The “Oh God NO!” Catcher

Quick disclaimer: I didn’t come up with this title. It’s how one of my locals described the evening as a whole. Mostly my fault, I will admit. Do I need to specify what I ran? Brace yourselves for…

The “Oh God NO!” Catcher

The Team:  What’s the catch?

Wait a second. Doesn’t this look really familiar? Several of you probably watched our Garbage Catcher video. I wanted to try this strategy out in a live environment. However, I did a couple of tweaks to the formula for efficiency.

For those who aren’t familiar, The God Catcher is a 3-cost bolt trap that, if you use an action (such as another God Catcher), gives you a 10/10 token. Yes, that token has an ability, but for this team, you just care about the stats.

The whole idea is to make a lean strategy allowing you to buy and field God Catchers as quickly as possible. 3 cards are at the core of this engine: Yellow Lantern Ring, a 2-cost bolt action with a good removal ability, Clayface (whose global needs no introduction), and Thor, again for the global. On Turn 1, going first, you can buy Yellow Lantern Ring, use Clayface to bring it on double bolt, use Thor’s global to discount God Catcher by 2, then buy a God Catcher with the last energy. If you’re going second, you can do the same strategy, except you buy a God Catcher, Clayface it, then use the two bolts for another God Catcher (Thor’s global +1). Either way, this can consistently give you God Catcher + another action on turn 1. You can easily get another God Catcher T2, then use Atlas to fix your bag (Clayface out a sidekick first!) to set up a nasty T3, potentially allowing you to field 2 God Catchers and swing in for 20 damage.

Before going further, I want to talk about the 2 cards I changed from the Garbage Catcher video. I took out Heimdall (do I really need that many dice T3?) and Resurrection, and replaced them with Atlas and Magic Missile. Magic Missile serves to take out any fielded sidekicks quite easily (I really shouldn’t be wanting for bolts, after all).

As for the rest of the build, it was almost entirely countermeasures to deal with ways to stop this team. Black Widow is there primarily for her global, to force any opposing Scarlet Witch dice off the field. Wonder Woman is straight up a counter to Static Field, and Acererak is there in case Scarlet Witch is on the field long enough to be a problem (or in case of an unlucky roll). Acererak is also useful for a janky, but funny, play: if you use Clayface’s global on an action, you can reroll it with Acererak, and thus have a 50/50 chance to use it immediately. This can allow you to recover quickly if you have an unlucky draw (e.g. all sidekicks when you need an action).

The last card is Raised Shields, primarily for the Overcrush effect. The global isn’t especially useful to me; if I deal you 10 damage per character, I just want 2 characters, I don’t need the buff. Overcrush is more important, as I wanted a way to deal with teams that might go wide with large amounts of blockers.

And with all of that said, on to the games!

Game 1:

Oh, look, another God Catcher! Yeah, he was popular tonight. Most players used him tonight (and one who didn’t was running Iceman). Due to my experience with Garbage Catcher, though, I had the better tools to get him out quicker. When he saw me draw 2 God Catchers T3, he was not especially happy (and I don’t blame him). I got 10 damage through T3. He tried going for Skeleton Keys to counter me, but they didn’t come out fast enough. I won T4 by massive God Catching.


Game 2:

And to follow this up, I faced off against the only player not to run God Catcher or Iceman. Yeah, she wasn’t having the best time. Same as Game 1, my first two turns were great, but I didn’t get to pull off a T3 win. Again, my opponent had counters that could’ve stopped me (Scarlet Witch in particular), but couldn’t get them out fast enough. Again, God Catcher hit for 10 damage T3. And then I swung in for lethal on T4.


Game 3:

For my last game of the evening, up against an Iceman build. SWitch to counter actions, Yellow Lantern Ring to deal with God Catchers, tons of removal and smart synergies…my hardest challenge of the evening, if I’m honest. He went for the Witch early on. The first two turns went fine, I got a God Catcher out T3 (went first), and dealt a big chunk of damage. However, he was undaunted and got SWitch and Iceman out. I was forced to taunt the Witch, giving him the perfect opportunity to ping Iceman. T4 was an unlucky roll on my end (even after reroll and Acererak, I only had 1 Catcher token, and he had Iceman to block with), and he took advantage to try to go for lethal on his turn. He brought me down to 4 life (with 2 more bolts, he could’ve won). My T5 was nuts, though; I got Yellow Lantern Ring, 2 God Catchers, and a sidekick character. This allowed me to get 2 more God Catcher tokens (don’t forget I still had 1 left), used the Yellow Lantern Ring + sidekick to take out Iceman, and swung in for 35 damage (3 God Catchers, 4 sidekick characters, +1 damage from Raised Shields). A tough match, but I squeaked through with a win.



-It should not take me 13 turns, total, to win 3 games of Dice Masters in Modern, with my opponents using good tools (e.g. Scarlet Witch, Yellow Lantern Ring, Skeleton Key) to try to stop me. God Catcher simply does too much, too fast, too consistently, in my view.

-No one ran Static Field tonight (partly because most of them were running their own God Catchers). I expect that’s probably the best way to slow down The God Catcher, but there are countermeasures against Static Field (e.g. Wonder Woman). A big defining question in the meta going forward will be whether God Catcher can win despite Static Field. I think it can, but we’ll see.

-Magic Missile is so darn useful in this strategy; God Catcher doesn’t have fielding costs, so it’s easy to have spare energy to use the Magic Missile global for removal.

-Something I didn’t explore in this build, but which I expect to be a serious threat in Modern: The God Catcher doesn’t have to be your sole win condition. With it being a low-cost bolt-type action, it can slot easily into existing bolt-focused builds. If you put God Catcher and Iceman into the same build, they could synergize really well, and that kind of build could be really hard to counter.

-I didn’t use Raised Shields once, as the amount of removal on this team makes Overcrush less relevant. That’s probably a flex spot; I could slot Resurrection back in and take out Atlas, allowing me to put in a secondary win condition.

I’ll be honest: the team is good, but I didn’t enjoy myself playing this. Our entire group voted, unanimously, to ban The God Catcher for our casual events after this. I find this to be a relief, as it can define the pace of the game way too much and would severely limit the local meta. However, if you’re looking to play top competitive Dice Masters, God Catcher is absolutely a card to look at.

4 Replies to “The “Oh God NO!” Catcher

  1. God catcher sure sounds like a way to get new players into the game… turn 3 kills are never fun. If I was a new player and didn’t bring that card Im pretty sure I would not be playing long. That card needs to get an errata.

    Maybe it should have been when your opponent uses an action you may field a 10/10 God catcher…..

    1. I don’t disagree; this is certainly one of the most powerful cards I’ve ever seen printed. Getting a 10/10 for 3 energy is quite lopsided. This is not a build I recommend for casual settings. Don’t worry though; I’ll be using some fun builds in the coming weeks. This new set has a lot of shenanigans to play with, and I’m looking forward to trying them out.

  2. Are we certain this isn’t a typo on the card and God Catcher isn’t supposed to be triggered by your opponent rather than you? It’s a trap, after all, and would counter Attune.

    1. That is certainly a possibility, but unless Wizkids comes out and publishes a ruling or errata, we have to play it as it is written. And as written, it is overwhelmingly powerful.

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