Searchable Tags

In this version of the Essentials List, one new feature we’re giving you is that each card is assigned tags based on key characteristics that you should consider when using them.

The presentation of these tags varies based on the version of the list you’re using. If you’re using the web-based version of the list, within a given set, click on the keyword you want (e.g. “Globals”) and the cards from that set that have the chosen tag will appear on the screen.

In the text-based and downloadable versions of the list, to find any of the following, use the search bar (text) or Ctrl+F (downloadable), and include the exact spelling (with the #) of the desired hashtag.

Here is a comprehensive list of existing tags (note that on the web-based version of the list, tags may be shown as two words, e.g. “Action Hate”). Tags are listed in alphabetical order.

#1cost: Cards with a purchase cost of 1.

#actionhate: Cards used to either prevent actions from being played, punish players for using actions, stop an action’s effects, or remove continuous actions from the field.

#actionlove: Cards that enhance the effects of actions or have effects that trigger upon using actions.

#affiliation: Cards that help, give, or benefit from, specific affiliations (e.g. Avengers, Villains).

#antiattack: Cards that prevent your opponent from attacking you or stops attacking characters from dealing damage.

#antiblockers: Cards that prevent opposing characters from blocking (without KO’ing them) or ties them up into blocking a character of your choice.

#blanking: Cards that serve to ignore a card’s text.

#bruiser: Characters with a 4+ purchase cost and offensively-minded stats for their cost.

#buff: Cards that are used to increase the A or D of one or more of your characters and/or to give them added abilities.

#cheapaggro: Characters with a purchase cost of 3 or less emphasizing combat damage and/or attacking.

#churn: Cards used to go through your bag, to filter out dice so that you get to the good stuff quicker.

#consistency: Cards that increase your odds of getting a desirable roll, for example by converting one energy type into another or converting a sidekick into a specific energy type.

#damagebuff: Cards that increase the damage dealt by other cards without affecting a character’s stats.

#directdamage: Card used to deal non-combat damage to a player.

#discount: Cards that discount the purchase and/or fielding cost of other cards, or that reduce the cost of global abilities.

#extra: Cards that create extra copies of characters or effects.

#globalhate: Cards used to prevent globals from being played, punish players for using globals, or stop globals’ effects.

#globals: Cards with competitively-relevant global abilities.

#hope: Cards that are substantially enhanced by copying their ability text using Hope Summers: Pluripotent Echopraxia from the X-men Forever Campaign Box. For example, using Hope could allow easier access to powerful abilities by paying Hope’s cheaper purchase cost, or using Hope could allow a player to use an extra copy of an X-men’s “While active” ability.

#judo: Cards that let you use your opponent’s strength or resources to your benefit.

#lifegain: Cards that allow you to gain life.

#modern: Used only in Organized Play (where both Modern and non-Modern cards are featured) to identify OP cards that are Modern-legal.

#overcrush: Cards that have, or grant, the keyword “Overcrush” to damage your opponent even if they block an attacking character.

#protection: Cards that serve to protect your characters or actions from being targeted or affected by opposing effects.

#ramp: Card used to allow you to roll more dice than usual on a given turn.

#reduction: Cards that serve to reduce the damage taken by a player.

#removal: Cards used to get characters off of your opponent’s field.

#selfKO: Cards used to damage or KO your own characters.

#setup: Cards used to field dice from elsewhere instantly or to prepare specific dice (putting them in Prep, in the bag) to be used on a following turn.

#sidekicks: Cards that help you field sidekicks, either by having the Ally keyword or helping sidekick dice go on character faces.

#shutdown: Cards used to stop opposing actions, characters, etc. from having an effect.

#spin: Cards that spin a character’s level up or down or benefit from such effects.

#starter: Used to identify cards that you can only get in the starter set. This tag is only used in sets that had both a starter set and gravity feeds,

#stop: Cards that prevent your opponent from purchasing and/or fielding dice (includes cards that instantly KO a character if it is fielded).

#struggle: Cards used to punish your opponent for damaging you.

#tax: Cards that increases existing costs or adds an additional cost to accomplish any given act (e.g. purchasing, fielding).