WDA WHYP: Energize This! Ping That!

The gameplay from The Weekly Dice Arena hosted by Ross every Tuesday at 9pm EST on Twitch. Here we go! 

Format – Betrayal (but not BETRAYAL)
Additional info: This is a modern event! This event is wild and zany, so build a team with fun and shenanigans in mind! There are no building criteria, however during the game there is a special effect: Whenever you field a character, you lose life equal to that die’s level. EG: Fielding a sidekick will result in losing 1 life. Bon appetite 😉

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Energize This! Ping That!

I am not sure I put much thought into this team but this was my thinking. I didn’t want to be fielding to many characters and taking damage based on their level, wanted to minimize the constant fielding and use more ‘when active’ characters if need be. Also, I wanted to do most of my damage via non-combat (not through attacking) and hopefully throw something in there to gain life. The first card that popped in my was ‘Domino: Not Really A Party Girl’. Well, she wont be partying but energizing and hopefully a lot!
I believe it was jourdo that came up with this combo in a past event and I know Ross had used it as well in a WDA game, use ‘Atlantis: City and Stronghold’ to move your dice after you rolled/re-rolled to your prep area. Once you’re done the damage with Domino, you can pretty much move her to the prep and do it again next turn! #genius
I wanted to be able to do other damage to my opponents life.
I put on ‘Ping’ basic action card that deals 1 damage to target opponent and if rolled on a burst, the die gains ‘Boomarang’ which “…are re-rolled after they’re used. If they reveal an action face, add them to your Prep Area”. This is a die I need to purchase quickly and at least two before my opponent buys it off of me.
Oh ya, life gain, I put ‘Black Swan: The Cabal’, “While Black Swan is active, if you use an Energize ability gain 1 life.” Perfect, so, lets add some more energize characters on the cheap side. ‘Turk Barrett: Infinity Watch’ that deals 1 damage to target character die and “Black Widow: Widow’s Hunt” that spins a character die down 1 level and if already level 1 to an energy face.
Since I am going to be using a few action dice, I did put a cheap Attune (deal 1 damage to target player or character die), character on the team, ‘Volo: Guide Writer’ and he so happens to have a gear symbol on his card (what’s with me and gear? lol) …. oh Wand, where are you?. More damage you say? yes, please. ‘Wand’ BAC is an equip action (equips to character with the gear symbol, Volo) die and when equipped, the character gains, “Spark: Deal 1 damage to target opponent.”. Spark, “While a character with a Spark ability is active, if you roll a [BURST] face on one or more dice, use the Spark ability at the end of the current Step. During the Roll and Reroll Step, only check at the end of the Step.”. Spark sounds cool, but it only triggers once, even if multiple action die rolls bursts in the turn but 1 damage to life doesn’t hurt.
For ramp, I put on Xanathar that allows you to prep a sidekick die from you used, once per turn using 1 generic energy. I have four 2 cost cards, for my last slot, I put on ‘Supreme Intelligence’ for the global “Pay ‘two generic’. Once per turn, move a die with purchase cost 2 or less from your Used Pile to your Prep Area (Sidekick dice are considered to have a purchase cost of 0).”. Hopefully help to move over Atlantis if I know Domino is coming up or any other of the two cost characters (especially Ping).

How did the team do?

Game 1: vs alsodanlowe

Dan brought a Dreadnaught team. Dreadnaught gives all your characters range. Range is a long one to explain, you can check out the description, here . He also had ‘Aquaman: Saving the Seven Seas’, “While Aquaman is active, when a character die on a character face moves from your Reserve Pool to your Used Pile at the end of your Main Step, gain 2 life.”. He was also using Moon Knight that gains the text of an Avenger character which was Captain Marvel that re-rolls all opposing character dice. He was going for removal and then hopefully attack for the win.
This game went quite fast and got Dan’s life down to 1. Everything was rolling perfectly and getting dice timely (Domino/Atlantis along with Ping/Attune). Domino did her thang, only ever once, she didn’t want to roll back for more damage. Dan was fielding a lot of sidekicks taking 1 damage to his life which helped me. But then Auqaman showed up and then he started gaining life. Not to much, didn’t go past 5-8 life. I had to move in a different direction to take out his sidekicks from his field using attune and attacking with Black Swan on level 3. Eventually rolled for the win with Domino and Ping/Attune.
Dan needed to more aggressive with attacking with his sidekicks as I only ever really had Volo and Black Swam in the field.


Game 2: vs JackalopeSpam

Almost a mirror match as Nick had Domino as well with Atlantis. He had Rush characters (check out Rush keyword on Keyword Korner, here, to much to explain lol), Aquaman and Black Swan for life gain.
This game went the complete opposite then round 1. Nick was fielding characters which is always fine with me but my characters and action die decided to take a break. I couldn’t roll Domino or Pings. It was a tough one. Nick had his Aquaman, gaining life and if he rolled Domino on a face, he did field it and attacked which forced me to block. He also had Wolf Guard that does infiltrate which I wasn’t blocking and taking the 1 damage. I really only had Volo in the field and Black Swan came along to late. Not rolling what I needed and not having a field, Nick was able to win by pushing with a bunch of characters.


Game 3: vs Firebreak

Ben brought Avengers ID card which lowers the cost of Avenger characters by 1. He brought along Captain Marvel (blank), Black Window, when active, “if an opponent controls a higher level character die, deal that opponent 1 damage.”, Wasp for Attune and Iron Man, energize to gain 2 life. I was a bit scared as if he starts fielding these characters and I have nothing in the field, attacks, I will be taking a lot of damage. This was quite a back and forth game. My dice were rolling again. I decided for this game to skip Black Swan and just go for the damage. It was down to 3-3 in life and Ben missed two of his characters on his turn (Marvel and Black Widow) which would have gave him the win as I think Volo (maybe Black Swan was in the field) and he had two characters in the field (one being Captain Marvel on level 3). I got lucky and rolled enough to attack for the win. This game made me think lol as I had to make the decisions of fielding characters for blocking but had to watch my life as it was low. I like games that come down to the wire.



Domino and Atlantis is a fun combo but Domino didn’t do the damage as I needed her to. When I re-rolled her from energize, she kept coming back on character face. The real winner was Ping BAC and Volo with the Attune. I thought for sure folks would buy my Pings, they didn’t really and I only bought 1-2 in each game. Dan was the only one to buy 2 from me.

Some thoughts on the team build:

  • Black Swan was useless. She didn’t really help. ‘Aquaman: Saving the Seven Seas’ would have been better. I wasn’t fielding sidekicks, so it would have helped.
  • Being able to bring over Ping and Atlantis as they are 2 costs with Supreme Intelligence was a huge help!
  • Not having a field kinda hurt as I didn’t want to field sidekicks and only field what I needed, but managed to win in two rounds.
  • I never bought Turk or Wand and Black Widow, once which did help in the game against Dan to spin out his Aquaman.

Thanks for reading!

Keep it Rollin’

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