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Additional info: This event will be golden, but restricted to MARVEL ONLY SETS. This is meant to be a light-hearted, puzzling duel to the death using the old “UPGRADE” basic action cards from the Ironman starter. At the start of a players attack step, they roll a spare sidekick die. If you roll a wild, or sidekick face, you get to choose your upgrade. Otherwise, your rolled energy will tell you which upgrade ability you get to use that turn (once). Rolling a shield grants you UPGRADE-Fortification. Fist grants you UPGRADE-Proton Cannon. Mask grants UPGRADE-Smokescreen. And bolt grants UPGRADE-Unibeam. These effects can be searched on the team builder for reference. You will play the effect as written on the card, but this will not trigger attune or any other action-based effects.

Here we go! 

What Did You Play?

The Team:  You Can Call Me, Gobby

There are so many cards in the Marvel Universe that can be played but I didn’t want to go to red, though it wasn’t specified. I checked marked ‘Marvel’ in the tb.dicecoalition page and started scrolling. The first card to catch my eye would be the winner and you guessed it by the picture on the left, I picked ‘Green Goblin: “Gobby”‘ from the AvX set (best set ever!). His ability deals 1 damage to the opponent’s life for each sidekick (pawn) including Ally (“Character dice with the Ally ability count as [PAWN] while in the Field Zone in addition to their other designations. They don’t count as Sidekick Dice while in the bag, Prep Area, Used Pile, or anywhere else.”) characters in my field zone. Let’s stack the team with sidekicks and Allies. I put ‘Professor X: No More, Magnus!’ for the global, “Pay ‘mask’. Once per turn, field target Sidekick die in your Used Pile.”, I can do this on my and opponents turn. The basic action card, ‘Rally’ can also help to field sidekicks as allows me to field up to two sidekicks from the used pile to the field zone and if rolled on burst, three sidekicks. If I have trouble rolling masks, I could buy ‘Rally’.  For Allies, I found the cheapest cards with the ‘Ally’ keyword, Wong, S.W.O.R.D Agent and Howard Stark, all 2 cost. One card I love to use with ‘when fielded’ abilities is ‘Absorbing Man: Ol’ Ball and Chain’ which “when a “when fielded” effect is used, you may use a copy of it.” I could double Gobby’s damage and this works if my opponent has a when fielded ability as well. This can work in my favour. If for any reason my opponent brings control pieces and I can’t use Gobby, my back up plan is to use ‘Falcon: Recon’, “When Falcon attacks, your Sidekicks can’t be blocked.”. This would have to be a one shot 20 damage. I don’t usually put control pieces on my team but I wanted to play more AvX cards and had to decide between ‘Storm: African Priestess’ or ‘Storm: Wind-Rider’ and went with the cheaper option, African Priestess, “When fielded, reroll a target opposing character. If the result is not a character, place that die in your opponent’s used pile.”. Plus, I can use it again with Absorbing Man active. And for the final BAC, since I didn’t have prep, I put ‘Counterstrike’ for the global, “Pay ‘1 generic’. Once during your turn, Prep a Sidekick die from your Used Pile.”. I built the team not really thinking about the “Upgrades” we have to use per the theme. This will be the fun twisted part of the game as who knows what will happen. The only character I am looking to attack with would be Gobby (hoping he gets KO’ed) and Storm (if bought). To bad there is no glider or pumpkin bombs!

How did the team do?

Game 1: vs Mr. Spin

Mike brought ‘Black Widow: Tsarina’, “When Black Widow attacks, she deals 2 damage to your opponent. Your opponent can prevent this by spinning one of his or her characters down one level.” and he would use ‘Avengers ID Cards’ to give his Avengers (Widow) +2A and +2D. If Mike had a good roll with the upgrades, she could get Overcrush. I was worried because if my characters rolled level 1, I would be taking 2 damage for each attacking Widow as I can’t spin down. This can go fairly quick, so I needed to go quicker! Mike also had everyone’s favourite PXG (which I would expect most folks would have), “Pay ‘mask’. Move up to 2 Sidekick dice from your used pile to your prep area.”. Of course with sidekicks in the field, level 1 S.W.O.R.D Agent and Absorbing Man in the field, here came the big damage. Mike, had two Widow’s and I had taken damage to bring me to about 10-13 life and with the buff from the ID card, I wasn’t able to KO Widow. I was able to get in about 10 damage to Mike’s life and just needed to roll Gobby (as I knew he was coming) to finish the game on my turn (thanks PXG). Mike had attacked with two Widow’s (with no buff) for 6 damage which I decided to take that damage and hope for the best next turn. It worked out as I just needed to roll Gobby and did for the win. Game went smoothly, fielding sidekicks and only had bought one Ally character. I did buy Storm to hopefully roll out Widow but Mike missed a turn of getting Widow’s which helped.


Game 2: vs JLucero

Jay bought ‘Jubilee: Wondra’ which deals 2 damage to a character die or opponent. He also brought ‘Absorbing Man’ to double that damage. This would be a very interesting game with ‘Absorbing man’ vs Absorbing Man’ as he would use my Gobby damage when fielded and mine his with Jubilee. It would be a race. He also had ‘Hope Summers: Pluripotent Echopraxia’ to gain the text of ‘Jean Grey: Professor’s Protégé‘, which “While Jean Grey is active, when an opposing character die is fielded, deal damage to it equal to her level.”. This is going to be an issue, once I field my sidekicks, they would get KO’ed right away. I knew for this game, I needed to utilize Storm. Once Jay got Hope in the field, I only had 1 sidekick in the field, S.W.O.R.D Agent and Absorbing Man. I was able to use Storm to roll out Hope and use Storm ability again with Absorbing Man’s being active. I was able to roll out his Absorbing Man. I needed to get 13 damage from Gobby to win and was able to roll two Gobby’s on my turn to deal 16 damage (four sidekicks in field, double with Absorbing Man x2 as there was two Gobby).


Game 3: vs JackalopeSpam

This was a really good game and very close. Nick had ‘Toad: Tongue Lashing’ in the field which “While Toad is active, each opposing non-Sidekick character must attack (if legal). * Opposing characters take 2 damage when they attack.”. This wouldn’t be to much of an issue as the only character that would have to attack is all/or Absorbing Man, Gobby and Storm. My main worry was, ‘War Machine: “Rhodey”‘, “Fast. When War Machine KOs an opposing character die with combat damage, deal 2 damage to your opponent. * War Machine gets +1A.”. Nick had bought three of them as he missed some rolls. I should have bought Storm to try and roll out his War Machine but instead bought another Gobby. I was able to get his life down to 4 and to win, needed to roll two Gobby’s in a turn, well …. tune into the game play as we were on stream 😉

Check out the game play here (start at 00:49:00)



Gobby was fun to play and he needed some setup so it didn’t feel like it was to red of a team. I really missed playing AvX cards, they are great. I forgot how good Storm is as well.

Some thoughts on the team build:

  • Didn’t need to much Ally characters, I only ever bought one.
  • I completely forgot about PXG, which I used more then Counterstrike global which I never used.
  • comicsmike had suggested ‘Norman Osborn: Don’t Call Me “Gobby”!’ and ‘Malekith: King of the Dark’ for the team. Malekith would have been good to help the defence on my sidekicks. Would try this version out sometime if I get the opportunity again.

If you have any thoughts, would love to hear it!

Thanks for reading!

Keep it Rollin’

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