Super Rares.  Also, can we come up with a counter to Yuan-Ti Pureblood?  Check out the video below.

Join James and his special guest Tabasco Rogue as they pit Hela & the Beholder against a life absorbing Nobby.

Zack faces down Yuan-ti SR with his updated take on the Shield Ring team. Can Zack overcome the twin horrors of Yuan-ti and James’s phlegmy cough?

Trubie breaks down the Immortals team he took to a Dice Masters: Golden Age event.

This was the week that was on YouTube.  As always, please subscribe to these guys so they can continue to put out this excellent work for you to enjoy.

See you next week with another YouTube Dice Masters Round-up!

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