The Q: Dice Masters Trivia Night

Another day, another dose of Dice Masters Trivia on our Twitch Stream.  For those that missed it, here it is in all of its YouTube glory.

Some of you will remember that we ran a Trivia Night a few weeks ago that allowed us to spoil some unreleased Organized Play cards.  You can read that article here.  Would we dare to use Dice Masters Trivia again, as an excuse to spoil something else?

Of course we would!

Thanks to the kind people at Wizkids, we are able to meet our CRTC quota for Canadian content and have been given some Wolverine cards from the upcoming Dark Phoenix set to share with you.

Wolverine – Pure of Heart

This card has a decent purchase cost  for the stats you are getting.  Sure, the Fielding Costs are a bit of a drawback… but the ability here gets around that issue.

Assuming you have no Villains on your Team, Wolverine is completely free to Field.  This brings big boy stats to the table at a very reasonable price.

As was pointed out during the Twitch stream chat, this is a solid pick in a Dark Phoenix draft.

Wolverine – Hardened by Madripoor

The uncommon version has an extremely interesting ability.  No discounts here, but on the right Team build, you have a 5/6 chance of hitting a character face.

While there was some debate, the consensus agreed that you need 3 X-men dice (not 3 different X-men dice… although that can be debated) for this ability to trigger.

Imagine a die in Dice Masters that now has an 83% chance of rolling on a non-energy face?  Her it is.  Is the extra purchase cost worth it for this character?  Time will tell.

Wolverine – Trainer

This is my personal favourite of the bunch.  The rare version brings us back to the 4 purchase cost.

I am a fan of the Awaken ability here.  Giving a Sidekick (and hopefully Allies in the future) Deadly is a solid strategy.  The super cool part is on his Level 1 or 2 face, his Awaken ability can be triggered by spinning up some OTHER character die.  Energy Field shenanigans anyone?

Oh… and the Atlas (Fist Rez) Global is making a return.  Prep is never a bad thing and this is one of the better ways to do that and manage your bag at the same time.  Win-win.

Wolverine – Tough for the Kids

This one should have just been called “Wolverine – Super K’s Orbital Strike”.  Regenerate is a popular strategy with Orbital Strike, and here is a character who can do that.  The purchase cost definitely hurts him for that, but it can work.

The burst ability is interesting though.  In the new world of spinning out dice and rerolling them to oblivion, here is a character who is immune to that.  As someone pointed out in chat… he is un-spider-man-able.  Maybe not the worst thing in the world with the abilities that have recently entered the game.

The nice Global also makes an appearance on this card.

There you have it.  Our fellow Canadian in his Dark Phoenix glory.  Not a bad set of cards in all honesty.  There is definitely something to try out with each of these.  I know there have been some other cards spoiled that make reference to Wolverine.  Now that we know what his cards do, it will be interesting to look back at those and see what combos can be built upon.  I suggest you check out the spoilers from The Ministry of Dice and DM Armada to take a look at those.

So, what do you think of good ol’ Logan?  Are these worthy entries into the Dice Masters Universe?  Which one are you looking forward to playing with?  Let us know in the comments below.

One last thank you to Wizkids for allowing us to share this with you.

Thanks for reading!

– jourdo

PS.  We did some research and couldn’t help notice that Joe Shuster (one of the creators of Superman) was Canadian.  Maybe that might fit into a future Canadian Content Spoiler.  😉

3 Replies to “The Q: Dice Masters Trivia Night

  1. Wolverine is a bit small to read the number, but we can assume he falls in that gap following Vulcan. Which leaves very little space for speculation.

    The mysteries? 22, 30, 31, 32, 51, 52.

    But it’s much less of a mystery that that suggests. We can work with those, as only three are real mysteries.

    22 falls between Blob and Colossus. That’s not a huge list. Cable? Cannonball?

    30, 31, 32 is a larger selection, falling between Deathbird and Gladiator. However we know two of these are Forge and Gambit. Without knowing what their numbers are, this unfortunately leaves us guessing on that third character anywhere between D-G. Erik the Red, Firestar, Exodus, Eyeboy?

    51 and 52 fall between Ronan and Supreme Intelligence. And, as above, we know one of those is Sabretooth. Storm, Sebastian Shaw, Sunspot, Sunfire, Stepford Cuckoos. The S’s are endless. Selene, Shadow King, Silver Samurai, Spiral, Strong Guy.

    Just a little ramble there, since I think there’s a lot of talk about who might be left.

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