The UK Nats are Coming!

Actually, they have come and gone.  I just wanted a cheeky title to go with the article.  This will be short and sweet as you should really read the links to get the whole story.

Our friends from across the pond have just completed their National Championships for Dice Masters.  Britrollersix gave us most of the Team Lists from their Qualifications and Championship Tournaments.  Check out the articles here:

Day 1 Qualifications

Day 2 Qualifications

UK Nationals

In case you missed the news from Facebook, these same fine Gentlemen busted out a few stones worth of spoilers while attending the UK Games Expo.  Again, check out their articles here:

Avengers Infinity Spoilers

Harley Quinn Team Pack Spoilers

Tune into the next episode of the Ministry of Dice Podcast to hear all about the Expo and the UK Nationals.

Thanks to Chris (aka True Mister Six) and Andy (aka Sir Spoilerington III) for all of the coverage!

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