Thor Draft: Special Guest Edition

I had to miss out on this Sunday’s Dice Masters events due to life.  Thankfully, one of my local players and regular contributor’s to the 2017 What Have You Played Thread sent me a Team submission and I decided to feature it.  From here on out, Gord has the wheel.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Thor Draft Team

The irregular DM store in town (the one that holds occasional Dice Masters events, but not on a regular schedule) held a Thor draft this weekend.  As I understand it, they use a non-standard distributor who was somehow under the impression the release date for the Thor set was January 31.

Total turnout was twelve, which is enormous for this city in 2018. Thor Draft packs probably had a lot do with that. 3 or 4 of the 12 were new players.

It was a mixed bag – not surprising, because I was rare drafting to fill out my collection. Blackheart and Destroyer both get buffed when I field a villain, so the plan was to get them out, then field Wrecker and start doing some damage.

The thought behind Chipmunk Hunk was the idea if I could get him out early I might be able to send him through an empty field for a solid chunk of damage. Loki and Billy Club were ways to clear my opponents’ characters. Heimdall for the global, and Daredevil was there simply as a cheap character. (I did wind up with a common Kate Bishop as my last ‘pick’, but – no.)

There are no basic actions included with the team because the store has an unusual policy:   players used random basic actions each round. For round 1 everyone used the basic actions that came in their draft packs. For rounds 2 and 3, everyone pulled two random BACs from the store collection.

Game 1:

His BACs: Get Thee Hence & Flying Hammer
My BACs: Big Entrance and Midgard

Round 1 was against Pepper and Iron Man – rare Pepper Potts who gets +3/+3 when Iron Man is active, and uncommon Iron Man who gets +1/+1 any time an opponent uses a global. I got a Destroyer, a Blackheart and a Wrecker out and kept pressuring him. I wasn’t getting much through, but I did keep him on the defensive. I was wearing him down, but it was a slow process – until I finally bought Loki and got him out. I was ahead on life, and we’d had a five minute warning when he made a newbie mistake and attacked with everything – including a level 3 Thor he’d finally gotten out. I blocked the Thor with my Loki, and was able to set up my blockers to KO the rest of his field. On my turn, I refielded Loki which allowed me to take control of his Thor and send him through his now empty field. Victory was mine, even if it was past the one minute warning by the time I made it official.


Game 2:

His BACs: The Outsider and Takedown
My BACs: Exposed and Kryptonite Threat

Round 2 was against a team with common Ragnarok and rare Mjolnir. My opponent would use Mjolnir so most or all of my blockers had a single damage point remaining, then attack with Ragnarok to finish them off and run through my empty field. My Billy Clubs didn’t work very well for me this game. There was a comical sequence where I survived a turn I hadn’t expected to because of my opponent’s horrible rolls, then on my turn I drew both my Billy Clubs and couldn’t land either of them in the two rolls each in the Roll and Reroll step. I was at 4 life, I did get my opponent down to 6, but then Mjolnir and Ragnarok did their bit again and I was toast.


Game 3:

His BACs: Villainous Pact and Invulnerability
My BACs: Too Big to Fly and Betrayal

Round 3 was against another new player. His focus was on getting common Samantha Wilson out, then fielding sidekicks to draw and roll more dice. I will say he was pretty good at rolling the sidekicks, but between having my own blockers and the Samantha Wilson damage prevention global, he wasn’t accomplishing all that much. He did buy some of his bigger characters, but he wasn’t getting much from them. I had managed to hit him early with Chipmunk Hunk for 5 but his real problem was that I had drawn Betrayal as one of my random BACs and had bought one of the dice. I used it to burn him for 2, then 3, then 3 more, then 4. He’d drawn Villainous Pact as one of his BACs. On my penultimate turn, I used the V Pact and drew the Betrayal die. He’s at 3 life, I’m at 16, he has six characters in his field, I have plenty of blockers and the Betrayal die is sitting in my Prep Area like the Sword of Damocles. He attacked, I blocked so as to not KO anything of his, I landed Betrayal on my turn, Game Over.




It was a draft team, so I’m not sure what to say. Loki was fun, and I’ll be using him again at some point. Ditto with Wrecker. I didn’t have great luck with Billy Club, but these things happen in a dice game. The other pieces were kind of meh, but I really wasn’t expecting much from them to begin with.

Still, I had fun, and I got my hands on some more Thor cards. It was a good day.Thanks Gord for letting us know What You Have Played!

– jourdo

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