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Hello Dice Masters Fans!  Last night, we tried out the Draft Format for our TOTM.  If you want to read about the details, you can check out the original article here.

We decided to experiment with Truibe’s Draft Pack Generator to run a Modern DC Draft.  We got together on Friday night to run the actual Draft and played our Team last night.  Trubie put together a fantastic tool for those that like the Draft Format.  You can mix and match any of the sets released to make your own “Draft Packs”.  These currently follow the TOA and Thor Draft Pack construction, but perhaps they will transition over to what we are expecting with the new Avengers Infinity Gauntlet builds.  The biggest difference here is that you will be drafting your BAC’s in addition to your regular cards.  However, we were stuck with the old format for the time being.  Whatever BAC’s we were given is what we had to work with. 

Since it’s original inception, Trubie has made some serious upgrade to this Dice Coalition tool.  He has developed “Draft Rooms” that you send your players into.  These allow a really quick and easy way to cycle through your Draft and get to playing as quick as possible.  If you are short on the ideal 8 players, it even has Bots that will fill in the voids for the best draft experience.

I tested this out prior to running this event and everything looks good for launch.  As technology can be sometimes, we somehow broke the Draft Room.  Something in the back end did not like whatever it was that we were doing.  After a few failed attempts and a tech support call to Trubie himself (who said he found the problem, but would take some time to solve), we resorted to the old clunkier spreadsheet method of drafting.  We also employed the services of CRGR’s own Ryan to act as a Bot to hate draft some of the good stuff away.

This is where you create a shared spreadsheet (Google Sheets is probably the easiest way to do this) and cut and paste your draft links into it.  The biggest issue with this method is that it is easy to mess up the cutting and pasting due to the overlap of players.  We actually did pretty good with ours, except when I messed up a link towards the end.  A little backtracking and detective work from the Group solved the issue.

Now, Draft is not always the most exciting of Formats to dive into as a spectator.  You get what you get and do your best.  Sometimes you are given solid gold, and sometimes you have a giant turd in your hands.  Overall, I would say that this batch of cards was closer to the turd category than gold.  There were very few solid win conditions and that may have been partly due to having too many cards in the pool (you know you are in trouble when your BAC is really your only win condition).  As fun as it was, I think picking a little more of a narrow focus for this Format is a better idea.

I’m not going to dive deep into an analysis of the Teams here as Draft is really a unique animal every single time.  I will give you a quick peak into what did show up for this one:

  • Reg S (Harley party!)
  • Matt J (Betrayal is my only hope)
  • Troy M (Mr. I got all the Ramp options)
  • Dan L (Bat belt!)

Unfortunately, nothing was recorded for this one as Drafting is not the most interesting programming to watch.  However, Reg was kind enough to share the Team he was fortunate enough to Draft for the night’s festivities.  His breakdown can be found in the blockquotes below.

With the online draft being limited to DC cards, I knew there were lots of win-cons available.  However, my initial list of cards to select did not have any of the meta stand out cards.  From my first couple of selections I would know if I was going with Villains or Batman/Justice League affiliation.

The only decent card in my first set of cards was Harley Quinn – Tough Cookie.  This was the card that gains me a life and takes from my opponent.

My next 2 picks were Parasite (Ability Stealer) and was quickly followed up by the Action Die Hall of Doom.  I was hoping since I had Doom Lance as one of my Basic Actions, I would get that Black Adam with Deadly, and cause some trouble in my games.

After picking up Batman that can flip to the villain side, my next 2 picks were key.  Mr Freeze that can give out stun tokens and be a pain in the thorn for anyone, and the Poison Ivy – Flower Child card that when I field a villain I deal 1 damage.  I had cohesion with my cards already and was going full out Villain team. I ended up also taking the Parademon Rare that when a player draws dice they take damage.

I think it’s a little slow for the meta, but with no ramp, I think the Harley would have been able to keep me in matches for sure.

Tonight’s results are as follows:

Round 1

  • Matt vs Troy (W)
  • Dan L vs Reg (W)

Dan’s Win-con was field Batwoman and a bunch of Utility Belts that he pulled to swing for some massive damage.  I know with the Batman in the field he would not be able to swing with the Dimension Door Basic Action he had.  One thing for sure in this match we found was without any globals or ramp, it was a very slow and tedious game.  It was even more frustrating for Dan that Harley came out quick with Poison Ivy and the life flipping at the start of the turns was annoying.

It was a back and forth game, but my opponent never really got the right pulls or the Utility belts to rolls.  I was able to get 2 Mr. Freeze die on the field that kept his Sidekicks in check, and eventually I was able to swing in for lethal.

Round 2

  • Matt (W) vs Dan L
  • Troy vs Reg (W)

Troy had Thrown Brick, and they were the first 3 dice purchased.  Much faster game, as we seemed to hit the bricks every roll.  However when the Attune Phantom Stranger dealt me 1 damage, I would recoup it the next turn.  Troy switched to Freddie Freeman and my own Doom Lance to knock out my Harley’s but once I established the field with 2 of them, it was harder and Poison Ivy would deal damage when I re-fielded any of the villains that got knocked out.  It came down to me rolling a Doom lance and using Parasite to steal his Phantom Stranger ability to get lethal with using Attune.

Round 3

  • Dan L vs Troy (W)
  • Reg (W) vs Matt

Against the tournament organizer Matt and my new boss, I knew he was going to go the Conner Kent route.  Matt however bought all the Betrayal Action dice over the first few turns.  I could make a massive wall like I did in the other games, but also noticed he didn’t have any characters other than the one Conner Kent die.

I was able to field 2 Harleys, and using the Hall of Doom, I was able to field a purchased Parasite at the end of my turn when Hall of Doom Rolled.  The Life flipping occurred, I was using life as a resource to build up a wall when he missed on a Betrayal roll and pushed with my Characters for the final 14 damage.

Since this was really a two night affair, I awarded participation points for both nights.  The leaderboard looks like this now…

Congrats Reg for earning the Gold Star this month.  Thank you to everyone who showed up for a fun night of Dice Masters.  This was definitely a cool Format to experiment with online.  However, if you want to use the Draft Room option for this (which is the much better experience in my opinion), you might want to wait for some of the kinks to be worked out.  The big highlight of the night was finding out that Dan had never participated in a Draft before.  He does not have much of a local scene and Trubie’s Draft Pack Generator gave him the ability to play an event that would otherwise be difficult to pull off online.  Thanks again to Trubie for developing (and continuing to improve) a tool for the Dice Masters Community to use and enjoy.  We will definitely be giving this another go in the future.

See you at the next TOTM!

– jourdo

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