Top 5: 2020 Rotation Edition

jbouwme’s Top 5 Cards I Will Miss From Modern

I‘m really excited about the upcoming rotation, because I felt the Modern card pool had gotten too vast, and many people were relying on old favourites. I feel that with these cards gone, new stuff will start jumping to the limelight, and I’ll keep pulling cards Out of the Shadows to highlight for our readers.
For me, these are cards that I really enjoyed and the effects aren’t available in the new Modern rotation (yet). I hope some of them come back, in one form or another, in the future.

5.  Improvised Weapon

This isn’t a card I played with a ton, but I liked that it existed. A one cost Basic Action that lets you either boost a character’s A or prep is a handy piece of equipment, in my books. Paired with an unblockable character, you could get some significant damage through, or perhaps a force block to permit the removal of an particularly high Defensive stat control piece.

4.  The Collector

I didn’t get my hands on this card until mid-2019, thanks to a massive trade organized by fellow DM-Norther, Reg. So for me, this card is still new. What I really enjoyed about this card is how it changed the fundamental way the game is played. I can field characters on your turn, I can field your characters, and I can use crazy “when fielded” effects, like I tried to do in Memphis with Noxious Blightbringer, although I ran into a few too many Madam Masque’s, who shuts down when fielded effects. This card is full of shenanigans and combos and I will miss that about this card.

3.  Misdirection

It’s a 2 cost Basic Action, that on a burst face allows me to prep a die, and for all those annoying, expensive characters to field or who just. won’t. roll. I can Misdirect into my field. (Like my Boom Boom dice.) It’s a great addition to a lot of teams, and probably one of my most used BACs. I will miss-direction this card dearly when it is gone.

2.  Huntress

First, the die is such a beautiful purple colour, and I love the symbol that represents Huntress. In all seriousness, though, she’s a 3 cost bolt character with a handy removal effect. I like that she targets any character die, not just opposing, so if I have a low Defense “when fielded” effect, I could use Huntress for that. She fit in well with bolt teams and while there are probably other cards & combos that do this better, I liked using Huntress.


1. Angela

Angela was the first Super Rare I pulled from a Guardians of the Galaxy pack, and I instantly loved her ability. In the past year, she has become even stronger, with the introduction of cheaper Infiltrate characters, Cable: Bodyslide (XFO) and everyone’s favourite new ability copying X-Men, Hope Summers, Pluripotent Echopraxia (XMF). She was hardly infallible – ignore her card text, or put a Black Widow: Agent in the field, to reduce damage by 1, and she was out of commission, but this is a still a card and a team that is quite strong; Angela probably makes it Over Powered. With all that said, I’m glad I decided to run Angela in the current round of the Two Team Takedown Tournament from CR Gameroom, as it looks like it will be her swan song.

jbouwme’s Top 5 Cards That Can F**k Off From Modern

Unlike jourdo, I found this list much harder to create than the cards I will miss. Most cards are annoyances and can be dealt with, but these ones bubbled up to the top.

5.  Wonder Woman

I took this card with me to my first ever Nationals event, in 2018. Back then, I had many years of kitchen table experience, and had never played in an official tournament…so I didn’t realize that what I brought her to deal with…Breath Weapon, wasn’t actually stopped by her, as there was a difference between Keyword abilities and “when attacks” abilities. That’s not Wonder Woman’s fault, but it soured my taste on her, and once I started playing with The Collector: Tanleer Tivan more regularly, I was even more disenchanted. She’s a strong control piece, and I’d say she’s properly costed and stat-ed, but just not my cup of tea.

4.  Madam Masque

Another card that stops “when fielded” abilities makes the list, because I do enjoy a good when fielded ability, and Madam Masque just makes me have a less fun time. And this one is much easier to get to than Wonder Woman, with a 4 cost and a much more reasonable fielding cost. I’m sure we will see more “when fielded” hate, but if we can get a break from it, I’m going to enjoy it.

3.  Ring of Winter

Ok, I get it. It’s an Epic Magical Object, and that sort of thing should have amazing powers. But taking dragon dice from your used pile and fielding them at level 3? That’s a bit to Over Powered in the book of jbouwme. Then, add a global that makes it cheaper to buy those dragons? That’s cray. Good-bye, you will NOT be missed.

2.  Magic Missile

It’s just too easy. The action itself is quite strong – I can throw that 2 damage directly at your life bar, OR any annoyance kicking around – and then throw in a global that lets me throw bolts at the defence to kill the thing I want to get rid of (unless it’s Black Widow: Agent)?!?!! This was a huge part of the Iceman: Right on Schedule team that was kicking around last year, and it was just too easy to put on teams for removal. I like that they’ve reprinted a more balanced version of the Global Ability in Wand (TIW). I’ve seen too much Magic Missile (and used too much of it) – it’s time for it go.

1.  Yuan-Ti Pureblood

I have no issue with unblockable characters in principle, and as jourdo mentioned above, there are more now with the new Obscure keyword. It’s really the 2 cost of this card that makes it too Over Powered for me, with the 2, 3, 3 attack stat line. She’s been played way too much everywhere I play, including by me. So long, good-bye, don’t write.

You’ll notice two prominent cards missing from my list – Green Devil Mask: Lesser Trap & Shriek: Sonic Beam. Keep your eyes turned to the DM-North page for an article in the near future about those cards from me.

Read onto the next page to see what Reg will (and will not) miss with the 2020 Rotation.

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