TOTM July 2019 Results

Hello Dice Masters Fans!  Last night, we continued our Team of the Month (TOTM) Competition for July 2019.  This time around, we used a Format created by our own Son of L where you used the digits of your Birthday to build your Team.  If you want to read about the details of the build, you can check out the original article here.

This was a really casual night with very unique builds given the limitations of the Format.  Here were the Teams that participated:

I more of less kept the same Team that I ran in my Training Wheels article, when we ran this Format locally.  The core of my build stayed the same, as I was pretty happy with it.  However, I made a few substitutions:

  • Charm was out for Invulnerability for the extra buff potential.
  • Triceratops was out for Gnome Ranger.  Gnome Ranger just gave a better offensive boost to the whole Team and was a cheaper character to replace the dino.
  • Rip Hunter was put in to replace Malekith.  The idea here was that I could go through my bag faster with Rip to get to Gobby.  Either one could have been on this slot though.

I didn’t get to see all of the Teams in action, but I will try and highlight what I did see.  For the people who participated, please feel free to comment below with what you built and/or saw on the night.

During the pre-Tournament chat, this card jumped out to me from Patrick’s build.  He was lucky enough to have the Rare Lantern Ring as one of his numbers.  That die grants a character a “When Attacks” ability and Carnage is able to copy that effect.  The key thing here is that Carnage targets a character, but not necessarily a different character.  The working theory was that a single Carnage die would count as two triggers of Lantern Ring.  I never got to see this one in action, but I was really interested to see how it played out.

For the actual Opponents that I faced, the wonderful Michael P was first on my list.  He had a few interesting toys to play with, but it looked like these little guys were going to be the big bruisers for him.  The Batiri are still one of my favourite cards from TOA.  You know what they do:  Swarm and get big fairly quick.  The other card that jumped out was an old AOU card Kang: The Conqueror.  This was one of the original cards to give you an extra reroll during your Roll and Reroll Step.  That is never a bad thing.  You can check out our game below.  Don’t worry Michael… I’ve reported your Opponent to the Tournament Organizer and they are going to have a serious conversation about the bad things he did to you.  😉

Next up came fellow Canuck Reg (from Dice Masters in the Great North with Reg and Kim).  We had played our Teams a few nights before just for fun and he managed to draw the perfect cards to counter my Gobby Army:  Captain America and Iron Fist.  These two combined essentially shut the Gobby damage down to zero.  However, the star of his show was Dani Moonstar.  This paired with a nice Casey Jones Global was really effective in dealing out damage.  The presence of Gnome Ranger made it that much worse.  Always a fun game with Reg, but this Dani combo has given me some ideas.

Ryan also had this combo of Dani Moonstar and Casey Jones on his Team.  Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to see how it worked out for him on the evening.

My final game of the night was against newcomer to the TOTM, Ben Scott (but not that one).  He had a nice mix of some Avengers with good old Nick Fury: Patch, and the Attuning Mach-1.  He was also lucky enough to draw the Rare Pseudodragon to help boost the Attune effects.  Ben was also nice enough to bring New Old PXG to help me make some Sidekicks for Gobby.  It was a pleasure playing you Ben and hope to see you out for future events.  Thanks for coming out for one of the more limiting builds we have put out there.


Again, I encourage those who participated to throw some comments below to share their thoughts on the night and what they managed to build.

For those interested in the actual results on the evening, here is what played out:

Round 1

  • Patrick (W) vs Ryan
  • Reg (W) vs Dan L
  • Ben vs Laurier (W)
  • Michael P vs Matt J (W)

Round 2

  • Michael P (W) vs Dan L
  • Ben (W) vs Ryan
  • Reg (W) vs Matt J
  • Patrick (W) vs Laurier

Round 3

  • Matt J (W) vs Ben
  • Laurier (W) vs Michael P
  • Dan L vs Ryan (W)
  • Patrick vs Reg (W)

After tonight, the Leaderboard looks like this now…

Congrats Reg for earning the Gold Star this month.  Thank you to everyone who showed up for a fun night of Dice Masters.  This was one of the more limiting build challenges that we have put out there, but the overall response was positive.  This is definitely a Format that I challenge you to run in your local scenes and see what you can come up with.  We’ll go a little easier on your next month… I promise.  Here’s a little preview:

See you at the next TOTM!

– jourdo





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