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I will be a special guest writer for this week and next week as ccm00007 is working on a special project. Thanks ccm00007 for the opportunity. Our local group met on Friday to roll some dice. The theme was a very interesting one. The credit of theme idea goes to Rob and Jocelyn.
Your modern team of 8 had to be built with characters that have at least three versions and must be from the same set. Therefore you will have 24 character cards in 8 stacks of 3 and 2 basic action cards. For each character stack, you had to shuffle the cards before the game started. The top card is the version of the character that you will start the game with. At the beginning of each of your turns, before your clear and draw step, for each one of your active characters, you must place the top card at the bottom of the pile. The newly revealed card shows the current active effect of this character. All active effects end when a card is rotated to the bottom of the stack.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  This Cat has Claws!

Knowing that the cards would be rotated if the character is active at the beginning of your turn, I wanted to build a team that I know would work together no matter which card got revealed. I went with a Turtles team sort of but added one my favourite cards that hardly sees play, Tiger Claw as the main win con. Each of Tiger Claw card abilities are just awesome (in my opinion :)), I can clear the board if my opponents characters had little defence, KO a level 1 or 2 character or deal some damage to my opponent.

Tiger Claw is also beefy, which is why I brought raised shields basic action card to pump and hopefully do some overcrush damage. As well, the global can help to pump if you reserved bolts. Only downfall, is the purchase cost at 6 or 7. For ramp, I brought thrown brick basic action card. Goal was to go second and buy two on my turn and hoping my opponent would also have a prep global, e.g. Resurrection.

If I couldn’t get enough energy to purchase Tiger Claw, my backup win con was the Turtles with the help of April and the Turtle Power keyword which allowed me to purchase my Turtles for one less and Metalhead. In a perfect dice masters game (if there ever is such one), I would have needed to get all four turtles purchased and active in the field, didn’t matter their ability, just their attack value along side Metalhead: Dissociative Identity which allowed my Turtles to be unblockable for the one shot kill. If I lacked attack value, I needed to also roll bolts and use the raised shields global. The tricky part to this combo would have been Metalhead not being on the unblockable ability as the theme forced me to change the character card each turn. I would have had to be patient, had the Turtles and Metalhead in the field zone, hoping they stay there and just wait for Metalhead to be rotated to the unblockable ability and attack.
Just for sprinkles, I put Renet Tilley on the team as I never used her before and she had some neat abilities which would help with action dice and re rolls. 

How did all this shake down? …

Game 1:

vs Jocelyn’s Legion of Doom Team

This game was epic! I was slowly getting burned with damage as I had no characters in the field and Jocelyn kept pushing her characters through and using the raised shields global to help pump the attack value. She had me down to 8 life. Luckily, her Black Canary with strike ability (If you field no other characters this turn, this character gets +2/+2 and Overcrush) never rolled for her which would have done a lot more damage ending the game pretty fast. During all this slow burn, I did manage to buy not one but two Tiger Claws! (full cost as I couldnt roll fists to get the discount as Jocelyn had Kree global). On my turn, I pulled both Tiger Claw die. The current active ability on Tiger was “When fielded, deal 3 damage to each opposing character die.”, YES! I knew I would be able to clear her board and hopefully go in for the kill. Both Tiger dice rolled on level 3. Fielding both cleared her board but my total damage with the other characters I had was 18 (with one bolt for buff), doh! I attacked with both Tigers and pumped for 15 damage, bringing her life to 5. I was back in the game but not for long. She was able to windle my life down to 4, then the epic turn happened. I had three characters in the field. She had annoying Grodd in the field which had the ability “While Gorilla Grodd is active, when a character die attacks or blocks, deal 2 damage to it. While Gorilla Grodd is active, at least 1 character die must attack each turn.” He came out late but oh boy he was annoying (but good as Jocelyn said). She needed to roll to have at least have five characters fielded for the win. She rolled two characters and to her luck rolled Poison Ivy which ability read “When fielded, draw 2 dice. If both are Sidekick dice, place them in your Used Pile and deal 2 damage to all opposing character dice. Otherwise, return them to your bag.”. Of course she pulled two sidekicks, KO’ing two of my characters. She attacked with three of her characters which one got KO’ed because of Grodds ability, leaving me to only block Grodd at 7/7 and she had three bolts in reserve to finish me off with the one character that went through.


Game 2:



Game 3:

vs Rob’s Ally Team

Rob ran a team of allies using Wong and S.W.O.R.D. Agent. He had brought another favourite card of mine, Stick, that can be unblockable. This time around, I decided to purchase the Turtles and hopefully use their ability, “When ‘turtle’ attacks, you may pay ‘energy’ to deal 2 damage to target character die or opponent.” Rob was slowly doing damage to my life and he also had magic missile basic action card, using the global to take out my characters. He got in unblockable damage from Stick, on the ability “Stick can’t be blocked by character dice of a lower level”, Stick was on level 3. He threw bricks at my level 3 character and KO’ed it with magic missile global, nice move. And of course using the raised shields global to pump attack value. I managed to purchase a couple of Turtles and used the ability to KO his character dice, which I realised 3/4 of the way in the game, I should have been doing the damage to his life. That could have been 4 damage to his life. It was a back and forth game with life, pretty close. I was able to purchase Tiger Claw, yay but this time the one turn I pulled him from the bag, he didnt roll. I think that was a turning point in the game as he was on the “When fielded, deal 3 damage to each opposing character die.” ability which would have cleared Rob’s board of sidekicks. I had 10 life remaining and Rob was able to clear my board and go in for exactly 10 damage. Great game.



  • Should have not brought raised shields basic action card. The global backfired on me, allowing my opponents to push through more damage with the global.
  • My game with Rob, instead of using the Turtle ability to KO his dice, I should have been doing the damage to his life.
  • I was trying to hard to purchase Tiger Claw which I think put me behind. I should have tried to get some unblockable damage with the Turtles and Metalhead.
  • Tiger Claw was a stretch to purchase, I should have put Kree on the team to help lower the cost.
  • I still have love for Tiger Claw, when it works out, he can do some hefty damage.
  • Thrown Brick did help with prepping dice.
  • I never purchased Metalhead, I should have when I did mange to buy a few Turtles.

So … ya … not exactly as I had planned in my head but I did mange to buy Tiger Claw both games! That’s a win in my books. This theme actually turned out to be super fun. Definitely will play this theme again and encourage others to try it out at their local events.

Keep It Rollin’

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