US Nationals Live Coverage

The good people at Wizkids will be streaming matches for the US National Championship today.  Check out the live feed below and follow wizkidsofficial on Twitch to stay up to date.  The events are scheduled to start at 10 AM EST according to Wizkids. Good luck to everyone participating!

The live stream is over.  Catch up on previous streams here.  Thank you to Wizkids for covering the US Nationals for us.

Streamed Matches

Top 16

Victor Maya (Jubilee/Hulk) vs Arge O’Neal (Yuan-Ti Pureblood)

Top 8

Alfonso Ramirez (Yuan-Ti Pureblood) vs Michael Hopper (Team Up)

Top 4

Alfonso Ramirez (Yuan-Ti Pureblood) vs Arge O’Neal (Yuan-Ti Pureblood)


Alfonso Ramirez (Yuan-Ti Pureblood) vs Alec Shrake (Yuan-Ti Pureblood)


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