TOTM: Monsters vs Adventurers Results

Hello Dice Masters Fans!  This past weekend, we ran the first Team of the Month (TOTM) Competition for  2020.  To kick off the year, we decided to celebrate the “release” of the new D&D Dice Masters sets.  Some of the world has been treated to the Trouble In Waterdeep Campaign Box, Adventures In Waterdeep Team Pack, and The Zhentarim Team Pack.  We dove deep into the world of Dungeons and Dragons at decided to put your Adventurers against the Monsters of this world.  For details on the build challenge, you can read the original article here.

The doors were wide open for your card choices in this one, with a few notable exceptions.  With that being said, we did see a nice mix of old and new cards show up to the event.  Here were the Teams that participated:

If you would like to look up the Challonge results, you can check them out here.

I was experimenting with Twitch on the evening.  Unfortunately, I missed the critical “save your video” switch and all of the coverage was lost.  Going forward though, Twitch worked out pretty well.  I can see us making use of this format on a more regular basis.  You can follow us on Twitch at

There was not anything really fancy to this build challenge.  You needed Adventurers (characters with Experience), Monsters (characters with the Monster Affiliation), and a sprinkle of actions.

Going into this challenge, I suspected two things would be in play.  With all of the Adventurers in the new sets, Experience was likely going to be a thing.  Especially since both Teams were forced to include Monsters.  This meant that your monsters could be a liability if your Opponent could make short work of them.  I honestly predicted that Volo was going to be a big player on the night.  As a result, I wanted to focus more on the Adventurer side of my Team.  I would use my Monsters for “control” as it were.

One of my local players mentioned how good some of the older stuff is now.  Adventurer hate can be a real thing.  In this Format, it will absolutely be a thing.  Since I was predicting Volo as the beatstick, my first inclusion was the Ghost: Lesser Undead from Faerun Under Siege.  This should allow me to decrease the threat of giant Adventurers from stomping all over me.

The next immediate addition was Nihiloor, for his wonderful Global Ability.  We’ve talked about him a few times recently, as he is definitely a card to watch in general.  For tonight’s purposes though, it was to help recycle my Ghosts that can have some beefy defensive stats.

Rounding out the Monster side was one of my personal favorite cards from TOA… Ras Nsi: Ruler of the Forbidden CIty.  Not only is he good at making dinosaurs extinct, he will also act as excellent Field control once you have some Gear cycling.  Equipping this character sends 2 damage across the board.  With the right mix of Gear and Ras Nsi’s, you can keep things reasonable fairly easily.  Remember that Gear can be equipped at the beginning of EITHER players turn, so you can abuse this ability on your Opponent’s turn.

Ras Nsi is a 5 cost, and those can be troublesome to get to at times.  For the final addition to the Monster side of the Team, I opted to include the new hotness Yawning Portal (you know which one).  By now, we all know what this can do.  This will hopefully help me get to Ras Nsi a little easier.

That takes care of half of my build.  For the other half, I wanted to try and stick with the newer stuff.  I didn’t want to go the Volo route myself and decided to try some other characters.  Vajra: Commander of Force Grey was the first inclusion because she allows burn damage to my Opponent each time I field an Adventurer.  Recycle these a few times and you can weaken your Opponent enough to make lethal achievable.  Now all I needed were some Adventurers that I wanted to recycle.

Since I was planning on using Ras Nsi in these games, I would be needing to buy Gear.  Tashlyn Yafeera makes this incredibly easy.  Field her, buy some cheap Gear, attack with her and deal damage or KO her to do it all again.  A definite good teammate to play with this Vajra.

I still wanted something cheap to recycle with Vajra.  Believe it or not, there are not that many 2 cost choices for Adventurers.  Given that limitation, I chose to go with Istrid Horn: Mind For Money.  The ability was nice, but not really the main reason for her inclusion.  I just wanted a cheap body to use to aid in burn damage.

I’ve got my Monsters and I have my Team of Adventurers.  Now I need some Gear.  I chose to include Flaming Sword as one of my BAC’s.  It will give me a small stat boost when I go to swing, but will mostly serve as Ras Nsi fodder.  It was a high enough cost that I was not worried about my Opponent buying them out from under me.  With Tashlyn, purchasing would not be an issue for me.

Last but not least, I dusted off Ring/Res.  Resurrection is a long time favorite card for me and an easy Ramp choice in this Format.  Ring served two purposes:  1.  It pairs well with Resurrection to control your Bag, and 2. It is Gear.  I chose the SR version specifically as there was a chance Ras Nsi could be taken out.  Wearing a Ring gave him a chance to come back with Regenerate.

We only played two Rounds on the night as we were streaming the TTTD match between Kim and Matt B prior to the TOTM.  While it was a short night, it was still quite fun.

My first game was a battle of the Matts.  I was staring down a horrible Umber Hulk and Obscuring Yuan-Ti Pureblood.  It took some time to get to Ras Nsi, and my burn damage was slow to say the least.  Thanks to some lucky bad rolls on his part, Umber Hulk never came to the party.  Once Ras Nsi hit though, I was able to thin his Field out fairly easily.  I eventually built enough stats to swing in unopposed.  Without his bad rolls, this could have easily gone the other way.

The second, and final, game of the night was with fellow DM Northerner Kim.  She too brought Obscure, and cleverly included Aurinax who could not be blocked by Adventurers.  Having a big scary dragon facing you is never fun.  I had to sacrifice Ras Nsi to the dragon a few times in order not to die, and at the same time make her Adventurers stronger.  Eventually, I got Ras in the Field and then started to control the board until it was empty for the Attack.

Obscure would have been up for me in the next Round.  I was kind of glad we cut things short, as I had seen enough of that for the night.

Hopefully, some of the other participants will be willing to share their thoughts on what they brought to the table.  Leave them in the comments below.

Final Thoughts

This was kind of a nice way to celebrate Waterdeep.  The restrictions of the build really cut the card supply.  Some may enjoy this better by opening it up to a larger card pool.  Either way, playing a full D&D build is always fun.  The cards in set play so well with each other.  The newer cards definitely make you want to look twice at some of the older abilities that are more relevant now.

I know the rest of the World is still anxiously waiting for the release of this set, but I think playing something from the D&D Universe is an excellent way to welcome Waterdeep to the world of Dice Masters.

We are looking for some feedback on the TOTM going forward.  If you have some time and are willing to fill out a short survey, you can click the link to that here.

Thanks, as always, for reading!  Hope to see you back for next month’s TOTM!

– jourdo

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    1. I’ll take full responsibility on that. I recorded their match so Kim (and Matt) could participate in the TOTM. I tried to post the time change, but I may have been a little late for that. February is right around the corner, and we’d love to have you back for that one.

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