The Mighty Hulk

So after using her in a draft, I wanted to build a team around C Hulk from the new Thor set. I came up with this.

Early disclaimer: this is not optimized. Improvements in the post-mortem.

The team was originally going to be based around using Hulk, SP//dr and Mjolnir. That way, I hurt my sidekicks, who all survive thanks to SP//dr, and my opponent takes 2 damage for each of them from Hulk.

That combo is still there, but I added Daisy Johnson. Full credit to the Double Burst podcast for the idea (though I’d thought up the rest of the team before listening); I was catching up on Double Burst the day I was going to run the team, and the second they mentioned Daisy, I decided she had to be on there. Her instant “damage everything” ability is such a great trigger for Hulk.

Magic Missile is another way to trigger Hulk, and even removal to get blankers off the field (especially with Mjolnir giving me bolts).

Chalkboard and Investigation for ramp, and Shriek and Scarlet Witch for control. Wong’s there for a cheap 2-cost who also counts as a sidekick (for SP//dr) and counters Overcrush (with Fast KO’ing characters with Overcrush before they hurt me).

Game 1:

I went up against a Hushalanche team that also uses UC Malekith to make sidekicks count for Avalanche. Needless to say, that’s a lot of pain. I got Wongs early (I think I bought all 4 because of weird rolls). We both knew each other’s win conditions, so I blanked Avalanche, he blanked Hulk, and eventually, I set up Daisy, Hulk, SP//DR, got a bunch of bolts and shields, and pinged out his Shriek with Magic Missile. With Hulk un-blanked, I attacked with Daisy, and by that point, my field was huge enough that this led to a metric ton of damage. I won.


Game 2:

I went up against Jubilee + Cube. Seeing as that’s a faster team, I went for Hulk and Daisy as soon as possible, ignoring my original combo. Similarly to game 1, I used bolts to remove whatever blanker was on Hulk at the time, then used other bolts (and shields when Daisy was available) to hurt my characters for Hulk to hurt more. I outpaced his damage-dealing and won. (disclaimer: his rolls were horrible, but that’s part of the game)


Game 3:

This time, I was up against a fun Villain team (I think 3 of the 6 teams were villain teams) relying on near-unblockable stuff (Grodd and Merlyn) that…just didn’t roll. That one was fast and brutal. Went for Daisy + Hulk again, and in short: Set them up, attacked with everything while using Daisy’s ability. Hulk damaged the opponent for lots with her ability due to Daisy’s damage, and since Daisy KO’d my opponent’s entire board (lots of low-toughness characters), Hulk+Daisy dealt 9 combat damage for the win.




  • Hulk is crazy in Modern. Converting 1 energy into 2 damage (Magic Missile) is pretty flipping strong. Converting 1 Shield into 2 damage per character thanks to Daisy? Just ridiculous.
  • Improvements: R Cosmic Cube. I avoided putting it here, but it would turn each damaged character into 4 damage. Hulk, Daisy + Cube = the game would just end. You can toss Babs in there too for removal instead of SP//dr, who is really not necessary (side-note: I was annoyed at not having a 4-cost all night), and you could take out Wong for Cube.
  • Investigation is really good ramp for the cost, but I would occasionally be annoyed at drawing Hulk and rolling energy…Still, Investigation was really needed in order to get the energy for Hulk.

Overall, I think Hulk has legitimate competitive potential. And she might make that Daisy Johnson into a serious threat at the same time. Definitely a concept to keep an eye out for.


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