Two Team Takedown : DC vs Marvel

The walls between worlds have begun to crumble.  The marvelous heroes and villains native to these worlds are brought together to fight back the incursions from the distinguished competition.  Which universe will survive to be the last one standing?  Only in a tournament of champions such as the Two Team Takedown can answer such questions.

What is it?

If you are unfamiliar with the Two Team Takedown (TTTD), you are in for a treat. It was originally created by Chris and Rob from the CR Gameroom.  We have taken up the mantle for this Format and we are back for our final installment in 2023. In a Two Team Takedown, you are required to build two distinct Teams. You will play your Opponent in a best 2 out of 3 games, where you must win with both of your teams. You can find out the details of this Two Team Takedown below in the Format section. 

When is it?

The Two Team Takedown will start on Monday October 2nd, 2023. This will be a Swiss only event with no Top Cut. All players will participate in every round!

Each round’s pairings will be posted on Sunday, from there you and your opponent should schedule a time to play your games for the week. The games just need to be completed by the following Monday when the next round will start. If all players have completed their games earlier than Sunday, the next round may be announced sooner.  In the event you are having trouble arranging your game during the allowed time, please tag “@TTTD Admins” in the dmNorthTV Discord and we will do our best to work with you.

Players should expect up to 4 rounds with one opponent per round. As such players should expect the tournament to last approximately 4 weeks. However you will only ever be expected to play one opponent per week and at a mutually agreeable time. In the event that there is more than one undefeated player at the end of 4 weeks, only those players will play in week 5 for a championship match.

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What do I need?

All you will need is a computer with internet access, along with a web camera to use with Discord/Google Hangouts/Jitsi.  All links will be provided during the Tournament.  Oh yeah… and your Dice Masters stuff.

This Two Team Takedown will be capped at 32 Players.

If you should sign up after the cap has been met, you will be put on a waiting list in case players drop before the event.

How do I sign up?

You will need to register for this Two Team Takedown via Challonge.

You will need to be a member of the dmNorthTV Discord as we will be running the Tournament through that.

Submitting your Teams will be done directly in our Discord.  In the #two-team-takedown channel, use the command “/submit” (without the quotes).  When you do this, a dialog box will open up with a space to enter your Team A and your Team B.  A huge thank you to Yort for putting in the time to make this tool for both the players and the organizers.

The deadline for Team Submission is 9:00 PM Eastern Time on Saturday September 30th, 2023.  This is a hard deadline. Failure to submit teams on time will result in an automatic removal from the tournament. 

Players on the waiting list will also need to submit their teams by this time. In the event that a player is removed the next person on the waiting list will be added.

Will there be a cost to enter?

No.  This is a bragging rights tournament only.  There is no cost required to join in the fun.  Everyone is welcome.


What is the Format?

This event will be a Golden Constructed Theme Format.  You will be limited to using sets from the DC and Marvel universes.  One of your Teams will be constructed with only DC cards, while the other will be constructed with only Marvel cards.  To make things even more interesting, we will be using the “Double Single Affiliation” format from Roll For The North 2.  What that essentially means is that one half of each Team (4 cards) will be made up of one affiliation, while the other will be a different affiliation.  Please refer to the image below to help clarify this:

In this example, the BAC cards would be from the DC Universe on your DC Team, and likewise from the Marvel Universe for your Marvel Team.

Some important notes:

  • As your cards must be affiliated, non-BAC actions cannot be used unless they have an affiliation.
  • Unaffiliated characters are also not eligible for this Tournament.
  • Mystics and Villains are limited to their own Universes.  You cannot use DC Mystics on your Marvel Mystics team.  The same applies for Villains.
    • You can only use the Villain Affiliation on ONE of your Teams.  You cannot use DC Villains on one team and Marvel Villains on the other team, and likewise for Mystics. Thus you will choose a total of 4 different affiliations across your 2 teams.
  • Flip cards are legal for this Event, but must start the game on their “A” side (as defined by their collector number).  For example, Batwoman: Kate Kane has Bat Family on her A side and Villain on her B side.  For this Event, she could only be on a Bat Family affiliated Team as that is her primary Affiliation.
  • Characters with multiple affiliations are eligible, and can be assigned to any Team that they have the matching Affiliation for.
  • There are no limitations as to how you distribute your dice on each Team.

Finally, there is one other limitation on your Team building…

Not all Affiliations are created equal.  Some are obviously more powerful than others.  Some become more powerful when combined with other powerful affiliations.  In the interest of trying to create some Team variety in what is built, we have grouped the Affiliations into the following Tiers.

You can only use Affiliations listed in Tier A ONCE on each of your Teams.  If you do this, your second Affiliation must come from Tier B.  If you choose to only use Affiliations from Tier B, there are no limitations.  Note that both teams can have an affiliation in Tier A, the limit is only once per team and not overall.

PLEASE NOTE:  Only Affiliations listed in the above graphic are eligible for use in this Two Team Takedown.  For those who were planning on on using the Emotional Conduit Affiliation as a back door loophole… nope.

Other than that… go wild and dust off some of those old cards!

What is a Two Team Takedown?

For a Two Team Take Down (TTTD) tournament players will need to submit two teams (Team A and Team B, for reference). Each team will follow standard team building guidelines, however once you use a character/action on one team it can’t be used on the other. For instance if you use Colossus: Piotr on Team A, then your Team B could not use any version of Colossus, even if it is from a different set. The same rule applies for actions and basic actions, for instance Rally!: Basic Action Card can only be used on one of the two teams.

Why do I need TWO Teams?

Each round of the tournament will be played as a best 2 out of 3 games. Further, once you have won a game with one of your teams you will need to win with your other team for the second win. That’s right, in order to win the round you must win a game with each of your teams! This means that the winner of game 1 must switch their team for game 2. The loser of game 1 may switch teams or continue to use the same team. In game 3 each player must use their team that they haven’t won a game with previously. Remember, the goal is to win with each of your Two Teams.

How do we decide our starting Teams?

At the start of the Round, each player will choose one of their Teams and place them face down on their play area. Once both players have done this, they will flip their team over and these will be the starting teams each player will use in game 1. Play will then proceed normally with a roll off to determine which player will go first.

In subsequent games, the loser of the previous game will have the choice of if they would like to go first or second.

How long is each Round?

You will play up to 3 games and each game will have a 40 minute time limit. See below for running out of time. Whichever player wins 2 of the 3 games will be declared the winner of the round. Remember, they need to have a win with each of their teams!

If one player wins both game 1 and game 2, you do not need to play game 3. You may still do so for fun, but it should not be reported in the scores.

How do I report the winner of a Round?

When your games are over, the loser of the match will report the results in the match-reporting channel of the Discord.You should use the format “@winnername over @losername 2-1”.  Obviously, use whatever the proper score was for your games.

What happens if there isn’t a winner after 40 minutes?

Should a game reach the 40 minute time limit, and neither player has been reduced to 0 life, the following will occur:

  • The active player will complete their turn.
  • The inactive player will have one turn in retaliation.

If no player was reduced to 0 life, the player with the highest life total will be declared the winner of that game. If both players have the same amount of life remaining (after the inactive player’s retaliation turn), then each player will be given one additional turn before comparing life totals again. Repeat this process of giving both players 1 more turn as needed until life is no longer tied.

Do you allow Proxies?

Short answer is YES.  

Character dice proxies should have the same symbols, stats, and energy type as the original die whenever possible. For example, AVX Black Widow could be used in place of AI Black Widow as they are identical dice. You can use to help find proxy dice. In the event you do not have access to the matching die, use a non-basic action die of the same energy type as the character you are using. The energy symbols will match and the actions faces (no burst, single burst, double burst) will correspond to the character levels (level 1, level 2, level 3). Use the card as a reference for the stats of each character face. If you need to proxy an action die, use any other action die of the same energy type.  If energy types do not match, you cannot use that die as a proxy.

If you are choosing to use proxy cards, they must be clearly marked so your opponent is aware of what you are using.

Pre-Tournament Rulings & Ban List

Any rules questions that come up before the Tournament will be posted here.  Feel free to contact us via email, Facebook, or Discord if you have any specific rules questions.  If using the Discord, tag “@Tournament Rule Lawyers” in the rules-questions channel to get our attention.

Ban List

This list was last updated on August 31, 2023.

In the interest of trying to keep the games somewhat fun, the following cards are banned from this Two Team Takedown.   These include cards that negatively impact single affiliation Teams, or have been previously banned by WizKids.

  • Brainiac: Get Inside Your Head (JUS)
  • The Joker: Red Hood (JL)
  • Villainous Pact: Basic Action Card (Any Version)
  • Vicious Struggle: Basic Action Card (WOL)
  • Loki: Chains of Destiny (AI)
  • Toad: Strange Augmentation (XMF)
  • Relentless: Basic Action Card (UXM)
  • Imprisoned: Basic Action Card (UXM)
  • Shriek: Sonic Beam (SMC)

Pre-Tournament Rulings

Below you will find rules questions that have been asked in advance of the Tournament.  If you have any questions about card interactions you are looking at, please contact us to clear things up.  If there’s a rules question you’d like to keep secret until the start of the tournament, just let us know and we’ll hide the question until the tournament begins.

Q1:  What would happen if Madame Web: The Great Web Unravels and Spider-Man: War of the Heart both attack?  Does the player choose the order of how things are blocked?

A1:  If the same die “must” block two different dice at the same time (e.g. due to Spidey and Madame Web), then it cannot legally block either of them, and the effects would cancel each other out

Q2:  Can you redirect Robin’s (Teen Titans Team Leader) spin down ability to target an opposing character with Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark)?

A2:  Robin’s spin-down ability is a cost, and you cannot redirect costs with Wonder Girl or otherwise.  This interaction would not work.  See this ruling for reference:

Q3:  Does Rare Pip the Troll “target” characters, even though his card text does not use the word “target”?  Would Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) be able to redirect this abiltiy if I chose Teen Titan dice to spin down?

A3:  Ah Wizkids and your wonderful wording.  Unfortunately, even though Pip does not say “target”, his ability DOES target.  Look at these precedents for the official Wizkids stance on targeting.

“Can you help me understand how Storm, Weather Witch’s Global Ability interacts with Imprisoned?
The short answer is: it doesn’t. Imprisoned doesn’t use the word “target.” Target implies a set number of targets, not a grouping that meets a requirement (as Imprisoned has you select).”

Seeing as Pip has a set number of targets, it would count as targeting.

This same reasoning was used in at least one subsequent ruling:

Q4:  If Atlas’ card (Purged of Pym Particles) is on the first side (with the global) and I have an Atlas die in my field on level 3, and I use a BAC.  Will that count as Atlas “using Amplify”, even though I did not spin him up? Will that trigger the card being flipped over?

A4:  The key is on Wizkids’ keyword page.  Their definition:

“Amplify: When you use an Action Die, spin each character die with Amplify up one level (if able). (MDM10)”

The “if able” words are key. If he’s max level, Atlas is not able to trigger Amplify. Therefore he wouldn’t flip.

Q5:  This is not so much a question, but more of a review or how Ronin: Between Employers works (as he may or may not appear on some Teams).

A5:  As for Ronin, see this ruling as it is a good overview of how this character works. 

One “source” can be said to be one “instance” of damage.  One time that a die (character or action) deals damage, you can redirect all damage dealt by that die at that time to Ronin.

So for example, say I attack with R Nightwing from WF.  I deal 4 damage to my opponent’s characters as I choose, and Nightwing will also deal combat damage afterwards.  Ronin can neutralize one or the other.  Either he can stop Nightwing’s “when attacks” ability, or his combat damage.  Not both.

If I hit you with 3 unblocked attackers, you choose one instance of damage, so one die at one particular time, that you can redirect to Ronin.

Q6:  What happens when both player have a Wonder Girl: Cassie Sandsmark and a Teen Titans character is targeted by an effect?

A6:  Wonder Girl’s ability is a “may” ability and therefore it does not fall into the infinite loop rule as you can stop it at any time.  However, we are assuming that this question is being asked as neither player is intending to break the the potential loop if there are only Teen Titans on the Field.  This goes against the fun that is intended for this Event, so we will be instituting a “Dueling Cassies Rule” for this Event.

Dueling Cassies Rule

In the event that there are two opposing Wonder Girl: Cassie Sandsmark dice active, and only Teen Titan dice in the Field Zone, when a Teen Titans die is targeted by an effect the following will occur:

Each Cassie can trigger only one time (targeted player first, followed by the non-targeted player), unless one of the players choose to not activate her effect.  Essentially, the Cassies will cancel each other out and the original target will likely stick.

The alternative is the game ends in a stalemate and nobody wins… and nobody gets Raffle Tickets.  This rule will push the game along in the event that this match-up occurs.  Obviously, if there is a non-Titans die to target, it will make more sense to target that die to avoid this whole mess.

Maybe just try to not trigger this situation if at all possible.  😉 

Q7:  White Lantern Sinestro is active when an Energize character triggers.  Will Energize still trigger as Sinestro will spin down the double energy face?

A7:  In this situation, these are considered simultaneous effects and the active players abilities will trigger first, followed by the inactive player.  We are assuming here that Sinestro would be on the defending/inactive player’s team.  If the attacking/active player rolled an Energize character on its double energy face, the Energize ability would still trigger.  Sinestro would then spin down the double energy to the single energy face.  Unfortunately, Sinestro would not stop Energize.  🙁

Q8:  If the super rare Turk Barrett is active and I pay two masks to field a character, what happens and when? In other words, would two damage be dealt by Turk? Would Turk deal his damage before or after the character being fielded is in the field? 

A8:  Turk Barrett’s ability states: “While Turk Barret is active, when you spend mask energy to use a Gloal Ability or field a character die, deal 1 damage to target character die.” 

In line with the Jubilee ruling (, each energy spent would deal damage.  In this example, 2 masks would deal 2 instances of damage.  

For the second part of your question, Turk would deal his damage after the character is fielded.  You need to resolve the fielding effect (which you used the mask to pay for) before Turk’s ability can trigger.

Q9:  If I choose the Green Lantern affiliation for one of my teams, can I use Lantern Battery: Speak the Oath since it has the Green Lantern affiliation?

A8:  Yes.


Nope, but you are encouraged to brag to your friends should you win.

Team Lists

Click on the button below to see the Team Lists for the current Tournament.

Keep your eyes opened in the Discord to see when people are playing/broadcasting their matches.  We will try to keep this area up to date with any uploads to YouTube when they become available.

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