WDA WHYP: Ultra-Krypto-Powered-Man

The gameplay from The Weekly Dice Arena hosted by Ross every Tuesday at 9pm EST on Twitch. Here we go! 

Format – Two Faces Coin!
Additional info: This is a RED LIGHT event! This means be rude, be mean, be RUTHLESS! Two face is here to bring some cheer! Teams will be build using ONLY DC GOLDEN AGE SETS. The unique game effect though is as follows: At the end of your turn, flip a coin. If heads, KO a character die you control and gain 1 life. If tails, KO a character die you controls as well as an opposing character die.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Ultra-Krypto-Powered-Man.

I knew when reading the format, I wanted to build Ultraman and Kryponite combo. It’s one of my favourite combos that I haven’t played in a long time. I am unsure if I would even survive because of the KO’ing a character from the end of the turn flip coin and if my opponent doesn’t keep a field, my damage wont be much (more to come what I mean). But, I am playing it anyways cause I got the opportunity to.
‘Ultraman: Kryptonite Powered’ when active and you use a Kryptonite action die, you can use every basic action in play, mine and my opponent, right away. The Kryptonite action die that I paired Ultraman with was ‘Krypotnite: Green Death’ as it blanks a card for the turn and yes, you can blank sidekicks! (I had to look it up as its been a while, but the ruling is here) and blank a blank card? The two basic action cards I chose that can get me damage to the opponent life, is ‘Betrayal’, “Deal 1 damage to target opponent for each character die in their Field Zone.” and ‘Monument to Evil’, “Deal 2 damage to target opponent.”. I would normally use ‘One Against Many’ (“Deal target player X damage, where X is the number of character dice in their Field Zone plus 2.”) but its not part of DC. This is what I was mentioning above with my opponent having a field so ‘Betrayal’ can do a lot of damage. What else I can put on the team to help? I would have loved to use Supreme Intelligence global to help move over Kryptonite but with the restriction, I decided to try ‘Mister Miracle™: Show Must Go On”, which allows your action die to gain boomerang (“Action dice with boomerang are re-rolled after they’re used. If they reveal an action face, add them to your Prep Area.”) when he’s active. Since I am going to be using an action die (Kryptonite), I found the cheapest attune character, ‘Zatanna: Master Magician’s Daughter’. The last four cards on the team are all there for the global. Clayface, “Pay ‘mask’. Once per turn, you may take a die from your Used Pile and add it to your Reserve Pool on any energy face.” will help with two fold, move a die over on double energy to help purchase Ultraman (if need be) and to move over Kryptonite die to the reserve pool and use Parallax, “Use ‘1 generic’. Re-roll any number of your dice before your Attack Step” to re-roll Kryptonite (also Parallax to re-roll Ultraman if I miss it) and hopefully it lands on the action die (and this is hoping Ultraman is active). ‘Rip Hunter™’s Chalkboard’, “Pay ‘shield’. The first die you purchase this turn is added to your Prep Area instead of your Used Pile.”, I will use to bring our purchased Kryptonite die (did I ever mention this is one of my favourite global, to bad that Becky girl has it too :P). Lastly, ‘Atlantis: City and Stronghold’ to help to prep and field a sidekick die. If I had to KO a die by the flip coin, I hope it would be a sidekick. And maybe I would buy Atlantis, depends how the game is going.

How did the team do?

Game 1: vs rawtravel

Ryan brought a Blank Manta team. With Black Manta active, when a villain die is KO’ed, deal 1 damage to your opponent for each of the active villains. Ryan was using Hush, “While Hush is active, if a ‘Batman’ character is in the Field Zone, KO Hush and add a die from your bag to your Prep Area.”, to make him a Batman affiliation by using the global on Trusted Friend BAC, “Pay ‘mask. Target character die gains ‘Batman’ or ‘Superman’ until end of turn.” Keep KO’ing Hush and I am taking x damage to life based on the number of villains he has in the field zone. Plus he was using ‘Harley Quinn™: Tough Cookie’ to gain life each turn. I needed Ultraman fast and doing as much damage as I can with Kryptonite. It worked out with my sidekick being KO’ed on the two face coin flip, I was able to buy Ultraman fairly early (turn 2 or 3). I bought all my Kryptonite dice and it was pretty much a back and forth game on life. Ryan’s team was well oiled with no misses. It was bad for me as I kept having to KO my Ultraman die with the coin flip. Just hoped it rolled back or had to use Parallax to get him rolled. It was 8-8 life and in my bag was 4 Kryptonite die and I needed to pull two and roll them for the win, well I pulled one! Wasn’t enough damage and Ryan won next turn.

This game was streamed and can be watched here (at the 00:26:00 mark)


Game 2: vs Whipp3t_GOOD!

Another Black Manta team, yay! (not really) but Jason actually didn’t use Black Manta. He bought ‘Two-Face: Double Deal’, “When Two-Face is blocked, you may have Two-Face deal his A to your opponent in addition to his blockers.”. He was giving Two-Face a pump using Parasite, that “While Parasite is active, instead of declaring Parasite as an attacker, your may add his A and D to an attacking character die. You may do this once for each of your Parasite character dice that do not attack. (This occurs when you declare attackers.)” and has a bolt global to pump +1A (Excessive Force). If I did the same thing as I did last game, I should be able to purchase Ultraman early, well, Jason had Resurrection on the team and that messed me up as I should have not done the global, “Pay ‘shield’. Once per turn, on your turn, draw a die from your bag and Prep it.”, on my first turn. Once I did that, it had taken me quite a few turns to line it up to purchase Ultraman while my life was being chipped away as I didn’t have characters in the field. By the time I got Ultraman and was able to keep the game close in life, it was to late and Jason had taken the game.


Game 3: vs Mr. Spin

Wait, Black Manta again! expect Mike didn’t use him either. He also went the Parasite way and paired with Superwoman, “You may pay ‘3 bolts’ rather than Superwoman’s printed purchase cost.”. She is pretty beefy. Mike was able to roll bolts to purchase her for 3. That would definitely hurt if he keeps attacking. And the way my games are going, I probably won’t have any characters in the field. Again, this was a back and forth game and life was very close. At least I was able to get Ultraman but not as fast and he was still getting KO’ed. I needed to pull and roll 1 Kryptonite or a sidekick to go in for the win and was able to do both on my turn.



Three Black Manta teams! oy! at least two peeps didn’t really use him but this was definitely not the format for Ultraman as I knew it wouldn’t be. Having him the only one in the field (as I couldn’t roll sidekicks), that hurt as I had to KO him pretty much each turn. Life was very close, which made the games fun. Opponents not having a field didn’t help with the Betrayal damage. I still enjoyed playing him with Kryptonite.

Some thoughts on the team build:

  • I struggled a bit to buy Ultraman early (except for game 1)
  • Need more ramp or utilize Atlantis global a bit more to try and ramp up
  • Should have bought Mister Miracle and Zatanna early as I could have been doing damage when Kryptonite rolled, if no Ultraman was in the field. But, maybe slowed me down?

Would love to hear what cards you would have put on the team with Ultraman/Kryptonite.

Thanks for reading!

Keep it Rollin’

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