The Essentials List returns!

Hello everyone,

As you may already know if you’ve listened to the latest episode of Rollin’ Thunder, we are bringing back the Essentials List!

Some background for newer players: back in 2017, I created a list of cards to help players, especially newer players, who wanted to get into the game but didn’t know what cards to get. This was back when the game was primarily collectible. Since we started DM-North, I had been meaning to port the list over, but life got in the way…until now.

Bringing over the list by itself, however, just didn’t seem right; we’re adding new features to make the list more fun to use, and hopefully more useful.

  • We are making the list into a series of galleries, one per set, so that rather than just reading the name of a card, you can see the cards without having to look them up on a separate website.
  • We are adding tags to each card. These tags identify why a card may be useful to you, and you can easily identify which cards in a given set have the tag you want. More info on these here.

And thus, without further ado, I bring you the Essentials List! We only put up AVX for today, but throughout December, we will be adding new sets every day until we’ve covered the entire catalogue of Dice Masters sets. Click on the icon below to get started.

Starting today, you can also access the Essentials List by selecting “Features” on this website’s main menu.

Please note: once we’ve completed the web-based version of this list, we will be making a text-based version available to you. Stay tuned for more information on this.

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