Trolling the WDA with No Win-Con…

Hello Everyone, your usual weekly article by ccm00007 has been delayed, and I have been given the opportunity to discuss the Trolling team I recently ran at the WDA this past week.  The Event this week was simply that all cards gain the Keyword OVERCRUSH!    With the obvious way to do damage would the straight forward approach, I decided this week to Troll the WDA and see what kind of trouble I could get myself into.

What Did You Play?

The Team: Trolling with No Win Con

When I heard that Overcrush was going to be the main keyword on all cards, I decided what could I do to completely try to mess with the straight forward builds that would be probably showing up this week.  The first thing was that I did not want my win con to be via Overcrush.  I actually wanted to prevent my opponents from even using Overcrush.   I knew I needed a card that would stop the extra damage from happening to my character dice, and I my first team addition was from the X-men Forever set, (Mastermind – Probationary Member).

When Mastermind is in the field, he takes no combat damage.  If my opponent cannot knock out Mastermind and he is bullet proof, Overcrush will not go through.  For my next card, since Mastermind was a Shield character, and I was looking for another variant.  I almost put Joppa on the build, but then found (Wolf Guard Terminator – Heroic and Valorous).  He when active reduces all damage from each source to 1, and was a bolt character.  With these 2 punching bags in the field, I would hinder any combat damage, but there was one more really evil card for tonight’s trolling session in (Meteorite – Dr.Larla Sofen).

Yes, when Meteorite is active, my opponent can only attack with 2 characters.  The three shut down cards are in place.  The remaining  cards were all support pieces.  Doppelganger – Lesser Monstrosity showed up to copy one of the above if I rolled extra Masks instead of Shields or Bolts.  Billy Club – Tool of Justice/Intellect Devourer – Brain Eating Monster/Quasar – The Cosmic Avenger, were there for their Fixer globals.  My final card, I still needed a win-con.  I knew when the defensive pieces above hit the field, my opponent would be stuck, so I went with the slowest win con ever in (Kate Bishop – Hawkingbird).

While I would use her global early game as protection from damage, it was the card ability that would be my win-con where I would need to field 20 Kate Bishop dice to win the game!

BAC added were Static Field in case someone actually brought Shriek, and Wormhole if someone was using the capture tools in the game.  How did the team do?  Lets find out!!

Game 1:

While I was expecting Overcrush characters to nerf, My first opponent Nick, had different thoughts.  His team was build around the Foetid Bloat Drone that has Deadly, the Riddler that does damage when you re-roll a character.  His team build Idea was to get a Bloat Drone active, and The Riddler in the field, use the Yellow Lantern Ring to force me to block and re-roll all my characters dealing me 2 damage each one that rolls energy side.   I had Mastermind, and Wolf Guard in the field early, but as soon as Nick fielded the Bloat Drone, and the Riddler, I knew I was done for this match.  I changed my win con into purchasing all the Wormholes, and waved my white flag as I was unable to punch through with his Deadly bloat drone sitting in the field.  I eventually had to re-roll all my characters and took maximum damage for the loss.


Game 2:

My Team was tired from just getting hammered via Non-Combat damage, that I obtained the Bye.  This was a much easier match-up than the first one…


Game 3:

A match-up against my good friend Bodi.  This was the kind of team that I created the build for.  His build was around the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Field Starlord, Drax, Rocket and watch your team get buffs.    Fortunately for me, I was able to get Mastermind, Meteorite and Wolf Guard into the field early in the game, and Bodi recognized the trap was fully setup.  He was unable to push for any damage, while I was fielding Kate Bishop slowly and steadily.  When the score was 20-12, His White flag was displayed and the game went to me knowing he was tapping, and locked out. 



I would not suggest bringing Kate Bishop as your main win con.  To even think that I needed to field Kate 20 times for a win, was just bonkers.  This team gets murdered by non-combat teams that do not need to swing with a lot of characters.  I give props to Bodi in the last match that he did not get frustrated when his team was stuck.  I wish the event actually used more of the Overcrush but most builds were all about the Non-combat damage.  Congrats to Kim from DM-North and her Tiger Claw/Orion Build that won the event on this night.

Stay in school kids, X-force out…

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