WDA WHYP: Phoenix “Dani” Force

The gameplay from The Weekly Dice Arena hosted by Ross every Tuesday at 9pm EST on Twitch. Here we go! 

Format – 3 Wishes!
Additional info: This is a modern age event, with a bit of a twist. Each player will build a team with 5 cards that they may purchase like normal. The other 3 cards on the team MUST be characters that cost 7 or more (THESE CAN BE GOLDEN AGE CARDS). These characters may only be WISHED for. Each player starts the game with an action die called “Limited Wish” in their used pile. This die cannot be moved from used, until each players first bag refill. When this die is drawn, and shows an action face, that player declares which of thier characters they are “wishing for”. They then roll that character die: If it lands character, place it in the used piles as if it was just purchased. If it lands energy, place the die back on the card.
Extra Info:
1. Build a team with 5 modern cards that can be purchased like normal and 3 WISH cards that cost 7+ and CAN be golden age cards.
2. WISH cards may not be purchased, and may only enter play if there is a successful wish.
3. Each player starts the game with 8 sidekicks in bag, and 1 action die in their used pile (that cannot leave the used pile). It will be added to bag rotation on each players first bag refill.
4. When the wish die is pulled, and rolls action face: WISH for one of your WISH dice. Roll that (7+) die, and if it lands character face, place it into the used pile as if it was normally purchased. If that die lands energy, return it to the card.
5. The action die you are using for the WISH will be considered an “action die” for all game purposes EX: Will trigger attune and such

For a more complete explanation visit TOTM 3 Wishes where I stole this idea from 😉

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Phoenix “Dani” Force.

3 wishes is one of my favourite formats. I had built a modern team to realize that your 7+ wish cards could be golden, so I changed it to try cards that I have not used before, Phoenix Force came to mind. There are three cards in total, with the Phoenix Force affiliation, Phoenix Force: Force of Nature, Colossus: Phoenix Force and Cyclops: Phoenix Force and I put all three as my wish cards. I knew I wanted to try and get Phoenix out first with the wish die and hopefully use the Cyclops global to get the die in the field zone right away, knowing my opponents would have heavy hitters with their wish cards. Colossus and Cyclops have OK abilities, I didn’t see a win condition in them, especially Colossus since he could KO one of my own characters. I built my win condition in my other 5 card slots. Plus if I couldn’t roll my wish die, I didn’t want to be dead in the water, needed a life raft in Dani Moonstar: Empathic Illusion Casting. I actually never played with her before. I paired her with the Booker T BAC, for the global, which forces a character die to block. Could use against sidekicks or even the opponents wish characters if they become pesky (but would be risky). To annoy my opponents even more, I put The God Catcher: Mighty Construct, “Trap (Place in your Field Zone when used. Send to your Used Pile when triggered.) Trigger: An opponent attacks with a character die with 7A or more. Effect: Field a 10A and 10D The God Catcher token.” on the team. Again, knowing my opponents are going to have high attack value characters and probably attacking, let’s gain some token(s) *evil laugh* (was that out loud?). Clayface and Poxwalker was there to help get fists to use the globals on the Phoenix Force cards. Since the wish die could be used as an action die, I went with a cheap ‘Attune’ character to do some paper cut damage, Wasp, which she also has an ability when attune is used she gets +1A/+1D.

How did it go?

Game 1: vs JackalopeSpam

Mirror match! Nick also brought all three of the Phoenix Force cards. My goal was to buy Wasp, Dani and God Catcher until my wish die came up. Nick also had Clayface and Supreme Intelligence which would come in handy to prep my Dani. The global reads, “Global: Pay 2. Once per turn, move a die with purchase cost 2 or less from your Used Pile to your Prep Area (Sidekick dice are considered to have a purchase cost of 0).”. Once I rolled my wish die, I was able to get Phoenix and got lucky with two fists to put her in the field. Once she was out, Nick was kinda stuck as he had no way to get her out. Even if he got his Phoenix out, it wouldn’t matter as it wouldn’t affect Dani. I think I did manage to get Wasp and two God Catchers (which never triggered) in the field. Nick did have a cool strategy by using Spider-Man: Superior Team-Up which gains all affiliations on your team, he would be a Phoenix Force, use Clayface to bring in wish die and then field Storm, “When fielded, you may reroll target action die in your Reserve Pool” to re roll his wish die and/or use two fists to bring in Spider-Man with the Cyclops global.

Phoenix and Dani did their jobs. Any attacks, I would let through as I would only take 1 damage with Phoenix ability.

Nick recommended that if I do have lots of energy to actually buy Booker T BAC and force the characters to block Dani.


Game 2: vs rawtravel

Another mirror match! Ryan bought all three Phoenix Force cards. I did the same strategy as my game with Nick which seemed to work against Ryan. He kept forgetting about my Phoenix was in the field and was attacking with his Cyclops and I would just let the damage through. He had Anger Issues which gives +3A and Overcrush but again, doesn’t do much with Phoenix in the field. Ryan did manage to roll back two sidekicks on two different turns from Dani ability! I also had taken the risk of force blocking his characters not just sidekicks but in the end, I had a Booker T die in the reserve pool and a bunch of characters in the field. He had two characters. Was able to push for the win.

Ryan needed to utilise his Black Widow:Widow’s Hunt, “Energize – Spin target opposing character die down 1 level. If that character die is already level 1, spin it to an energy face (of your choice).” which would have helped to take out my Phoenix as she only wanted to be on level 1.


Game 3: vs comicsmike

Not a Phoenix Force mirror match!
Mike brought one of my favourite character, Orion, which deals 2 damage to life when fielded and when attacks, Purple Worm which has Overcrush and “When assigned to attack, knock out a character (either player’s), then deal damage to your opponent equal to that character’s level.” and Natalia which does 4 damage to the defending player when attacks. Same strategy as all my other games but my worry was Purple Worm as Mike can take out my Phoenix. Also, he had Doctor Strange on his team which “While Doctor Strange is active, when an action die is used, you may use a copy of its effect. You may choose new targets for the copy.”. He did manage to buy the Doctor at a 7 cost and he did his job. But Mike just wasn’t getting the roll he needed and missed Purple Worm multiple times. Gave me time to get his life down with Dani and risked it by forcing his Doctor Strange to block her which worked. He didn’t have a field and was able to attack with a bunch of characters for the win.



Phoenix Force cards was fun to play with but Force of Nature was quite annoying. I am unsure if I felt good playing with her (it?) but I can feel my opponents weren’t very “happy” or was it Dani they didn’t like? (Sorry guys!).

I really didn’t miss much wish die rolls/or my wish character die. I had some good rolls and luck. Also, God Catcher token never made the field.

I am unsure if there were other cards I could have put on, they all did their jobs. I did find that when I missed character/action dice, I had a lot of energy and nothing big to buy. But maybe that isn’t always a bad thing.

The stars of the show was definitely Phoenix Force and Dani!

Keep It Rollin’


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