The Global the Game Passed By

This week’s team did not lend itself to a clever title, at least that I could see, so I based the article title on a single card.  It was the card that was the starting point for the rest of the team, so it’s not completely random.

The event was another regular Golden Age Constructed.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  Four Lanterns and a Gorilla.

Okay, this team began with my desire to bring the old Mera global out of hibernation and have it see some use.

I looked at the actual character abilities on the two versions with the global, and concluded the Uncommon was the better of the two, giving the possibility of life gain if you’re using multiple lantern colors.

Not that fielding Mera was going to be a big part of my plan, but I decided to run something lantern related and settled on

He has an interesting ability, but his low D on levels 1 and 2 raises some doubts about its practicality, since he has to survive combat for his ability to trigger.  I want him to KO some Level 2 and 3 characters to inflict more life loss on my opponent.

Fortunately the Uncommon Lantern Ring from WoL can help; it’s a Continuous action die that gives +1A and +1D to all Red, Yellow, and Black Lanterns.  That improves BLMM’s D to 3-3-5 which just might make using him workable.  It also has an affiliation (Yellow Lanterns), so there is the potential for life gain there in combination with Mera.

Black Widow: Crimson Shadow was put on the team for her global.  I need something to force suitable targets to attack into my BLMM.

Now, one BLMM doesn’t seem likely to be enough to win the game.  But what if I had more than one?

Yes, it’s a Max 1 Super Rare.  But Common Dopppelganger from Tomb of Annihilation has been a workaround for that ever since TOA was released.  On the team it goes.

To benefit from having multiple BLMMs, I need to induce multiple character dice to attack.  How was I going to do that?  With this fellow:


If I have Grodd out, my opponent must attack with his entire field.  BLMM and any Doppelgangers get to drain his life and I can potentially attack through an empty field on my next turn (assuming he doesn’t have any characters that I can’t KO or let through).

The issue if Grodd compels my characters to attack as well,  So how do I avoid that working against me?

By putting in useful BACs.  Odin’s Fury went in for the global.  Two masks and I can remove Grodd from the Field Zone, so my characters aren’t force to attack.

Misdirection went on as a backup plan for getting Grodd onto the Field Zone.


Common Morphing Jar went on the team as a source of fuel for the Odin’s Fury global.  Paying Grodd’s fielding cost and paying for the Odin’s Fury global on the same turn was a potential issue – I thought having a cheap mask character on the team would help alleviate that.

The remaining character slot on the team went to the common crossover Hal Jordan.  He’s a Green Lantern, so he can potentially work with Mera’s ability, he’s cheap (2-energy type crossover characters are much easier to buy than 4-energy type crossover characters), he packs a decent punch, and one of his energy types is mask, so maybe that’s a little extra help for finding masks for the Odin’s Fury global.

How did it work?

Game 1:

Up against Jourdo’s Blink In-Betweener team.  This game took awhile.  Black Widow and her global disrupted his attempts to get his field set up the way he truly wanted, and Mera’s global made it awkward for him to use his overcrushing King Shark, even with Nefarious Broadcast in the mix.

Getting two masks, energy for Grodd’s fielding cost, and the Grodd die itself on a character face proved trickier than I’d anticipated.  I never was able to manage it.

So he used the Black Widow global to get my Black Lantern Martian Manhunter off the field, then used Blink In-Betweener’s ability to remove all my blockers and went through my empty field for the win.


Game 2:

Up against our local scene’s resident youngster, who was running a mix of X-Men and Brotherhood character from the X-Men Forever team box.  Most notably she was running the 4-cost Mystique who gets +1/+1 for each other character die in the Field Zone.  She gets huge fast.

There was no real synergy on her team, she just bought and fielded characters as fast as she could.  When she had about six characters (half of them Sidekicks) in the Field Zone, she started attacking.  I had four characters in my Field Zone, so her one Mystique die was +9/+9.  I let it through for 2 damage (Mera global).

She kept attacking and chipping away at me, but it left her with a thin field and a Mystique who wasn’t quite as scary when she came back around.  I had enough dice in my field she was still scary, but it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

The first time I drew Grodd, I didn’t have two masks for the Odin’s Fury global, but it didn’t matter.  She had only one character die in her Field, I had half a dozen in mine, not including Grodd himself.  That included my real Black Lantern Martian Manhunter, a Doppelganger as a faux BLMM, and a Hal Jordan.  Given the +1A Grodd gives everyone, that was more than enough to give me the victory.


Game 3:

This was against an overly elaborate Chaos Warp team.  The other BAC was Vicious Struggle, and he was running SR Ultraman, so he could trigger the two BACs together.

He was also running Golden Age PXG, and that wound up working better for me than for him.  I bought a Hal Jordan and a Black Widow on my first two turns while using my other energy for PXG or fielding an occasional Sidekick.

On Turn 3 I sent one Hal, one Widow and two Sidekicks through his empty field for nine damage.  Since the Sidekicks wound up in my Used Pile I still managed to roll every die I had in circulation on my next turn (admittedly, I had left a couple of Sidekicks in my Field Zone).  I got basically perfect rolls that turn.

He never recovered from that.  He only managed to use the Kryptonite/Ultraman/Chaos Warp/Vicious Struggle combo once, and he only had one die in his bag at the time.

Once I drew and rolled Grodd, I wasn’t worried about the Odin’s Fury global; his life was low enough (and his field was thin enough) I was looking to deliver the coup de grace.  Which I was able to do, even with him using the two masks he’d saved for the Mera global.



The +1A Grodd gives to all my characters while they’re attacking proved much more important than his ‘all characters must attack’ ability.  Of course, the two games where he hit the field, the game ended the turn he did.

Misdirection was included as a backup plan to get Grodd on to the field, but in retrospect it probably should have been Plan A.  Attack with something expendable, then Misdirect Grodd in after my attackers and my opponent’s blockers have been declared.

I do like Black Lantern Martian Manhunter, but he’s not going to win any games by himself.

I have been playing this game since before War of Light came out, but I’ve never seen the Mera global get very much use.  It came in pretty handy my first two games.  I doubt this will be the last time I use it.  Maybe if the character abilities on Mera’s cards weren’t so “Meh” the global would have gotten more love.

What global abilities do you think have been overlooked and/or unappreciated?  Let us know in the comments.

Thanks for reading, and Happy Rolling!

Son of L


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