Thor Draft II: The Revenge

Here is the Team:

The Mighty Thor Draft Team

I try not to draft the same way twice, which was ok as I did not see a single Volstagg and friends this time. Billy Club was my first pick and Daredevil showed up quickly, followed up by Crystal. That was my core. Enchantress and Punisher were removal. Sam proved decent defense and adding more dice. Pepper and Surtur were the same as before.

Game 1:

Against C Hulk. Enchantress hurt me more than she helped with Hulk active. I forgot that Breath Weapon damages the opponent as well as the characters. I had lethal and missed it because of this mistake. I died the next turn.

Game 2:

Hi Volstagg! Billy club did most of the work in this game. Neither of us could get to our bigger characters due to awesome rolling. Eventually won after softening him up with repeated Billy Clubs to the face.

Game 3:

Kate Bishop Burn was the main culprit here with Surtur and Ragnarok to finish the job. I eventually was able to get Enchantress out which kept his field fairly thin and once Punisher hit he refused to BW me with Surtur. Eventually used my own Surtur to clear enough way for lethal.


Nice to finally have a use for Daredevil. Enchantress was surprisingly effective. Crystal was great to help with bad action rolls. Sam was also a nice surprise. Again, big fan of Pepper. If it wasn’t due to a giant brain fart, the team almost went undefeated. Not bad for a team that started without much of a plan.

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