The Flying Graysons

Tonight we took a page from the True Mister Six Birthday Bash playbook and ran Single Affiliation Teams.  We attempted to run this last week, but had some communication issues and it didn’t fire properly.  This was take two of the Format.  The following restrictions were put on there builds:

  • Your team must all share a single Affiliation. You can use non-BAC’s, but they must be thematically linked to your chosen Affiliation.
  • Your BAC’s must come from the same Universe as your Affiliation.
  • Pure Villains are not allowed. They must have a secondary Affiliation that they share (eg. Brotherhood, Legion of Doom). Pure Villains will be allowed if you decide to go full Turtles. 😉
  • While not outright banned, X-men are discouraged as we have seen way too much of them lately.
  • Flip cards are allowed, but must start the game on whatever Affiliation you have chosen.
  • Mystics can be cross-IP. If you go that route, split your BAC choices between the sets (I.e. one from Marvel, and one from DC).

During the Birthday Bash I played a Deadpool Team which was really fun, but I did not really want to play it again.  We’ve got a few games up from that on our YouTube channel if you are curious.  Last week, I ran a Yellow Lantern Team that again was fun, but I try not to run the same thing back to back.  I also figured some of the tricks from that Team would not work as well in an encore performance.

After much debate, I decided to revisit the Bat Family.  This is a strong Affiliation and has lots of toys to play with.  The win condition was fairly easy to decide on here…

No secrets here.  Fields a few Bat Family members and swing through over and over again with Robin.

What Did You Play?

The Team:  The Flying Graysons.

This will be a pretty easy build here.  I just need to load up with Bats, one of which needs to be Batman.  Since I really didn’t care what Batman did, I wanted something I could buy cheap and easy.  It doesn’t get much cheaper than Natural Leader from the WF set.  Each other Bat Family I have will lower his cost.  He will be a one cost on this Team in no time.

Next comes Batman’s faithful butler Alfred.  He is one of the best 2 cost Bat Family characters out there.  Easy to buy and difficult to remove.  You really cannot have Alfred without Bruce Wayne on the Team.  Really either the Rare or Uncommon would work here.  I chose the Uncommon for some extra damage potential.  He also gives me a way to get my cheap Batman dice out fast.

I will admit that with these next pieces, I borrowed directly them from the Birthday Boy’s (True Mister Six) Team build he used during the Birthday Bash.  I chose to go with the Thrown Brick/Babs combo.  This is actually pretty brilliant as you can ping Babs, Prep a die, and kill something on the other side of the Field.  Also, having Harley Quinn on the Thrown Brick Card fits the Bat Theme of the Team.  Good call Mr. 6!  Thank you for this one.

Vigilante Justice was the next addition to the Team.  I love putting this card on Bat Family Teams.  When you are up against any non-Bat Team, it works great as a secondary form of removal.  I may not end up using it, but it was worth having as a back-up plan.

With only 3 spots left, I needed to make my Bricks a little less attractive to the other player.  This is where Oracle came in.  This is the action taxing Oracle.  It makes the Brick a little more expensive to use and she might deter people from grabbing them.  Not foolproof, but better than nothing.  Anything that can mess with your Opponent’s economy is a good thing.

Dick Grayson was put in mostly for his Global.  I figured there might be a situation where I was short on the 4 Bat Family character to get the most out of Robin.  This would allow me to turn one of my Sidekicks into a Bat Family Member to make up the difference.  The character ability was not bad either to grab a decent body at a discount price.

Last, but not least, I put in The Joker.  Wait… What?  Yeah… this Joker has the Bat Family Affiliation.  On his Bat Side, he could act as a tax against other Bat Family Teams.  On his Villain Side, he makes Robin (and all of my other Bat Characters) that much more of a threat.

So, the strategy is simple with this.  Use Bricks for Prep and Churn.  Use Babs for board control.  Use everyone else to make Robin as much of a threat as possible.

Game 1:

Up, up, and away against Team Superman.  I like that it was many WF cards put up against each other.  Big Kyrptonians would be punching me in the face here.  Luckily no Overcrush though.  Early Alfreds to have some difficult defenders.  Babs and Bricks to KO his lower level stuff.  I took some punches to the face due to the slow build here.  He was able to use his Villainous Pact die to prevent me from blocking some big hits.  Eventually the Robins started to hit and the extra boosts from Joker were enough to clear the way for the win.

Side note:  I did not realize until AFTER the game ended, that I could have been abusing Batman’s Global against this Team.  I don’t think that I have ever used it before and didn’t really know what it did.  It would have been really helpful in this game.  The lesson here is to actually read the cards you bring.


Game 2:

A little new and a little old Legion of Doom.  Hey, you remember that Global I just realized I had.  That should help here… Except for his Sinestro that prevents me from targeting his Villains with Global Abilities.  Dang.  So, that is shut down.  This was basically a Team of ways to shut down things.  Lex Luthor prevented me from buying Batman.  Brainiac only let me attack with one Bat Family and Sidekicks.  Luckily I had Babs for some form of damage, but the big D values of his characters made it difficult to remove them.  He was using Hall of Doom to get his characters out quicker.  Good thing Oracle is here.  Bad thing that she would not roll until pretty much the end of the game.  Thanks for coming out Barbara!  Essentially this was a slog of a game that went to time.  He swung with his Villainous Pact die active (deja vu) which meant I was going to take it to the face.  The Joker actually saved me from lethal as he gave me an extra blocker that I normally would not have had as he was on his Villain side at the time.  My opponent admitted that he did not take Joker into consideration when planning the attack.  I took loads of damage but not enough to die.  Plenty enough to have a clear Field and lots of characters (including an extra free Batman from the last swing) for a come from behind victory.  I am not sure he would have swung like that had time not been called.


Game 3:

Orks!  I had no idea that there was enough characters to build a whole Ork Team, but here it is.  Overcrushing Stompa was the big boy here and he had the Ork Alfred (Ork Boy) to maintain his Field.  Lots of other Orky tools to play with too.  I scored 2/3 Bricks for Babs fodder to punch out his Orks.  Some bad rolls on his end resulted in a really early Stompa purchase.  I really did not have much in the Field at the time and had to start building defense fast.  When Stompa did hit, I had JUST enough defense to avoid the Overcrush but lost my Team.  That was the last time I saw Stompa for the rest of the game.  He would not roll back.  I was able to get the Robin combo going and eventually I had 3 buffed Robins which were more than enough for lethal.



Single Affiliation Teams are fun to play around with.  They definitely challenge the build process and force you to find some tools you might not otherwise think to use.

Babs/Thrown Brick was one of those tools.  I have always loved Babs as a card, but Thrown Brick makes her that much better.  Even the Joker buff made this combo super effective as even a Level 1 Babs would survive a Brick with Mr. J present.  I might have to explore this combination some more.

Everything works like you would expect on this Team.  Robin is a powerhouse on a Bat-centric Team.  At least his ability is balanced out by the fact that you need 4 active Bat characters in order to bounce him back.

Really, the two wild cards on this build were Vigilante Justice and Bruce Wayne.  While I like the damage potential of this Bruce Wayne, I do wonder if the rare might have been better on a combat driven Team.  Like I said earlier, either one can work here.  I would probably stick with this one in all honesty, but I would be tempted to try it out with the Rare version.

Vigilante Justice just did not come into play tonight.  I think I bought it once just because, but it really only trigger one time.  I think it was because I did not have easy ways to KO my characters.  It is still decent on a Bat-Team, but I would probably look for something else in this slot.  Probably a Ramp Global like Resurrection to help with bag control.

That’s it!  Nothing Earth shattering with this build.  Bat Family is good!

What are your favourite single Affiliation Teams?  What is your best Bat-Build?  Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

– jourdo


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  1. I love using the bat affiliation and Robin Reckoning card. Thank you for sharing the play-by-play with us.

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