The Mighty Thor Draft

With the death of the TRP Message Boards, this needed a new home. Let’s share our Team builds for the year. 2017 was fun to see what people built. What will this year bring?

Let’s start 2018 out with a Thor Draft. Full disclosure: I went into this draft knowing about 2 or 3 cards, so I really didn’t know what to expect. Also, as this is a new set, I went with my tried and true draft strategy of Red Stripe > Yellow Stripe > Shiney > Win Condition.

Having said all that, here is my New Retrobox Team list:

The Mighty Thor Draft Team

Pepper and Malekith were my ramp options, and paired will with Howard the Duck (Investigation). Chipmunk Hunk was more of a joke draft choice because I had no idea who he was… but hey, free Squirrels! Enchantress and Punisher were my protection options. Hogun and Volstagg were excellent beat sticks that buffed each other and Overcrush is never a bad thing. Surtur was a board clear option as who doesn’t like a good Breath Weapon.

Game 1:

I was against a team with the Deadly Karnak and R Punisher as the core pieces. The game was slow as we were both feeling out our teams. I took lots of damage from Punisher as I pushed the OC through. Eventually won when the game went to time.  (1-0)

Game 2:

I was against another Volstagg/Hogun Team. This one had the stupid Jabroni (Jarnbjorn) Axe. It doubles the printed A of a character. I only call it stupid because I passed it to him in favor of taking a Rare. Needless to say, once the axe hit the field with the Buddies, it was game over… hard.  (1-1)

Game 3:

This was against a mostly Ragnarok board clear team. I took an early 8 to the face but then had time to set the board up. Punisher slowed down the pinging. Eventually swung through with a Breath Weapon board clear and enough damage for lethal.  (2-1)


Not bad for having no idea what to expect. I was worried about the high cost characters, but never had an issue purchasing. Pepper is great, and could see use in Constructed. Malekith will be excellent on an Action based team. Volstagg/Hogun are killers and if I could have found a Fandral it would have been even better. High draft choices going forward. Punisher is a great deterrent, but the low D makes here easy to work around. Surtur works how you would expect and is a good finisher. Enchantress never really came into play, so I cannot really comment on her. Chipmunk Hunk… Just don’t. The joke wasn’t really funny and I did not purchase him past Game 1.

Overall, Thor is a decent set to draft. The high cost characters are not an issue as there seems to be lots of ramping options.

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