Here, you will find the changes that are made to The Essentials list as new cards are released.  We will do our best to keep this up to date as the list evolves.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

2021 Mar 14 – Update:

  • Cosmetic upgrade to main links to include set symbols for easier navigation.

2020 Aug 24 – Essentials List Update:

  • Infinity Gauntlet Draft Packs added
  • Cards added to the list from other sets:
    • Sasha Banks: The Bank Statement (WWE)
    • Istrid Horn: Mind For Money (ZHT)
    • Doctor Strange: Never Have You Known His Like (AI)
  • Removed the following cards from the list:
    • The Spot: Dr. Jonathan Ohnn (GOTG)
    • Agent Carter: Answered The Call (DP)

2020 Jul 4 – Essentials List update:

  • Added the following cards to the List:
    • John Cena: The Cenation Leader (WWE)
    • Kane: Controlling Hellfire (BIT)
    • The God Catcher: Mighty Construct (TIW)
    • Joppa: Zen (TIW)
    • Shield: Basic Action Card (TIW)
    • Blob: Big Talkin’ Costumed Clown (XMF)
    • Emma Frost: Mental Mistress (XMF)
    • Jubilee: Olympic Gymnast (XMF)
    • Jubilee: Wondra (XMF)
    • Deadpool: We’re X-Force! (XFO)
    • Plague Marine: Vectors of Death and Disease (BFU)
  • Removed the following cards from the List:
    • Ziraj: The Hunter (ZHT)
    • Jarnbjorn: Celestial Destroyer (THOR)
  • Removed comments on Wallop: Basic Action Card (OP) – no longer relevant
  • Added comments to Gorilla Grodd: Brains and Brawn (GATF) which explain the Jarnbjorn removal
  • Replaced the PDF downloadable version with a Google Doc (still downloadable, you can now choose your format)
  • Cleaned up the main Essentials List page so that the different versions and relevant links are easier to find.

2020 Mar 27 – Essentials List update:

  • WWE Campaign Box and team packs added
  • Cards added to the List from other sets:
    • Manshoon: Clone Wizard (ZHN)
    • Manshoon: Rekindling the Zhentarim (ZHN)
    • Grell: Xanathat Guild Bodyguard (ZHN)
    • Tyril: Sword For Hire (TIW)
    • Wild Magic: Basic Action Card (TIW)
    • Rachel Summers: Prestige (XMF)
    • Sage: Psionic Firewall (DXM)
    • Atlantis: City and Stonghold (MYST)
    • Wallop: Basic Action Card (OP) (See Card Comments)
  • Cards removed from the List in light of 2020 rotation:
    • Heimdall: The All-Seeing (THOR)
    • Malekith – 13th son of a 13th son (THOR)
    • Candlekeep: Basic Action Card
    • Truce: Basic Action Card (SMWW)
  • In light of 2020 bans in Global Escalation/Golden Age, comments were added to Beholder: Master Aberration, Imprisoned: Basic Action Card and Ring of Magnetism: Action Attraction, as well as other cards regularly used with Ring of Magnetism.

2020 Jan 5 – Update

  • Downloadable PDF version of the Essentials List is now available.

2019 Dec 31 – Update

  • Searchable, text-based version of the Essentials List is now available.

2019 Dec 01 – The Essentials List went live.

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