Weekly Dice Arena: Russian Roulette

Welcome to the Weekly Dice Arena!  The Weekly Dice Arena (also known as the WDA) is an online event that is played every week on Tuesdays at 9 PM Eastern.  The WDA is hosted on Twitch and games are played over three 35 minute rounds in Discord rooms. WDA provides an opportunity for newer to veteran players to play the game we all love, Dice Masters, in a safe and welcoming environment.

Each week there will be a different theme, either casual or competitive builds in formats such as Golden, Modern and Silver Age.  If you are unable to build to the theme, build to your collection and come join us for a dice rolling fun time.  All players are welcome in the Arena!

In order to participate, you will need to be part of the Dice Masters Online Discord.  Once there, you will simply need to join the Voice Channel – WDA Lobby, where you can talk with other player (or hang out quietly if you prefer) and wait for your Arena assignments.  Make sure to watch the Twitch Stream, where your host SuperK will let the combatants know where they need to go.

Registration/Team Submission

WDA registration and team submissions is done through the Dice Masters Online discord. Navigate to the #weekly-dice-arena channel and type “.submit teamurl” (without quotes).  The teamurl is a link to your team build that is created at The Dice Coalition Team Builder site.

Proxy cards and dice are allowed.  You may proxy the card as you wish and use the Proxy Dice website for dice and/or non basic action dice of the same energy can be used all well.  The goal is for inclusive gaming, and we do not want the lack of a physical card (or dice) to prevent someone from joining.

Previously on the Weekly Dice Arena…

Russian Roulette

Format:  Golden, Constructed, Casual

Theme: Build a team however you like but there is only one simple rule: Every time you (the player) would roll a sidekick from the prep area (sidekick that begins the turn in prep), you must name an energy type before the roll. For each of the sidekick that comes up as the named energy at the end of the roll and reroll step, you lose 1 life.

Bans: None

Check out the gameplay highlights from the most recent Weekly Dice Arena on YouTube here.

Next time on the Weekly Dice Arena…

Stop Hitting Yourself

Format:  Modern, Constructed

Theme: Build a team however you like but to win, you MUST bring your own life to zero. Any damage you do to your opponent life, does not count. No restrictions on BACs.

Bans: None

See you next time on the Weekly Dice Arena!

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