TOTM Training Wheels

In case you were not aware, our theme for the July TOTM is “What’s Your Number?”  I won’t go into the fine details of the Event now.  If you would like to read up on that, check out the link here.  We decided to run this live in our local scene.  This idea came about from the mind of our very own Son of L.  Basically, you are required to build your Team from the collector numbers found on every Dice Masters card.  You would use your birthday to get those numbers, and the only legal cards that you could use would have to end in the same two digits of your birth day, month, and year.  This meant that the pool of cards would be different for every player on the night.

For myself, I had X12, X30, and X74 to work with.  You can probably figure out my birthday from that complicated code (feel free to send me a card 😉 ).  A quick look through the Dice Coalition Team Builder gave me these three cards:

I think I can work with that.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

What Did You Play?

The Team:  TOTM July 2019 Training Wheels.

I don’t think I could have asked for a better core combination of cards.  Gobby (#130) is an OG staple card, The Collector (#112) makes him potentially THAT much better, and BEWD (#074) makes recycling Gobby super easy for getting the most out of his “When fielded” effect.

Now I just need some stuff to go around it.

A more in depth look through my card pool unfortunately did not give me any easy way to get Sidekicks to help the Gobby Train.  For that reason, I included the only Ally that I had available to me in Foot Ninja (#012).  Not the best Foot Ninja, but not a bad one either with the KO’d effect.  That should pair nicely with BEWD.

On the topic of pairing nicely with BEWD, I found this little gem during my search.  Doop (#012) is not quite as good as his Awaken cousin, but he will do very nicely on this Team for some board control.  A simple Bolt is all that is needed to take something threatening off of my Opponent’s Field.

Next, I needed to look at my Ramp options.  This was an easy choice, as I only had one:  Villainous Pact (#012).  This kind of pairs well with the Collector/Gobby nonsense that I am building, and gives me a back-up win condition as well.

To make better use of that, and also help keep some Sidekicks in the Field, I turned good old #74 Malekith.  The buff and increase in Villain content should help prevent Villainous Pact from being used against me.

With only a few other slots left, I decided to focus on a few more control options.  Triceratops (#130) would help keep my Opponent’s Field relatively free of chump blockers with his nice ability.  Finally, I wanted to give myself a little bit of protection.  Enter Wonder Woman (#074) for her protection from opposing “When fielded” abilities that deal damage.  She is a little expensive at a 5-cost, but I am not going to complain with the starting hand I was dealt.

Finally, I had one BAC slot left on the Team.  I debated including Relaxing as my first choice, but decided to settle on a card I have never used before in Charm (#130).  This would give me really my only option at trying to increase the number of Sidekicks in the Field.

There are definitely better ways to optimize this Team, but you have to work with the numbers you were given.  Will this work out?  Let’s see.

Game 1:

The first game was against a player who did not have time to put his Team together.  He basically bought what he could from the store singles and made a 3 card/3 dice Team.  UC Lyssa Drak, AVX Beast, and UC Kal-L.  He had Relaxing and Archnemesis for his BAC’s.  This was basically a Kal-L rush Team.  With my Globals, he was able to get him quickly and swing in for an unblockable 7 on the first hit.  There was nothing I could do early on and had to rush the Gobbys as fast as I could.  There would be no time for Collector here.  He was managing his bag well with Relaxing and was basically set up to roll him on almost every turn.  I could not take too many hits from Kal-L before I would be dead.  Doop was purchased to deal with the issue, but he actually never made it through the bag before Gobby did his job.  For a minimalist Team though, this was really good.  I never thought I would see a Kal-L Rush Team, but there you go.


Game 2:

This was against one of the things I did not want to see:  Buffing Black Widow with her Force Attack Global.  Again, Collector would be sitting this game out.  I went for Gobby again but this time I had to be careful on the cycle as his Widows were making his wall fairly strong and I needed to build a wall for myself.  I also did not want to encourge refielding Widow as much as possible.  Gobby seemed to like his level 3 face in this game, so he got stuck in the Field often.  Malekith came out to play to help fortify my wall, and I continued to push through with Gobbys when I could.  Recycling them with BEWD when it was safe to do so (which didn’t come up as much as you would have thought).  It was basically a game of chicken until he attacked and I ate 12 damage to thin out his blockers leaving me enough on board to swing for lethal the next turn.  It was definitely not how the Team was meant to be run, as Gobby got stuck in the Field more than he should have.


Game 3:

This was the game that never ends.  It just goes on and on my friends.  More on that in a bit.

This lucky gentleman pulled Shriek (you know the one) and old school UC Joker from JL.  Crippling control up the rear here.  He Shrieked Gobby to nobody’s surprise and then switched over to Doop, when he saw me starting to stockpile them.  Joker took over covering Gobby which made this game crawl.  To make things even more frustrating, he had two copies of each in the Field.  Oh yeah… he also had the Taxing Sage to make my fielding costs almost unbearable.  Doop would only roll on level 3 and I could not afford to get him out.  Eventually, I managed to get level 1’s out.  He actually bought Clayface (yes… that one) and rolled the magical roll where he was super buffed with Overcrush.  I pulled the Doop KO trick to capture Clayface before he could do the damage.  That made him switch targets of Shriek to cover Doop on the next go around.  Freeing up Collector, I was able to buy his Human Outlander to give my attackers a buff to help clear out some of his Field.  He then switched Shriek back to Collector.  This was a classic stalemate as I could not handle the doubled up control coverage AND Sage Tax at the same time.  I never had enough energy to free up Gobby properly.  I was slowly being burned down with Cyclops… and I forgot that I had brought Wonder Woman.

After an hour and a half (the store organizer was not watching the clock), the game mercifully came to an end.  If I had remembered that I had Wonder Woman, this game could have easily gone on for another 45 minutes easy.  All of the tools in the toolbox (except the one that would have prolonged the game forever) came out.  If time had been watched, I don’t think a single point of damage was dealt the whole part of the game that mattered.  I was happy to take the overtime loss on this one just to have the game over.



I did not get a chance to run this Team as attended all night long.  Gobby spamming works exactly as it did back in the day, assuming you can roll the Sidekicks.  The Foot Ninja definitely helped here with that.  Malekith was also the other star of the Team.  Making the Sidekicks just a little bigger was well worth it to get the extra combat damage through.

Doop is decent control, and only worked well because BEWD is a thing.  He kept back the huge threats and was going to be my ticket out of that last game, but I could not get the final one out (who needs to buy four Doops???).

Triceratops was… OK here.  Not bad, but not great.  When I did buy him he did help keep Sidekicks out of the Field, but my Opponent managed to roll level 2 on just about everything else.  I will have to see if there is something better for this slot.

The Collector did not really fire tonight.  I wouldn’t remove him at all though.  He is meant to be a big part of the Team, but he just ran into the wrong things tonight where he was not a huge threat.

Wonder Woman… Dear Wonder Woman.  How did I forget you existed?  Maybe it was just the length of the game that wore on me, or maybe I am just stupid.  Either way, I would keep her on the Team.  She is still a good protection piece here.  Next time, I will actually buy her though.

Villainous Pact is really the only source of Ramp that I had, so I would keep it.  The action itself came into play during the last game, but never worked out numbers wise.

There was not a single time that I ever thought about buying Charm.  I will need to reevaluate the BAC pool that I have access to.  This one was a stinker for me.

Overall, I like the bulk of this build and it will be very similar to what I run during the TOTM later this month.  There are some minor tweaks that I intend to make, but overall it was fun.  It was really cool seeing the different pieces that came out to play with everyone tonight.  The Format was not nearly as limiting as I first thought it would be.  I am looking forward to seeing what monstrosities people come up with later in July.

No questions here for the follow up.  I am just going to plug the Event on July 20th.  Check it out and sign up to show off what your numbers can do.

Thanks for reading!

– jourdo


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