TOTM: 3 Wishes Results

Hello Dice Masters Fans!  This past weekend, we ran the Team of the Month (TOTM) Competition for March.  For this month, we chose to revisit a personal favourite… the 3 Wishes Format.  For details on the build challenge, you can read the original article here.

The build was limited in the fact that your “wished” characters could come from any Golden cards, but the remainder of your Team had to be Modern.  Here were the Teams that participated:

We hit the ground running with the Twitch thing and we were able to broadcast the event live (you can check out the whole event while it is available on VOD on Twitch).  Check out, and follow us on Twitch at to stay up to date on future TOTM Events.

I personally love this Format.  It is a way to bring out a lot of the big cost characters that you normally do not get a chance to play with.  Anything that brings the big boys out is good in my books.  Obviously, the star of the night was Limited Wish.  This was the only way to get to these characters.

There was a nice mix of characters that people wanted to wish for.  Thanos and Phoenix Force showed up on multiple Teams.  Another personal favourite of mine, Uncommon Grodd (GAF), made a triumphant return to the game.  I got to see the long forgotten Natalia Romanova swing her mighty hammer in a game.  The surprise of the night (for me) came from SR Tarrasque (BFF).  I have never played this card and really did not know how it worked.

Spoiler… when it rolls right, it works REALLY well.

Strategies varied from burning you down with direct damage of some sort, to punching you hard in the face with the big bodies.  Grodd definitely lead the charge on the punchy Teams as he gives everything Overcrush.  The OP Thanos was involved in many of the “burn” Teams (including my own).

On that topic, let me talk about what I chose to go with.  The last time I played this Format, I included Phoenix Storm.  She didn’t really work well because of her purchase cost… but that was before the Age of Hope.  Hope would give me an easier way to get “Phoenix Storm” out and into the game.

Since she was the focus, I really just wanted my “wish” characters to be as expensive as possible.  Hopefully draw a couple of those and win.  That was my reason for including Thanos (10), Phoenix Force (10), and Stompa (9) on the Team.

To try and filter out Sidekicks and make this draw a little more predictable I included Counterstrike and Walk with Elias for their Globals.  I didn’t want to Prep by drawing.  I wanted to Prep by filtering.  Both of these Globals should help with that.

I anticipated Overcrush being a big thing, so I threw in Mastermind to combat that.  I also slipped in the “other” God Catcher to act as a source of bringing in something to block big attackers.

My strategy was to get Hope out as fast as I could and copy Storm.  Then hopefully wish in my big costs and keep them in the bag.  Field Phoenix Hope and draw the high cost dice to win.

In retrospect, some removal would have been a good addition.  Live by the jank and die by the jank seemed to be how this Team would go.

The entire night was broadcast live on Twitch.  You can go to here to follow us and check out future TOTM.  The video is kept for a while on Twitch, but if you are not up for replaying the live broadcast, I did break up matches for YouTube.  Those are posted below.

Hopefully, some of the other participants who did not make it onto the Stream will be willing to share their thoughts on what they brought to the table.  Please feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Final Thoughts

Did I mention that I love this Format?  It translated just fine to the online world, which is always nice.  It was also a great turn out for a Saturday night of rolling dice.  Thank you to everyone (especially the UKer’s who brave the late hour/early morning) for coming out.  I’d also like to thank Rae for being a first timer to a TOTM.   The feedback was pretty positive on the Format, and will definitely consider this one for a re-run at a later date.

However, not everything is all sunshine and rainbows from this TOTM.  Unfortunately, we got to witness the destructive force that is Becky Lynch.  She is just too easy to get out and too good for what she does.  As a result, for all future TOTM’s Becky Lynch: Straight Fire is moving straight onto the Ban List.  She will no longer be welcomed in our events.

I know that other things can facilitate her bad behaviour, but for now some of those things will remain.  However, we will be keeping a close eye on those and may make some changes if necessary.  Hopefully not though.

Thanks, as always, for reading!  Hope to see you back for next month’s TOTM!

– jourdo

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